About Me

I'm A pretty cool guy; But my RP characters are interesting as well check them out!

Calon. A questionably sane ascendant warlock, Semi immortal in the fact his physical body can be killed but will eventually reform in the endless uninhabited realm he was cursed to. At that point he "merely" has to do a long complicated ritual to get out of it again. Tends to wear a suit or clothes and carry's a staff shaped like a cane to throw off suspicion when not in the realm he is cursed to. Specializes in most types of dark magic as well as pyromancy, is rather skilled in healing magic and summoning but has no magical skill beyond those schools of magic. Calon.

Alcern Ashdeer: A half elf that having no living family or friends decided to join up with calon and the others. Tends to be sarcastic and always seems to be slightly depressed even when he is not. Is quite feminine and wears a green shirt and light green scarf. Is often mistaken for a girl.

Arglas: A lich wandering he space time continuum for unknown reasons. His body is different limbs and pieces of various corpses sewn together. Voice echoes as if more then one person is speaking at once. Arglas

Location The wanderers library.