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    Thanks a million for making this mod! I've been looking for a simple lighting option such as your ceiling lights and light bulbs to use in modern builds for years and this is the first one I have found! I can't believe more people haven't felt the need to have more lighting options yet!

    I too would love to be able to place ceiling lights and lightbulbs without the need for a redstone power source. Switches are far too big, ugly and inconvenient to place next to every light, especially if they're in a modern build with minimalist styling. I can't place them above the blocks for much the same reason, and sometimes the roof of one level is the floor of the next and that just gets ugly.

    I'm not even asking for a separate new item, unless that would be easier. Just a config option or even just tell me what to do to remove the "off" state of the lights so they're always on. I wouldn't have a problem with that at all.

    Cheers in advance

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