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    Make it adapted to the first book not the 2nd or 3rd series because of spoilers. Eg Bluestar Firepaw Graypaw all that.
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    posted a message on Thread Closed :(
    I want to join because I have been playing CrazyCraft a lot but I want to play with friends. I do not have Skype. My age is 11 (I'm used to swearing though).My IGN is Sora_Starkeeeper. My hobbies are video games.I have had Minecraft since version 1.2.5.I downloaded voidswrath at around fall last year.My favorite color is blue.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 Server [hMod, AuthCraft]
    My Username: Sora_Starkeeper
    How long i've been playing: I started playing minecraft 1 month before the 1.3 update (at the end of 1.2.5)
    Have i griefed: no only on pvp servers
    My age: 11
    My skype: Kingdom.Wielder
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Really people why so much hate towards wolves? this is a great mod but seriously. man's best friends face being stretched over a companion cube and naming your mod after how wolves suck. really you guys are mean not to mention the only other pet in MineCraft without mods is something so scared of you it will run away from you when you have its favorite food.
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