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    posted a message on Make Clay Blocks fall like Gravel and Sand
    I don't know. IRL clay is kind of gloopy. I think it might be fun if clay had a small random chance of falling. But I like that you can build clay sculptures.
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    posted a message on Overhaul Minecraft based on development leads
    Are you working under the assumption that a reboot would have less bugs?

    Do you think Mojang isn't already working on overhauling Minecraft? That's what the last couple of updates have been all about. They're just doing it slowly.
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    posted a message on Maybe Minecraft 2 isn't a bad idea if you see here:
    Quote from GRxRyder»
    Improved graphics, shaders, advanced survivalism, realistic furnaces of custom size that require you to keep the heat up, diversity in ores, sickness, alternating seasons, more weather, improved sleep functions. Overhauled world generation, need I say more?

    Shader support may be coming to Minecraft already.

    Advanced survivalism won't be appealing to a significant percentage of players, so something like that would have to be optional. This is why I'm saying they should continue to develop "Minecraft" as a foundation, and if there's anything like "Minecraft 2" it would be an add-on, adding things like realistic furnaces, or alternative terrain generation, for players who want that experience.

    Speaking of overhauled world generation, you realize they just did that, right? They change world generation every couple of updates, it seems. If there are any state-of-the-art advancements that they can't wait to get in the game, terrain-wise, and they already knew how to do it, I think they would have already implemented them.
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    posted a message on Maybe Minecraft 2 isn't a bad idea if you see here:
    Quote from GRxRyder»

    If they sold packs, they'd be making money off of every other developer's ideas. The developers of the mods they'd be copying should have a right to a certain amount of royalties if they did that.

    That's true. They've used other developers' ideas many times already in the history of Minecraft, and as far as I know, they've always been fair and credited/compensated or even hired them. I would love to see Mojang bring in some of the most popular mods, along with their developers.
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    posted a message on Maybe Minecraft 2 isn't a bad idea if you see here:
    My wish for Minecraft 2 is for Mojang to finish an API as a bedrock for future development, and then develop Minecraft sequel packs as themed collections of blocks and features. So Minecraft 2 would be a plugin for Minecraft.

    For example, there could be a "realistic" patch a la Terra Firma Craft, a "pipes and pistons" patch a la BuildCraft, an "improved villagers and questing and adventures" patch a la Millenaire, and so on.
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    posted a message on Maybe Minecraft 2 isn't a bad idea if you see here:
    Quote from Rabid_Chipmunk»
    2 minecrafts means twice the time between updates.

    Not necessarily. There already are 3 Minecrafts: PC, XBox, and Pocket. If there was a Minecraft 2, then they'd have one team for that, and one team for the old one. The two PC Minecrafts would gradually diverge, and I think that would be interesting in its own right. Not sure if that's where Mojancrosoft wants to go, but it's one possible direction.
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    posted a message on Able To Have The Option To Turn Rotation for Wood Blocks Off.
    Personally I don't have much need for a feature like this. I like to build big projects with lots of temporary scaffolding anyways.

    However, that's not to say that I think this would be a bad feature for people who really want it.

    Quote from herobrine123x_ »
    That is a problem.

    I think instead of just an option, there could be a way to place the block. Lets say "F" is binded to the key. If you place a log normally, it will always appear as a vertical log. But when you press F, it toggles it so you can place logs horizontally.

    I could see this key being useful for a number of other blocks too. Pistons, dispensers, large mushroom blocks, etc. Minecraft doesn't really have a unified way to do rotation for block placement. Maybe you could hold down F, and then use your num pad keys to rotate the block. Not everybody would use this, but it would be a useful feature for those who do.
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    posted a message on Etho explains what causes lag in 1.8
    he real issues with lag in 1.8 have to do with changes to rendering and chunk updates, as discussed in the "recent updates" subforum.

    There are a lot of different things in Minecraft that can potentially cause lag. The one in the OP is just one of them. If you're playing on a single-player world, there's no way you've placed enough chests to make your game lag. Torches only cause lag when they are initially placed, and cobblestone should never cause lag.

    he game doesn't even KNOW whether a block was naturally generated or player-placed

    I think it does. It might be different than I remember it, but there is one bit in the metadata that flips whether the block was placed by a player or was generated naturally. Otherwise how would the game know that natural leaves are supposed to decay, but player-placed leaves are supposed to stay? Also, if you build a beacon in the nether, naturally-occurring blocks, even bedrock, don't obscure the beacon, but if a player places blocks over the beacon, it deactivates it.
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    posted a message on Wool to negate or block fall damage
    Well all the blocks already have a hardness value that tells how quickly you can mine them. As a quick and dirty solution, I'd simply reduce all fall damage by a percentage based on the inverse of the hardness value of the block you land on. This would take some math to get it right, but I don't think it would be too unbalanced or break dropper maps.

    I haven't played dropper maps, but I have watched some on YouTube, and usually the falls are very extreme, so they would kill a player even with this change implemented. As a corollary to this suggestion, I think something needs to be done about water's effect on fall damage. And ladders and vines too. I don't think it would be too hard to change them so they reduced the player's fall speed, but didn't completely negate damage.
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    posted a message on RIP Void Fog 2011-2014 (TheMogMiner removes void fog)
    Mojang basically must have it out for me. When void fog came out, I hated it and thought it was stupid. Okay, so that phase lasted about 5 minutes. Then I went on playing as normal, because I never used to go down to bedrock anyways. Another phase done. The final phase: acceptance. I thought to myself, "why not try this void fog out a bit?" and I built some awesome underground builds at bedrock. I finally accepted and actually enjoyed the void fog. Well, now along comes Mojang again and changes everything.
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    posted a message on In 1.9 Mojang Has Suggested Adding Seasons To The Minecraft [Season Discussion]
    I've wanted seasons for Minecraft ever since I started playing. And of course, my hopes have been up ever since Dinnerbone made that tweet 18 months ago. In fact, I think he was talking about it long before that.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10, Forge] Spaceboot1's Weasels, Fur Coats, and other stuff
    Here is where you can download the zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5vvvnxhwhqfnbdg/Woodchuck1.5.4_for_1.7.10.jar

    This mod requires Forge.

    So what is in this mod?

    The Blocks

    Asbestos Ore: found deep beneath the surface, drops asbestos fiber
    Asbestos Armour: made out of asbestos fiber, same recipe as normal armour
    Fur: dropped by killed weasels
    Fur blocks: crafted out of 4 weasel pelts, there are 5 varieties of fur block
    Fur armour: crafted from weasel pelts, same recipe as normal armour, 5 varieties
    Arrow block: a purely decorative block made of 9 arrows
    Blaze Ladder: a faster ladder crafted from 7 blaze rods
    Bone bars: decorative bar block crafted from 6 bones
    Chimney: a decorative, glowing block crafted from 7 bricks
    Faux Command Block: fool your friends!
    Ghast bricks: purely decorative, 9 ghast tears = 1 brick, 4 bricks = 1 block.
    Jade: naturally-occuring block that appears in the forest
    Iron grate: purely decorative. Recipe is 3 iron ingots.
    Pistonium: only appears in Mesa and Jungle. Moveable by pistons.
    Plaster: a white block that you get by smelting sandstone.
    Old Rose: crafted from/into the new rosebush.
    Rotting flesh block: made from 9 rotting flesh, decays into dirt and gives XP.
    Shingles: recipe is paper, gravel, and slime in a stair-shape
    Sugar block: made of 9 sugar.
    Thatch: made from tall grass in the shape of stairs
    Thorny Vines: combine a rose bush and vines, and you get this dangerous ladder
    Woodchips: a gravity-affected wood block, craft via planks in an X-shape.

    Other Changes

    Weasels: find them near rivers, breed them with raw chicken
    A couple of new kinds of meat.

    Recipes for brewing stands, enchanting tables, and dispensers are changed:
    Brewing stand is made from netherbrick.
    Enchanting table is 6 diamonds and 1 book.
    Dispensers are gold ingots, bow, and redstone.
    Shears are made from sticks and iron in a scissors-shape.
    Wooden shears are available.
    Ice tongs are made of iron, and can retrieve ice blocks (currently not working)
    Hoppers are made of bricks instead of iron.

    There is a new recipe for mossy cobble: milk bucket + 1 mossy + 7 cobble.
    The recipe for sticks is diagonal!
    The recipe for buttons costs 2 planks!

    Coal blocks are gravity-affected and require a shovel to mine
    Cows drop extra leather, but less beef
    Wooden slabs have their own texture. Are also slightly buggy, but have an added recipe to make full blocks out of them.

    Issues I am currently aware of:

    Bone Bars don't quite render properly.
    My wood slabs and my jade slabs don't automatically fit together. You can make them into full blocks via crafting.
    Arrow blocks need directionality implemented, and maybe a fire-from-inventory function.
    Fur does very little, because there's no cold implemented yet.
    Ghast bricks functionality not yet implemented.
    Sugar blocks can not yet be fed to horses.
    Woodchips aren't flammable.
    Dispenser texture is off.
    Horsemeat texture is off.
    Ice tongs not yet working.
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    posted a message on Is the MOD API actually being developed?
    Quote from Kahr

    Hey, who needs a proper API when you can have an ad hoc jumble of over-specialized, one-off features.


    I think they think they are working on "the API" when they make things like this. It's almost like they're writing their own language for Minecraft Commands, on which they hope all mods will be based. My opinion: I mean, it's not like Java is the best, but at least it's an existing language.
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    posted a message on 14w05a repair bug - fixed in 14w05b
    I think this is intended to help players. I won't comment on its effectiveness, but the idea is the following:

    when you accidentally "repair" enchanted items, resulting in a shiny new, mundane tool. This change prevents you from derping and trying to repair your enchanted items.
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    posted a message on Reddit's Take regarding Iron Farms (post jeb)
    Quote from Winter_Mage


    Do you agree with the op or no?

    No, and also yes.

    Iron farms aren't the problem here. They're the answer to another, bigger problem, which is that we need too much iron.

    Here I don't agree. I don't use iron golem farms, and I don't have any shortage of iron. There's this little thing called "mining" and it's in half the title of the game. If you don't want to work for your resources, play on Creative. Now I know that's not the complete answer to what people are complaining about, and that's why I half agree:

    Yes, some people find mining engaging, but judging by the comments on this sub, those people are in a great minority, so making their way of getting iron the only way is a mistake (the colossal irony of that, considering that mining is half of the name of the game, is a subject for another time). I cringe every time a new recipe shows up that has iron or gold in it, because that means this problem is just getting worse.

    Okay, so I brought it up. All I want to say is, when you see a problem, you shouldn't see it only in terms of the solution that you've been using all this time. If mining isn't engaging, then maybe mining needs to be spiced up a bit. Maybe there needs to a fortune-like enchantment for mining iron and gold.

    An obvious solution is to reduce the amount of iron or gold needed for these projects

    Agreed, and in my own modded version of the game, I've already done this. Anvils are a simple seven-ingot recipe. Hoppers use bricks instead of iron. (I don't agree wrt rails, since I think you get plenty of them for a small amount of iron, but that's not a big deal)

    That's too mundane, though

    The obvious solution is too mundane. Oh well, tell me what you've got.

    and I think that a more interesting solution would be to increase the quantity and variety of ways in which they can be acquired.

    I'm with you, tentatively.

    Make iron and gold ore blocks drop iron and gold ore items, so that Fortune will work on them.

    No thanks. I like the ore blocks. I like that different ores work differently. This would decrease the interest and variety in the game, not increase it.

    Add iron and gold ore to the nether.

    No thanks. I like that the nether is different from the overworld. This would make the entire game world more homogeneous, taking away from uniqueness.

    Add a metal detector of some sort so that ores can be located without blindly slogging through endless stone.

    A vague suggestion, but I like the direction it's going. As long as it remains balanced, it's cool. Although now that I mention balance, I have to say, Mojang already pretty carefully balanced the amount of gold and iron you can get. I'm still not convinced that an increase in the amount of gold and iron available to players is a good thing. But I'm still with you on the variety of ways of getting iron and gold, so that even though you might not get more, you will get it in more different ways, so at least you can make it interesting.

    Let bowls become panning tools, so we can change useless gravel into ores and other things.

    I'm okay with this. I don't demand it, but I've always thought it would be kind of cool. Again though, as long as it's balanced.

    Add meteorites that burst into ore drops.

    Hmm, I like the thought of it, but it can't be too common.

    Add a high-efficiency furnace that can extract two ingots from one piece of ore.

    Um, yeah, okay. I'd go for this. Keep it balanced though.

    Increase the amount of ingots that can be found in dungeons, temples, strongholds, and fortresses.

    Once again, this is an easy thing to do if they want to make these metals more common. But they have the rarity they do because of balance reasons.

    Farms are usually made because people need so much metal that they consider getting it the "normal" way to be ineffectual.

    Well duh, given two alternatives, people will tend toward the more efficient one.

    Increase the availability of metal, and you reduce the benefit of making the farms. It might even turn out, if metals are made accessible enough that those projects are smooth sailing with the iron and gold available through the "intended" channels, that the farms don't have to be nerfed, simply because nobody needs them anymore and they become optional luxuries, like that silly farm that farts out thousands of melons an hour. They wouldn't be gone, they could still be made if the player really wanted them, but they'd be basically obsolete - a much better way of getting rid of them than ham-handedly forcing them away!"

    Really? Iron farms are a necessity? You can't play and have fun without them? You're basically saying iron farms are not optional, when for a lot of people, they are. Tons of people don't use iron farms.

    Gold and iron aren't supposed to be mundane items like melons. They're supposed to be valuable. They're supposed to be special. Obviously not as special as diamond, but definitely more special than melons.
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