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    Welcome to modcraft, This will be unique from others since I learn from modding and make better and better mod's I will keep leaving comments in the source code WHICH YOU can easily edit them and create YOUR OWN!
    If you use my source's please put credit's in the description for me for providing the source code. =]

    1) Open Minecraft.jar with winrar
    2) Delete META file
    3) Copy ALL files into minecraft.jar
    4) start minecraft
    5) ?????
    6) Profit

    * = Requires mod loader you can get it here, viewtopic.php?f=25&t=80246
    ^ = Modified an CORE file which may interfere with non-mod loader mods.

    Spiked Swords * 1.3.1
    Spike sword's is an mod that allow's you to make an new deadlier type of weapon, What is of-course Spiked Swords
    There are 5 type's of Spiked Swords one which is an secret "Combo" of items to make the deadliest sword in minecraft the Spiked Combo Sword, How to create them?(Wood has an different version due to it would be overpowered I think.)
    *Hint on Combo, It only contains 2Steel,2CobbleStone and 2Diamonds with one stick.


    Fast Smelting ^ 1.3.1
    Fast Smelting is an increased furnace smelt/cook by 3x the current wait which is very very huge, However to make this fair I also made the burn time of the fuels 3x as less to keep it balanced. There may be an update to this to make an custom smelter and an custom energy source which can only be used.

    Over Powered Tools! ^ 1.3.1
    It is the double the speed of the regular tool's which makes it great if you are low on time or not, This WILL NOT be working on multiplayer.

    Next mods
    Frozen Foods.

    Will add more info once iam done.

    Notch for making Minecraft and making it in Java.
    Risugami for making the Elemental Arrow's mod that I am using as an base because mine failed at creating the bolts/bow images.
    MCP team for Mcp_modding for helping me with some errors. :biggrin.gif:
    _303 for creating the most ubersauce mod named mod_loader.

    I am learning to code C++ so yeah I won't be ACTIVE aka no more mods
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