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    • High quality role playing
    • Build your own Kingdom along with your own Jail, Market, Flight Points and more!
    • In house plugin development with working professional programmers
    • Explore a world so large you may never reach the end!
    The Kingdoms is a game where anything can happen, and you control it all. You really do have true influence on the world and its history. You can become a truly powerful king, or a master
    of theives. It is all for you to decide. In the game you are only limited by the mechanics put in place, and the understanding that role play has a large part of the game.

    Having a good understanding of how to role play enhances the experience in our game and enables you to get into the experience. This guide will help you find your place in the world, discover all of the features of the game, and how to use them. This guide contains all of the commands and some possible ways to make use of them to your advantage. In our world there are no bad or good people. We simply just have people with different motivations and reasons for those motivations. It is up to you to decide what is right and wrong in a chaotic world.

    In game name:

    Age: (We do not discriminate against age, but this will help us decide whether to approve or deny. If you are older we expect more. If you are younger you must prove that you have a genuine interest in the game. Not filling this out will hurt your chances of approval. )

    Demonstrate you have a comprehensive understanding of role play by
    explaining what quality role play is:

    Describe the difference between Out of Character and In Character:r:
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    Peace, War, liberty and the freedom of choice is what you will have in the land of The Kingdoms.

    Upon entering the world you will find yourself in a neutral marketplace bustling with activity and commerce. From there you will venture out into the world to make your mark, but be careful, once you venture too far from where you started you will no longer have the divine protection from the Wizards' safe haven. Out there you will find thugs, pirates, bandits and even monsters.

    In your travels you will come across camps, towns, and villages. Make friends with them, or make enemies. It is all up to you, traveler. Help them build their empire, join up with their faction to help them in their great endeavors to become the most rich and powerful. Make a name for yourself in the kingdom as a fierce warrior and lead crusades for your king to conquer the enemy! Become the best known architect building grand spires and walls for your Lord, or even become a Lord yourself.

    City life not for you? Then carve out a life for yourself in the remote countryside. Mine and farm for your living. Travel to the market every other day to sell your bread and iron. Make friends with fellow settlers and settle down together. Who knows--your little shack in the woods may grow into a nice community one day. The politics of the kingdoms can be so convoluted and worrisome. Yep, the simple life is the way to go if you want to relax and build a nice house for yourself.

    However, you might like danger. Sneaking around at night when no one else would even think of stepping out with all of the monsters and creatures out there. Those puny pests don't bother you though. You have bigger things to take on like the kings horde of diamonds hidden in the kingdom's vault. Now, if only you can figure out a way in...

    This life is yours to lead. Make your mark here traveler.


    Our Philosophy

    The Kingdoms server was started almost a year ago. Since then we have kept a tight role play community that we all value very much. Every once in a while we open our doors to the public to allow a new group of role players in, and this is one of those times. This by no means that anyone new is not welcomed. In fact we are very excited to allow newcomers to our community.

    Over this past year we have learned a lot about managing a role playing server. It is simple to say that "these are the rules and this is it". Black and white, but if anyone has gone onto a role playing server with that kind of environment you will quickly find that it does not work. However, we have found that some push and pull, a little bit of swaying in the way we run our sever that is perfect. It is like chemistry between mechanics of the game and the right mindset when playing. We roll with the punches and change what we need to when the time is right.

    When certain players or factions become notorious or famous we acknowledge that, and make changed accordingly such as adding player titles, or setting players in power up with special abilities to fit the role playing environment. They even become apart of the on going history of the land.

    Griefing is a gray area and is looked at differently on each server. We have a simple philosophy that will dictate what griefing is and is not on our server.

    Griefing is anything that is affecting the game play in a negative way and is done with little to no purpose. For instance, a bandit finds a way into one of the towns and starts destroying everything with a pick axe. That would be griefing. There would be little reason for a bandit to do that. However, a bandit who breaks down someone's front door and goes into their house to steal from their chest is not griefing.

    You the player can make the biggest difference here.
    You the player can single highhandedly build an empire, or maybe bring it to its demise.
    You the player have full control over your destiny here.
    You the traveler must make your mark here.


    The Game

    Basically within our game you are the writer of your own story. There is a vast amount of characters out there to interact with. There are an unlimited amount of paths to take. If you earn enough money you can buy your own personal protected plot within a town or if you want, get one within the capitol city. Within the capitol city we have guards, and jails. These guards are just regular players who get chosen by the captain of the guard. The Captain of the guard himself is just a regular player that was voted in. Just about every position there is within the game can be occupied by the player.

    If you get a group of friends together and earn a good deal of coin, you will be able to start your own town. You will be the mayor of that town and collect the taxes from the people who live under you. However you will be approached by the king and asked to pay your king his taxes for being on his land. Technically all the land is the kings land, and if you refuse to pay him his taxes you may find some interesting struggles ahead. If you are friendly to the kingdom you may be considered your own free independent city state. If you make yourself an enemy, you will be looked at by the kingdom as a group of unruly thugs. It is up to you to decide.

    Some players have decided to become lawmen who keep records on books using the book worm plugin. This is in case someone agrees to pay a certain amount and does not come through. This way legally the guards can come take that person to jail to serve out a sentence. This is just one niche that a couple players found for themselves and are making good money because of this nifty idea.

    Jail is not a real punishment to the player, its a punishment for the character. We have done what we can, and plan to do more in the future to make the jail more fun. With some ingenuity or loyal friends you just might be able to find a way out.

    We enforce role play on our server, but we are not so strict that we would ban or kick someone because they aren't "role playing right" In fact when have a very solid system for removing players from our server. We look at all sides of an issue and speak with everyone involved. This takes a lot more effort on our part, but makes for a much better, and more comfortable playing environment. You will never find yourself getting banned because a moderator or admin does not like you. There are specific guidelines that we all adhere to when it comes to banning and so fourth.

    There is so much more but this post can only be so long so please do check out the website, read through the forums and you will find tons of information about how everything works in the game.

    So if you are a person who loves to role play or are simply interested getting into it. Please apply! I hope to see some new faces here soon. Please respond in the format given and we will white-list you

    The Rules Link


    In Game Name:
    Did you read the Rules?:
    Why would you like to join us?:

    We will be watching this post often so it should not take a terribly long time to be white listed.

    Quote from Ironfungus

    Changed my mind. Being able to donate and be given god-status in return is a deal-breaker.

    It is very frustrating to see this. You by no means get any kind of god status. In fact we are very strict on the abilities, and are in fact removing some of them because we feel they are overpowered. However the cooldowns on some of these are high enough to where they are an incentive to donate, but does not give you a huge benefit over others.

    They are mostly for RP benefit if you wish to use them for your character. Some of them are offensive, but not greatly. Like I said they do not give great advantage. Donators get killed in battle just as much as anyone else.
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    Quote from karl1coop

    Terrible server.

    Says the guy who was running around calling everyone a faggot and spawn killing.

    Don't take your anger out here because you were banned.
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