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    Have you ever forgotten to save a sapling on your skyblock? This is the mod for you. The Skyblock Emergency Services (SES) are here to help. This mod adds a bunch of recipes for various vanilla items, using only vanilla items. You can craft an oak sapling from leaves and a stick, and that is just the beginning. This mod is designed with skyblock maps in mind, hence the name. This is a WIP as I am trying to balance more rare items with more expensive ingredients.

    Recipes so far...

    All vanilla saplings, the rest use dyes as well

    Blaze Rods - Shapeless

    Cocoa beans - the reason for this is above - shapeless

    Wither skulls

    A rotten flesh to leather smelting recipe

    The Notch apple is back! The traditional vanilla recipe

    As I think of more I will add them. There is no download yet as I haven't got enough in the mod yet. Please feel free to suggest any recipes. I will add some screenshots when I get some more time. JEI integration is included.

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