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    Fair enough. Thanks :)

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    Any ETA for 1.9? I know it just came out but like hey

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    Your IGN: souldger42

    Where did you hear about the server: MCForums

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Indeed I do.

    What's our policy on raging: DON'T DO IT
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    In-game Name (IGN): souldger42

    Which part of the server you think you'll find the most interesting: The classes. I love any server that has any kind of class system and this one seems pretty unique.
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    This is honestly a great server :D The second I joined I knew it would be great one. I love the idea of doing dungeons to get cash to do even more dungeons :P Really a great server, well done.
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    Username In Minecraft: souldger42

    Age: 14

    Would you be able to join the official teamspeak?: Most likely, yes.

    Any history of offences?:I have been banned from one server for sprint hacks, this is because I was playing on spoutcraft (they have an autosprint function) and I left the sprint thing on.

    Any history of kudos?: Sadly I do not know what this is >.> I have been banned from one server for sprint hacks, this is because I was playing on spoutcraft (they have an autosprint function) and I left the sprint thing on.

    Other Notes: Cant wait to see what the server and mod is like :D
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    What is your IGN? souldger42
    What is your RP Name? Eoniar Maq'chuick
    What is your backstory? Eoniar Maq'chuick was born into a great home. He had a loving mother and father and also a loving 6 siblings, 4 girls, 2 boys. Eoniar is the youngest of his familly at the age of 15. His village, Plinoia, is a relatively safe place. Very few bandit attacks and there has been 1 murder in the entire time this village has been standing. Just in case something were to happen, Eoniar was trained by the courtyard mage, the basics of the arcane power of elements. He has also been trained in archery and stealth by his parents.
    Have you ever been banned? What for? I have been banned from a server for sprint hacks, sadly this was because I was using spoutcraft at the time and had the auto sprint function on while I did not notice :/.
    What is your preferred race? Elf of course :D
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    Quote from Parad0xal

    Thank you for the apps, if you have been accepted you have been whitelisted(it should be everyone 16years old+)

    Oh, you gotta be 16 y/o?
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    posted a message on *The Settlers* Medieval Town Simulation (MCMMO, ECONOMY, JOBS,)
    Age: 14
    Name: Ryan
    MC username: souldger42
    Desired Job: Gaurd
    A little bit about yourself?: I have been playing minecraft for quite some time now, maybe around 2 years. Sadly it is getting a bit boring for me.I need a great server to get me back into minecraft and keep me playing it :D. I love to play different rpg games, such as the elder scrolls games. I am not rude to anyone unless, they are being plain stupid, or rude to me ;). Cant wait to get on :D If I get accepted of course :P
    Pie or cake?: Some nice, pixely, minecraft cake :D
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    Sorry blank for late response but, I could try to admin the server? Not sure how it would wprk though, you would have to run me through the basics. To be honest this server needs more people, everytime I check it is 0é30 people, so i would be happy to help out. I have the time to do it, I got some free time on my hands usually.
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server
    Out-Of-Character Details

    Minecraft Account Name: souldger42
    How old are you?: 14
    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: EST time zone (canada)
    Do you have a good grip on English grammar and the English language?: Yes.
    Have you had any previous experience in roleplaying?: Not so much, no.
    Have you read and understood and agree to the rules?: Yes.
    How did you hear about the Lord of the Craft?: Browsing mc forums.
    Link any previous applications you have made to the Lord of the Craft: None.
    Have you posted this application on Minecraft Forum? If not, post it here:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/832121-the-lord-of-the-craft-enter-the-world-of-asulon-o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-l-y-t-h-e-n-o-1-r-p-s-e-r-v-e-r-100-unique-gameplay/!: No, but I will directly after I make this.


    In your own words, define what the act of roleplaying is: Roleplaying is the act of playing any kind of game, but with a set character. When in conversation, do not say what you think, but what your character would think in the situation.
    In your own words, define what the act of meta-gaming is: Meta-gaming is the act of taking informationfrom outside of the roleplaying community, and trying to make it your own.
    In your own words, define what the act of power-emoting is: Power-emoting, is the act of forcing an action onto a person. For example, sayiong stuff like "*Bob is now dead cause I struck him with my mighty warhammer*"

    In-Character Details

    Character Name: Alacion Ock'Mir
    Character Race: Elf
    Character biography - Make this at least 2 paragraphs long, which must explain your character’s history, appearance, personality, age and any other details you deem necessary:Alacion, named after his father who died in a mighty war, was born into the Ock'Mir family, an elven family, just 2 months after his father died in a war of epic proportions, because of his fathers death, Alacion's mother always had this gloomy look to her and was always dissapointed. In his mid-late years (around 6-7 years human age.) Alacion's mother was always dissapointed by him and was always hard on him. He could not take it anymore, at the young age of 7 human years, alacion left home, not knowing where he would go, or what he would just the thought of leaving his family for good. he did not think this through at all, he did not bring any sort of weapon or food. After a little bit of living by himself though, he learned how to farm, set up camp, and he also made a bow out of some sticks and tight vines he found in the forest.

    Alacion was still only 7 human years old, and stood no match to any kind of bandit or thug. He his camp has been attacked many times, but none of them could find Alacion, he has above average hiding techniques and stealthiness sadly, he was looted every time his camp was found. Alacion then had enough, he started to train his bowman-ship skills vigorously. When he was about 9 human years old, his camp was attacked once again, Alacion was ready this time. He hid in the shadows of the trees, and pinged, 1 by 1, off the bandits in a matter of seconds with his homemade bow and arrows. He was now ready for anything, he looted the dead bodies of the bandits, packed up camp, and set off, to find a kingdom suitable to live in, and a family, kind enough to take him in. He found both of these things. As he got older, into his 19 human year of life, he packed up again, and went to go see the high king. He aproached with caution to the king, and demanded to join the army. Because of his tone, the king thought Alacion had heart. The king set up a training grounds for a stealthy archer and put Alacion to the test. After a year of training, the king sent him off. Alacion has mastered the bow by this time and was ready to join the army. He will never forget though, his mother and siblings back at home, and wants to visit them, if he ever gets the chance.

    Alacion Ock`Mir`s look: Around 6`8` (average for an elf), Has a sort of blondish brown hair colour, that is parted to the left, wears a torn vest with some dirty, brown pants. Usually wields a bow or uses the art of the arcane. Is very stealthy and would rather assassinate than go into full on battle.

    What are your characters ambitions?: Train his skill of stealth to master it, and get better with the bow. He also wants to get back, and see his family, for the first time, in many years.
    Please provide an in-game screenshot of your skin here:
    Is there anything else you would like to say about your character: Not much, I tried to state everything in here.


    Each question here must be answered with a minimum of one full paragraph, and detail the scene you are given in the way it would happen in roleplay. These questions should be answered in first person. Be detailed, not short.

    Upon entering the Mighty Human City of Arethor, you come across a shop-keeper calling out to sell his wares to passers-by. The shopkeeper is not a Human, he is a poor dwarf looking to make a living in a new city. What is your response? *I walk over to the dwarves shop stand* Hello. So, show me what you've got for sale alright? *I look at what the dwarf has for sale, I dont really have an interest in buying any of his products, but his wares are pretty cheap, so I buy something anyways to make him happy.* Your welcome, and thank you for the potion!

    You’re in the Cloud Sanctuary late at night, when a large Orc begins to threaten a nearby dwarf. The only present monk is fast asleep, and the situation looks like it will escalate into violence soon, what does your character do? I would walk over there, hiding in the shadows with my bow ready, if the orc tries to provoke the dwarf, I would shoot his leg, not killing him, but injuring him enough to fall down and let me, and the dwarf run to safety.

    Whilst walking down the road to Malinor, you stumble upon an old man. His walking stick , looks weak and frail, and just as you are about to ask something, the stick breaks, and the man falls to the ground. As he falls down, a bag of Minas falls to the ground, and splits open. As you watch the multiple coins spill out, you peer down at the defenceless man. What does your character do?:Quickly gathers up the money so noone passing by will take it, and also go get a stick from a nearby woods and give it t the man, then give his money back to him. Then ask my question.
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    posted a message on * The Lonely Vale * !!! GRAND OPENING !!! A Player-Oriented Heavy Fantasy RP Server. Create Your Story Today!

    *OOC INFO*

    IGN: souldger42

    How did you hear about us?: Minecraft forums

    Why would you like to join?: I have never tried an rp server before, I would really like to and this server looks like a great one to test it out on.

    *IC INFO*

    Name (Character IC name) : Septimus Irithel

    IC Age: 19

    Race Chosen: Tirren

    Bio/Backstory (Please try on this thing, it will determine if you are accepted or not): All through my life, my parents wanted me to live my life as a soldier for the army, they trained me in all kinds of fighting, melee, ranged, and with the staff. My favourite of these 3 was magic. I grew up liking the idea of joining the army. After all of my training was complete, when I was 18 years old, my parents sent me to the high king, who would put me to the test of getting into the fight or not. I got in. I would start as a gaurd in one of the towns and have to work my way up.after the next year, I would be getting a promotion, and be sent into the fight. Now I am ready to join the army and fight for my kind.
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    posted a message on ConquerCraft 1.3.2! Pvp arena style to the next level [Classes] [Factions] [war] [no-whitelist]
    Gotta get more people on guys :o I'm getting bored all alone :P
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    posted a message on {{SELLING THE SERVER}}{Races} {Now Accepting MODS } {Fantasy} II{~*The Midlands*~} II {PvP} {Quests} {Economy} {Magic} {Dungeons

    Character name: Otsoa Teppe

    Character age: 21

    Character Gender: Male

    Character Traits: Is an apprentice in the arcane arts, loves to battle in a more stealthy way than head on. Tries his hardest to not get into a battle, would rather try to talk it out, than in that does not work, murders his foe.

    Character appearance: Brown hair, Brown eyes, not to muscular but not overweight. Wears robes most of the time.

    Character back story: I lived a normal life, good parents, good housing, good food. I lived in a rather small town called Ithgar, it was part of the kingdom of Athrial. Athrial's king, Orpheus Gael was a great king but, could barely keep the kingdom alive by himself. This kingdom had many enemies and lots of battles, we lost almost every one of them. Because of this, I felt like it was needed that I joined the army, with my average amount of skill with the arcane, I thought I could be of some help to the king. After awhile of training I was put into battle, I was trained to perfect my magic before entering the battlefield. We than went into battle with another weak kingdom that we could not beat any time before. This time, we won by epic proportions. In the next year, the faction called the dark mages noticed my skill with magic, and kidnapped me to become one of them. I could not fight back, I'm sure if I did, I would have been murdered. I did what they told me, trained, fought and did whatever else they asked. They told me all about the endless need to find and kill the druids. They then took me under their wing, trained me some more with the dark arcane power. Now I am ready to fulfil the needs of The Dark Mages and kill the druids.

    Example of role playing: Squire: Mr. Gael, you have a visitor claiming to want to join the army.

    King: Bring him in.

    ​;Ostoa Teppe enters the throne room and bows to the king;
    King: So, you want to join the army eh?
    Ostoa: Yes, I feel the army needs some help on the battlefield.
    King: Yes, yes it does. okay kid, whats your battle style, we will set up a training ground for you to show us what you got.
    Ostoa: Well, I am trying to perfect myself in the arcane arts... magic.
    King: Ah, I have not seen a mage in Athrial since I given this crown. GAURDS, set up a mage training ground for this man, if he has what we need, we can out him on the army.
    Gaurds: Yes sir! (muttering) Ummm, what does a mage training ground look like...?

    Which kingdom do you wish to join? The Dark Mages

    Out of character info:

    Username: souldger42

    Age: 14

    Do you have experience role playing? Well, no not really, I play alot of elder scrolls games though ;)

    What do you like/ Dislike about this thread: I like the orginization, and the in depth descriptions of the factions.

    Why do you want to play the server? I have never tried a roleplaying server before, I thought I would try it out and this one looks great.

    What is meta gaming and powergaming? metagaming is when you take information from a different thing and bring it into minecraft and use it as roleplay material. Powergaming is basicly forcing someone do roleplay a certain way without giving them a say in any of it. For ex. *kills bob, he is not dead... haha.*

    Do you agree to the rules? Yess :D

    Anything else? Just cant wait to play ;)
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