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    posted a message on JOLLYCRAFT [1.7 Mindcrack 24/7 SMP whitelist]
    In game name: FordDoMineraft
    Real Name: Chris
    Do you have skype and mic (optional): Yes I have skype and built in mic skype: cfordkid18
    Have you ever been banned on a server:no
    For how long have you been playing minecraft: December 2013
    Have you ever played on a server like this before: No, been looking for one
    Country - Timezone etc: United States Eastern time
    What are your intentions in minecraft (Building, Redstone, Pvp, Mining, etc): Pvp and Mining
    Why do you want to join jolly craft: I love these kind of servers/ wanted to be on one like Glg Craft type
    What kind of player are you (Team player, loner etc): Team player
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