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    posted a message on Challenge - The Tree Spirit

    I just made a new skin for this challenge, I wanted to update my old one (which the image file has now disappeared from the skins section).

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    posted a message on I lost it all in a creeper attack...

    I made Iron boots and a helmet. Easy to get back up, but also only lost 30 mins of play time.

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    posted a message on I lost it all in a creeper attack...

    I've been playing MC for years now, and thought I was prepared for everything. Until I dropped into this ravine today...

    I fell onto a vein of diamonds, I had 9 more in my inventory and 30 levels, I was ready for enchanting. I wanted to clear the ravine of the 3 zombies walking towards me out of the dark, and light up the area before mining the vein I had just found.

    I ran towards them in my full iron armor, shield ready... but before I reached the zombies. I exploded.

    I laughed it off thinking, I can't believe I actually got blown up by a creeper. It had dropped down from the walls of the ravine, I didn't even see it coming.

    I didn't mind losing 30 levels, I could get that back easily. I made a sword, and more armor, grabbed some food and ran back down the mine.

    I bridge over some lava with the few wood blocks I had left over from making sticks. I got burnt a bit, but I had anticipated that.

    I reached the spot where I had died. And then I realised. It wasn't just one creeper. It was two, and the second one destroyed all my stuff.

    Now I'm at the bottom of a ravine, with not enough stuff to get back.

    A). Do I reload from my back-up? (Created just before I went mining)

    B). Do I take it like a champ and try make my way out and come back for the diamonds in the ravine?

    It'll probably be A., but what would you do in this situation?

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    posted a message on Underground base entrance hall, any ideas?

    Personally I like more vegetation and natural things like rocks, etc. You could add some vines or boulders outside, or grass.

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    posted a message on Tranquil Hillside spot [+RAVINE with DUNGEON]

    SEED: -5375324166720852531

    (latest snapshot)

    You spawn on a forest hill, next to a ravine. There is a dungeon on one side, I'll leave you to find it :)

    In front of this mountain is this beautiful spot to build a home. I plan on making a bridge over the pond and then a doorway into the hill. Behind is a taiga biome.

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