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    posted a message on Black screen then closes
    Quote from PonygonTv

    Backup your save then delete the contents of the .minecraft folder.

    You dont have to delete the whole .minecraft just delete everything in your bin. Then try it ;D
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    posted a message on [MAP]Portal: The Escape
    That looks pretty good cant wait to play it ;D
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    posted a message on Easter Egg Seeds?
    Lost gives a massive snow map i think maybe entire map, and yes checked it twice. Try it out its pretty cool ;D
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    posted a message on Minecraft Papercraft Blocks
    Hey theses are pretty cool ;D but i think the link to thre creeper is broken it just shows me the player :/
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    posted a message on [16x][1.8] Ancient Egypt (Updated 12 Sep)
    Edit the terrain.png and change the texture of grass to sand. You will also need to make the grasscolor.png completely transparent, or else your sand will be biome colored.

    Where is the grasscolor.png because i cant find it in the folder so i have the edges sand but not the top ;P
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