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    IGN: Songsire
    Why would you want to be a tester?: I'd like to be a tester because I am fan of RPing in all honesty, I heard Minecraft multiplayer server had a variety of RP and the communities were great. But when I searched for one, I looked for something different and I stumbled upon this server, it was just so amazing and drew my attention and desire towards playing it! I was so excited to start that I immediately read up as much as I could for the required knowledge to play and be a tester :) I hope to play and help make this game full of more rp'ers!

    Tell us your story of how you got into the Exodus spaceship:

    "I am Sonata Songsire, it feels like only moments have passed since I boarded the spaceship "Exodus" and stepped into the cryogenic chamber.
    I grew up in a small town, my family biologist, chemist and other professions dealing with the "beautiful and elegant art" of sciences decided to send me to the "Exodus Research & Sciences School", featuring a large crew and staff of constantly busy people forcing mudane tasks upon one another but no emotion nor compassion came when failure arose.. There I learned basics for operating technology and chose to follow some sciences but specialized in botany.

    I later reached the top of my classes (Not that there was many people to even compete against) and began to work for the Exodus studying alternatives forms of agriculture and sustainability in the case of an emergency or grave importance to help against increasing the survival rates and such.. I never really understood why nor understood how to really show how I felt.. But that wasn't important I.. I had to just work and stay quiet.

    But lately, I have decided to stop feeling like that.. I need to.. I need to do something and so.. I'm heading to the Last Hope mission on Earth and showing that a Botanist can make change-- No.. Will make change.

    -Songsire, Sonata

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