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    posted a message on TriumphantTralfamadorian, Live Streaming Minecraft, ULTRA MODE
    Are you looking for excellent quality?
    Are you looking for perfect Audio?
    And, are you looking for a person with a unique way of things?

    Then look no further, than Triumphant Tralfamadorian, who's playing minecraft right now!!!

    Follow the link to watch!

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    posted a message on Desktop Broadcast software?
    I have Open Broadcaster Software and Full version fraps, although i'd like to be able to stream my desktop.

    I will need a program to do that though, any reccomendations?

    and please, no reccomendations of manycam, because it's quality is horrible, plus it watermarks.
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    posted a message on Oh Really, Updates?
    Quote from Crimsollite

    But with each ore, there needs to be a purpose. New ores should not be added for the sake of adding new ores.

    Agreed, but the fact still remains that for the game named MINEcraft, you'd think we'd have more ores by now.
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    posted a message on Oh Really, Updates?
    Why exactly, is minecraft focusing on sunflowers, or other overworld additons?

    Minecraft only has EIGHT ORES.

    I believe that minecraft needs to focus on ore additions.
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    posted a message on Thought Lost, By Deus
    Quote from Onmyodo

    Very deep, though it remains vague, I think I know what it means. Anyway, did you write this?

    yes, i wrote this on a whim.
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    posted a message on The 8 Sides of Nico Nico Douga- Lords of Octagon
    All hail the Lords of Octagon.

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    posted a message on Thought Lost, By Deus
    Am I here?
    Was I there?
    Was I really anywhere?
    In dreams yet born,
    In Nights forlorn,
    Will thoughts bring memory back to me?
    For Focus lost, silence unknown, can I, oh may i begin to see?
    You tell me i have something here, yet was I ever there?
    We begin with hope, contract fear, and bring life near
    People passing by, with each passing moment and passing life and passing minute
    I don't stop to ask, or to prod, or to question, i simply stare into it
    Yet wondering why, or wondering how
    If i was ever there, if ever or now?
    Bring to me your thoughts of mind
    For me, tis' food brought within bramble'd bind.
    And i hunger in lengthened time so
    For that moment, that time where i will know
    If i was here?
    If i was there?
    or if
    I was really, anywhere?
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    posted a message on Some paradoxes
    Does a set of all sets Contain itself?
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    posted a message on Why is there toilet paper commercials?
    Because i want quality when paper touches my butt.
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    posted a message on I need help, I dont know what to do
    Quote from Xephmon

    My two "best friends" have been leaving me out of everything and staying away from me, I started suspecting about two days ago that they have something against me, today another friend (he is one of my best friends and I trust him a lot) told me that they do hate me and have been talking bad stuff about me behind my back. Ive known them both for my whole life and were 2 of the only 5 friends ive ever had, I really dont know what to do, apparently theyve been talking bad stuff about me for like 5 months, i got really depressed because they are telling people that im gay and stuff, they arent aware that I know they hate me, I need someone to tell me what should I do!?!?!

    That's life.

    Friends leave, Friends come.

    Make the best of what you have.
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    posted a message on A stunningly beautiful woman approaches you.
    Quote from Phrossbite

    One day, you are sitting on a park bench, relaxing. Out of the blue, a woman in a flowing red dress and high heels approaches you and strikes up a conversation. She is easily a 10 out of 10, even without any makeup.

    Suddenly, she slips out an handgun and offers it to you.

    She loves you, but if you want to spend the rest of your life with her, you must kill her current lover.

    She tells you her plan on how to kill him. It is a perfect plan; there is no chance that you will be caught. If you choose to follow through with it, you will live happily with her until the day you die. If you decline her offer, she will disappear from your life forever, never to be seen again. You will never find a woman as beautiful as her.

    Do you take her offer?

    If you prefer, the woman can be replaced with a charming, muscular hunk of a man.

    I Throw the Gun away, Refuse the Offer, and Call the Police.

    If said woman is to offer me a chance to replace another, there's no reason why she wouldn't go out and find another to replace me.

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    posted a message on ~Triumphant Tralfamadorian Lets Plays!~
    Triumphant Tralfamadorian
    Lets Plays

    Welcome to my Channel, I am Triumphant Tralfamadorian, and i Do Gaming Lets Plays, Reviews and Commentary! all of which can be found through my link, Here! http://www.youtube.com/user/MegaManStarForceFan

    (Yes the name is different.)

    Whilst Delving into my Channel, you may find yourself amused and enraptured by:

    -Hilarious Commentary!~
    -Terrible Jokes
    -Perfect Audio and video Quality!
    -and More!

    So Just follow the link, and enter a world of Incredible Video Game Commentary and Reviews!
    (and here's a bonus intro Video.)

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    posted a message on Destroy the Tower
    Deus Commands ritual from above to bring forth the summoning spell of Man-Power.

    In this ritual we see 3 to the field, now against the tower.

    Solid Snake


    and lest god help ye, you find your tower faced with deadpool, the last of the three summoned.

    The first of the three, kratos runs and acends the tower with uncanny speed, his blades sinking into the tower for damage each time he uses them to climb. atop the tower, kratos in his unyelding, unending, undying rage brings down upon your tower the blade of olympus.

    Solid Snake, however has eluded your vision from the chaos brought upon you by Kratos and deadpool.

    Snake, has infiltrated the tower, has disabled your security systems, and has single-handedly disabled your vehicles for 2 turns, giving him enough time to plant detonation charges all throughout the internal and structural support areas of the tower.

    Snake Escapes the tower, and sets off the charges, dealing damage to your support and your tower, and for one last act of bravado, launches multiple shots from the stinger at the middle portion of the tower.

    Deadpool, is constantly wreaking havoc all around your tower.
    Your forces inside the tower have been either manhandled to death, shot or sliced open. Deadpool refuses to stay down.
    Due to the effects of the spell, Solid snake and Kratos are unsummoned, However,
    Deadpool continues to do damage to the tower and it's personel for 3 remaining turns.
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    posted a message on The Furry Thread
    Im a part of furry culture because i am a human and i have hair on my arms,legs,chest and head.

    so furry.
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