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    In game name: SonicBoom56
    Minecraft skills: Great miner and builder also ok at killing.
    Will you post on our forums: Sometimes
    Extra info: I love minecraft and play it a lot. :)
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    Quote from Scetath

    talk to the man in black
    on the square of the guild
    then he will say tnx and the villagers will go away

    the man in black disappeared on mine. what do i do?
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    Quote from mindgeekify

    I was rummaging through Squidwards chests, and found tons of clocks... I instantly got that joke. xD

    So did I... that episode was great.
    Quote from sPoNgEbOb64

    i added some stuff like

    -you can get to the top of squid and sponges house

    -i made it so the chair in the mirmaliar actually flip open and same with pats rock[i am really good with redstone]

    -lair in the chumbucket

    -chum cavern

    -made it so when you push a button a block moves under you and you fall on a waterslide into the library

    -fire jump in the fist o pain

    -redid the whole krusty krab that was the only really bad thing

    -put a dumpster in the back of the krusty krab and made it so when you push a button u go into it and there is a chest from when he was in the navy

    -i redid all the toilets to actually make them flush when you press a button

    -made the mitten slower

    what i liked
    -everything besides the K.K [krusty krab]

    please answer back pheeno please like my comment im new

    PLZ GIVE ME DOWNLOAD [not that pheeno's version isnt already awesome :smile.gif: ]
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