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    basically I would like to see a mod that let's me set a custom item to be used in Villager trades instead of emeralds. The item would be given a value in emeralds for determining how many of that item a trade should cost. so for example if you configured the mod to use dirt, and set the value of dirt to 0.1 then any item trade a villager had would cost 10 dirt for every 1 emerald it would normally cost.

    Example images will be added once I get on my computer and throw them together.

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    link for the modpack doesn't work. It looks like the files aren't on media fire anymore

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    Two Ideas for things to add to the mod, one of which plays off of the other:

    1. Summons: make some summon abilities that can be unlocked for us to use
    2. Unity Marks: a system that would be similar to trinity marks from KH 1, using the summons so that it can still be used in single player. Each color Unity mark would correspond to a specific summon, in order to activate the mark and get it's reward the player would have to target the mark and then use the correct summon on it
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    What I'm looking for is a mod that would add blocks that could be pushed and pulled around freely by the player. The player would be able to right click once on the block and then start walking, the block would move in the direction the player is walking unless the player or the block touches a wall, and the player is limited to only moving forwards or backwards while holding the block in this way (Doesn't limit movement if just held in the inventory). All the player would have to do to let go of a block is right click again. The block should only be obtainable and breakable in creative mode. The block can either give out a redstone signal on it's own or the mod could add a block that detects when a block is pushed onto it and then begins to output a redstone signal. I am aware there are similar mods out there however none of those mods are available for 1.10.x which is the version I need the mod for.

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    About a year ago I played a game that I absolutely loved called Folklore, I got pretty far in the game and then started to think that it would be cool to have the Folk in minecraft. For anyone who hasen't played Folklore yet here's the wiki so you can at least know what I'm talking about: Folklore Wiki. Basically the way this mod would work is it would add each of the Folk and their IDs to the game, the folk would only spawn in the Folklore Dimension which would contain one biome for each of the worlds in the game (or if you feel like it each of the worlds from Folklore could be it's own dimension) the player would obtain 2 IDs on entering the folklore dimension for the first time, the Killmoulis and the Pouke, when the player right clicks with an ID in hand they use that ID's ability, all IDs would have 1000 uses. When a folk is killed using an ID then it would drop it's respective ID, mainly because I don't really think it's possible to implement the ID absorbtion mechanic from the original game. IDs would only be effective against folk, for example using the killmoulis ID would protect you from an attack from a Pouke or Bargest but not from a Zombie's attacks. You would also be able to craft Ellen and Keats' different costumes as armor.

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