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    2023 Update 1:

    This is a huge update with countless small changes. As I've been sat on this update for so long, some of the smaller changes I've made are not listed as I do not remember every single one and some of them aren't worth mentioning. Slight hue shifts, moving the odd pixel that looks out of place, additional added contrast and so on will not be mentioned.

    LegacyPack 2023 Update 1

    Some of the larger more noticeable changes include:


    A "char.png" skin finally! See Steve in 32x legacy glory. This also applies to the "Monster" mob in some Alpha/Beta versions. Any servers that are offline will have players use this skin/texture or servers that use the Monster mob as part of a plugin will now show a fully textured 32x Steve.

    Every piece of UI has been changed to be darker, and have a different more muted hue of green. I personally think this looks a lot better than the blinding beige look the pack used to have. The background texture on the main menu is also now a dark Mossy Cobblestone.

    Minecarts finally have metal-like texturing rather than being a flat grey box with some minor shading.

    All armo(u)r pieces have had an extra pixel of "thickness" to a black outline removed, in older versions in some areas the black outline was 2 pixels, and in other places only 1. This has now been unified to only be 1, and has given the items a more rounded smoother look. Leather is also more muted and a more leathery hue of brown rather than slightly tinted red.

    Further readability changes were made to a few items, Mushroom Stew looks a lot more unique and like an actual bowl of stew rather than a few mushrooms in a bowl; to separate grey dye and gunpowder, gunpowder now has a few yellow highlights or "sparks" added in reference to the older name for gunpowder which was "sulphur". In a similar vein, Bone Meal is more off-white looking and has various bone sticking out of it and a skull sat in the bowl that holds it. This differentiates it from some of the lighter grey dyes and Sugar, which itself now has some Reeds (Sugar Cane) sticking out of it. Shears have a slightly "cleaner" and lighter/browner pair of handles.

    A few more minor changes to items include: Bricks have better shading and have cracks in them. Buckets have a overall better texture with the Water Bucket having more "drips" down the side to look a bit different from Lava and Milk. Saddles have a more rounded shape with a little metal hoop to make it more obvious that it's a Saddle. Music discs now have much better shading and have groove indents to indicate that it's a vinyl disc. Lighting on wood tools is less bright, as wood wouldn't have the same kind of sheen/glow that metal would.

    Man made blocks (Chests, Workbench, Furnace, Dispenser, Noteblock/Jukebox, Piston, Trapdoor, Ladder and Wooden Door) Have all been reworked to have bolts placed on them to make them seem more industrial, or like they were constructed by the player. This is especially noticeable on Chests as the metal strips holding them together have been given a unique pattern and generally improved a lot to look more bespoke and classy, yet still hand made.

    Detector Rails are hugely improved and have a yellow triangular "!" sign on them to signify that they do in fact send out Redstone signals which could or could not be dangerous depending on what the player has wired the signal up to... This also adds more readability to the game and distances the Detector Rail further from the regular Rail texture.

    Various Paintings have had slight tweaks done to them, sometimes just a couple of pixels moved around and others have had a reduction in vibrancy applied.

    The dial within the Clock has had a reduction in noise so that it is more readable in game.

    The 3D player Chainmail texture has been improved, and no longer has "holes" in the chain like in the vanilla game. Instead, it looks more similar to the item texture.

    Bricks (blocks) have brighter cement between them.

    Cobblestone and Mossy Cobblestone is now darker, more vibrant, and higher contrasting. This adds more depth and distinguishes itself from stone even further to allow for interesting texturing in player builds.

    Soul Sand is less dark and has more of a brown hue. It is still significantly darker than Dirt.

    Sponge looks more like Sponge rather than a texture made in 5 minutes for an unobtainable block.

    Gold blocks look more like earlier official textures where the bottom half is more orange, and the top more yellow.

    Obsidian is very slightly brighter and has had a vibrancy increase.

    Bedrock has more texturing and looks more like some kind of mineral rather than just a darker Stone.

    All saplings have had minor changes to distinguish each other and generally look better. Spruce has more "roots" than the other two.
    Fern has been improved quite a bit and now has a wider gap between leaf sections.

    Dead Bush now has actual dead leaves hanging off of it.

    The Spawner looks more put together like some kind of contraption, with a purple frame rather than being the same hue as the blue bars and more bolts to fit in with the chains adding to the strange, almost corrupted yet still man made look.

    Diamond Ore is a lot brighter and now has a "glow" to it. It also has additional, smaller diamonds. Similar to how coal has dots of smaller deposits around the main ores.

    The Bookshelf has had a few books changed in colo(u)r/hue to look a bit more interesting with its book variation while also being less bright and noisy.

    Pack.png has been updated to reflect the changes to the Bookshelf.

    Snow is more blue to distance itself from wool, similar to the vanilla texture. Snowy Dirt was updated to reflect this too.

    Ice is more "scratchy" and doesn't look as simple and basic as it previously was. It is also slightly less transparent.

    Clay is darker and more blue.

    The earlier stages of Wheat growth is less lime green and more muted. The first stage is still quite bright, but it immediately enters a more muted green look after the first stage. Only the last stage is truly "brown" as to make the farming process as readable as possible.

    Pumpkin tops have more green leafage to make them seem more plant-like, the stem on the side has also been improved and given an extra leaf or two. The Jack-O-Lantern face is hugely improved with more depth to the face suggesting that the area has been carved in rather than looking flat like before, and also has a more appealing and realistic "glow" around the edges of the face.

    The under texture of sandstone is very slightly darker to add variation to the block. The side texture looks more "scratchy" and brick-like while the top is less contrasting and seems more polished or flat. All of these changes seem to work better in player builds.

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    2022 Update 2:

    Improved torches, pumpkin textures, better shading on grass (sides and top), one of the paintings has been cleaned up, all 3 sandstone textures (they are now more "brick" like) and iron ingot blocks/gold ingot blocks now have a "brick like" texture to them to show they are made out of ingots rather than just a blob of metal. Diamond and lapis have stayed the same as they are not ingots. Redstone ore now also has more redstone showing. Various other small tweaks I probably can't remember because I've been sat on this update for a while now and took some time to finally release it.

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    Hey this is kind of a weird request, but you've managed to make one of the only good creative modes for 1.7.3. Is there any way I could get your creative mod minus all the extras like the hopper? I know you've been inactive since 2015 but I thought I'd try.

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    2022 Update:

    Big update: 16x and 8x added as downloadable options. A full release video showcase has been added too. Entire post edited to reflect the new changes - 32x variant also hugely improved. Too much to mention, most of the changes are reflected in the post itself.

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    Hey man I'm really sorry for replying so late, I haven't really checked in on old MC until the last few months.
    Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I've just pushed a 2021 update and improved a lot of textures, the above link in this thread was updated to a mega.nz one with the newest edition. To answer your question, nope I haven't done anything to stop people unzipping/repacking this pack - although bear in mind you have to use the .zip format for texturepacks, maybe you were using something like .7z?

    If you have anymore questions or would like help with your own texturepack work for this version feel free to join [-snip (inactive)] as it's currently where I'm the most active.

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    2021 UPDATE:

    Several small tweaks to terrain.png to fix small issues like hue, contrast, sharpness, etc.

    Squid look a lot better.

    Ghasts look a lot better.

    Bricks (the item) look a little better and less blurry as they have better depth to the shadow.

    Remade repeaters to fit the new slab texture from the last update.

    Updated gravel A LOT (yet again) to try and make it look a little better.

    Shadows/shading on the chest improved.

    Shadows/shading on pistons improved.

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    2020 Update:

    It's been a while! Merged multiple small changes and tweaks that I've done to my own private copy over the year.

    Biggest changes include better wheat texture, redstone ore, stone slab, chests, furnaces/pistons now using the newer cobblestone texture, and multiple changes to the items.png sheet. I've also discovered a trick to getting the font to be better aligned in chat without causing random breaks. The texturepack no longer has copper powered rails and has been switched back to using a gold texture as originally seen in Minecraft, and the vanilla bookshelf now has a blue book where the blue mushroom (reference to a mod that was originally supported) once was.

    2023 edit: I previously wrote here about how I split the texturepack into two, this is no longer the case. There is only one 32x and variations in 16x and 8x.

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    Nice man, always good to see these. Make sure to advertise in the Big Beta Box Discord https://discord.gg/RVHfhH2 there's a lot of Beta players looking for servers here!

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    Hey man this looks really promising, make sure to also advertise in the Big Beta Box Discord: https://discord.gg/RVHfhH2 there's a lot of Beta players looking for servers and mods here

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    Hey man this might not be quite what you're looking for but there's a multiplayer mod currently in development for 1.7.3 beta called New Frontier Craft, it has a pretty good community and decent population on its server. If you want to check it out the website is http://newfrontiercraft.freeforums.net and the Discord is https://discord.gg/7RQHHUV

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    Hey that's great to hear, try and advertise on https://discord.gg/RVHfhH2 a lot of Beta players here looking for servers!

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    Hey good stuff!

    If you're into Beta there's still a few old communities floating around that host servers/mod for beta (pretty much only 1.7.3) you can find most of them on this Discord beta hub: https://discord.gg/RqG8mzr

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    Hey man, there are still Beta coders around that could help you out, https://discord.gg/8Qky5XY is a Discord for alpha and beta modding, you can also make requests for mods! There's also another discord just for beta: https://discord.gg/RqG8mzr

    Hope this helps

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