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    posted a message on I dont think a lot of you realize this but this forum is for PC realms.

    There are separate forums for consoles on this website

    If someone asks for IGN thats pc. Gamer tag. thats console.

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    posted a message on Looking for community minded players 18+ Fresh Server


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    posted a message on Looking for community minded players 18+ Fresh Server

    What am I looking for?

    I am looking for those who want to play with other people. Whats the point of joining a multiplayer game and running 5000 blocks away to play by yourself. Im looking for those who want to build together, play together, work with each other on large projects. Starting with out first project! Spawn city. Every server needs a sweet spawn and a good looking town with all the resources you need to get started. I am looking for adult players you must be 18+ im sorry there are no exceptions. Id like to try and build a small community of 10 or so people who want to work together.

    How will i run the server?

    I intended to focus on the survival aspect of the game. Im not a huge of minecraft pvp so that will be turned off however if you would like to build an arena I am willing to work some command block magic to make it possible for you to do combat in that arena. Im up for ideas like this. Minecraft is a very creative game and there is so much we can do with it and i enjoy exploring the possibility while still preserving the survival experience. Casual play is just fine I Myself will be playing pretty casually i have a day job. ill play a fair amount but im not going to be on every day and i dont expect you will be either. But obviously you will get the boot for long time inactivity.

    What do i expect?

    the rules are same as every where else. Dont grief, dont steal, dont hack and be nice. The obvious the rule is be nice, be respectful. i shouldnt have to say this but well you know......MERICA! Aside from the rules i would like to see some cooperation. i want to build a cool spawn town. You should pick a job or a task and focus on that. Contribute to the community and the community will contribute back to you

    If this all seems interesting to you then fill this out.

    IGN :


    What makes you wan to join this server?:

    What do you think you can bring to the table?:

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