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    Download the latest version from here:

    This pack has had 100% texture completion for a while but it was only in 2022 that I was happy to call it a full release with all textures cleaned up, textures improved to an increased standard and visual bugs/misalignments fixed. LegacyPack was initially made in 2017, and later updated throughout 2019 to 2022, but is made for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3. A version that came out in 2011. I am happy with this being a full release as of 2022 however this may not be the final release - although my current opinion is this is complete to the best of my current ability. As part of the final release I have also made a 16x and an 8x variant that are not just simple downsizes but unique in their own ways.

    You can consider 32x as the "true version", which requires either Optifine, MCPatcher or StationAPI to run; 16x as the vanilla version, which doesn't require mods to fully function and can be used with modpacks that don't support the aforementioned mods; and the 8x as either a stylistic choice or a performance pack which will absolutely give you better performance when compared to the default textures if you are playing on very low end hardware such as older laptops with integrated graphics and low RAM.

    LegacyPack is a sleek yet still rough and survivalist styled pack. It is based on the default texture colour palette yet doesn't try to be a higher resolution remake but rather something a bit more unique. The idea is to create a new look but allow you to build in a colour pallet very close to the default so your builds will look good and relatively similar on the default settings too.

    The font is made by Jakob Fischer and I have his permission to use it, the images used in the paintings are all CC0 licensed images. I do not plan to update this texture pack for newer versions of the game.

    Want to play Beta 1.7.3 online with friends? Check out www.oldschoolminecraft.com !
    OSM Discord: https://discord.gg/4TgrfjEvcB

    LegacyPack in 2023 (Update 1)

    LegacyPack: Why only for Beta 1.7.3 and below?

    There's a niche group of people that's slowly growing who only play "b1.7.3" or version 1.7.3 for Minecraft Beta.
    This 'texturepack' (back then we had no resource-packs, only textures could be edited) is designed for us, it has no strong stylized theme that takes away from the original game and it's 32x32 so it should run on most computers. This texturepack was designed to be survivalistic yet sleek, it has heavy ties to the original Beta textures as this itself is known to be unique for this era of Minecraft. I have tried to keep every texture to be instantly recognizable as its original counterpart, for example you can tell what paintings represent the original versions yet they are clearly different and not just a simple remake in higher quality.

    Another reason I made this pack is for legality reasons.
    It's hard to find texturepacks for b1.7.3 nowadays, very few artists from the 2011 era are still active in the Minecraft community. Over the years there have been several stylistic and atmospheric changes to the gameplay and game mechanics due to so many different people with conflicting ideals of what the game is and what it should be are now producing updates; server modifications; different splintered off versions; third party spinoffs etcetera. This has rebranded the game as something completely different to what it was in 2011, which some do not enjoy as much as they did back then. This shift in general themeing and style has also affected newer texturepacks and resource-packs. Because the original 2011 artists are no longer active due to many personal reasons, very few have archived or will archive earlier versions of their texturepacks and very few will still respond to emails about their older releases. You either have to resort to downloading from untrustworthy sources that may have not asked permission to re-upload an artist's texturepack, and then have it packed it with malware, or on a rare occurrence you do find a working trustworthy link the next day it could be taken down because the uploader did not have permission to redistribute. By creating a 'new' texturepack people can find me with ease and download from official downloads I've set up without having to go through several pages on search engines to find an 'illegal' reupload.

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    Thanks for providing this, I was also using the mod from that one really old archive post

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