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    Because requested, I am going to edit this post to say this pack is discontinued. That means I am no longer working on it. I no longer play MC so I won't be answering any questions relating to texture packs.

    Thanks to Adron_Scott for informing me that someone has stolen my works and tried to profit off of them claiming 100% credit. I leave FXStratos to continue my pack under the title "RezFX" as the official remix. From this point on any impostor tron texture pack using my textures is prohibited under any circumstances unless I get credit.

    To clarify, You can use the pack to profit from as long as you follow the conditions stated above. That means other remixed packs can continue doing what they are doing, just make sure to let people know who created the textures.
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    It's been a while since I last updated Nyxcraft. I guess you could say, I got caught up with the summer activities. Since summer is almost over, I can now happily say that the pack is making progress. So Enjoy.

    Nyx is a Greek primordial goddess of the night. She is known for the birth and creation of the universe. A fitting name because as a player in minecraft, you shape and create the world around you. Nyxcraft is a Greek themed texture pack made for those who want to recreate ancient Hellenistic Cities and worlds. In here you will find blocks that can be used as columns, stone as smooth and as bright as limestone. Bricks as tiled and red as terracotta, and many more. If you are looking for a complete texture overhaul with a Greek style, then this is your kind of texture pack. Feel free to comment and suggest ideas. I'm open ears. I will not respond to comments I find negative or rude.

    Game Pictures:


    Tadpradel's Adventure Video featuring Nyxcraft textures.

    READ ME: This Texture pack requires an HD texture patcher. I will not reply to any questions relating to problems that occured because the user did not patch to HD textures. The link can be found HERE. If you ask me why there is fire on your blocks. By the power of Zeus, I will strike you with lightning 100 times.

    Current Version: 1.7-03
    Click Me To Download!

    Change Log
    • 1.7-03: Basic Interface Completed.
    • 1.7-02: Altered Stone color to look more limestone. (Unreleased)
    • 1.7-01: Changed green water to clear blue. Added map texture.
    • 1.7-00: Released.


    -Mob Textures
    -Game User interface
    -Animated water and lava (possibly)
    -Environmental Textures
    -Mod Compatibility (This will be last on my list because finishing rest of the pack is my first priority.)

    Like what I'm doing? Help me, help you. :Diamond:
    -Donation button under construction-

    Support my pack :biggrin.gif:


    Envycraft- A cool server, chill and friendly staff in need of some players. Click here if interested.

    Terms of Use:
    This pack belongs to SoulScribe. You are not allowed to redistribute of any kind without the consent of the owner. You are also not allowed to remix this pack, or use individual textures without the consent of the owner. If given consent, you must credit SoulScribe.
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    posted a message on Visual Novels
    Clannad and Fate Stay Night were the only two I played. Other than that I'm not really into them, I played Fate because I wanted to know more about the characters. The only time I'll play an Eroge.
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    posted a message on good cheap texure packs
    All texture packs are free. Unless you are better than doku + all the other good texture pack makers on this forum, no one will spend 5 dollars for a pack. Having a donation for your work would be a better idea.

    Side note: Console War de-railers. *sigh*
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    Taking large amounts of ecstasy and lsd. I would like to die riding a pegasus into space to fight galactus with tons of lasers and falcon punching the sun thus creating a black hole.
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    posted a message on [32x][v1.4] ΠΨXCΓΔFΤ (NyxCraft. Ancient Greek. Armor Done)

    Hey all, Soulscribe here. I'm introducing a new pack. This time it's taken the lower 32x to please those who like the feel of pixels. This pack is designed to give the feel of Ancient Greece. Feel free to try it out and comment and critique. It's still a WIP and the more feedback, the more I can make this pack better.

    Sample Images

    Demo Videos
    Amazing Parthenon super structure featuring the pack.

    Download Here:
    This texture pack is made to be used in conjunction with Xau's HD texture fixer because it's an HD pack. Using the pack without the HD patcher will result in misplaced textures, or not work all together. Download the patcher here.



    How to install:
    Step 1- Download Nyxcraft and the Texture fix in the links above.
    Step 2- Run the Minecraft patcher
    Step 3- Check the square that says texture.
    Step 4- Browse for the nyxcraft file.
    Step 5- Make sure the under "tile size", it says 32x32. It should automatically be set when you loaded the nyxcraft file.
    Step 6- Click patch
    Step 7- Click run mine craft and play.

    User Suggestions:
    -Golden apples will be the apple of discord (kallisti)

    -This is 32px and I made it all by pixel art. (Yay, first non HD pack that I made.)
    -No I won't be continuing Rezcraft, however I will do some items if requested a lot.

    -Koolwitak for the temporary water and lava. Will replace when I get the chance.
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    posted a message on How many of you are racist?
    Yes, I'm pretty racists. I hate every ethnicity including my own because I find race is an excuse for racism(and vice versa). You will see me talk **** about every race because I see everybody as equal and shouldn't just trash talk about problems of one race. Hopefully that makes sense in some way.

    The saying goes "I'm not racist, I just hate everyone."
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    posted a message on [128x, 64x, 32x, 16x] [1.3.2] Adriorn's Basico
    If it's simple, I'd recommend you use a lower resolution just so it doesn't lag in game, but other than that, it's for your own personal use, so I'd say go about however you like.
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    posted a message on Soulscribe's 128x texture pack. (Discontinued) :(

    The pack is about 100% done. Still revising as I go.

    This texture pack is made with 128x128 px tiles. That means the complete image when done will be 2048x2048. Each texture on this pack is composed with at least with 4 or more layers as well as a few layers of adjustment layers, blending masks. The goal is to be semi realistic and seem life like but has their own cartoony flare to them. So don't expect it to look 100% like the real thing. It's more a projection of reality than a imitation.

    "To Do" List:
    -Revise gold, iron, diamond blocks.
    -Make the orange/reds on the iron ores have more contrast.
    -Sand and stone must have a bit more personality.
    -Finish all untextured blocks.
    -Revise custom water and fire
    -Revise Minetracks.
    -Revise halfsteps.

    Current Status Update:

    Archived Images:

    READ ME: This pack is made to be used with the HD texture fix by Xau. Not using the fix will cause problems such as glitches, crashing, start up errors. I will no longer bother answering questions on my thread relating to errors and glitches unless it is something not common. You can find the HD texture fix HERE.

    Graystone http://www.mediafire.com/?e6vba1e8uyuea61

    Smoothstone http://www.mediafire.com/?i0mv6n743bf64r4
    Feel free to comment and critique. I tend to rework a lot of textures to fit the liking of the majority. Alternate textures, and textures that did not pass will be made available once the pack is complete.
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