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    posted a message on 128x64 CHROMA HILLS RPG/Cartoon**Official MC Partner**BIGGEST update ever now LIVE 03/17/18***
    Quote from deluxechipmunk»

    Hey guys,

    when having this resource pack installed with SEUS shaders, the trees glow intensely to the point where its unplayable. Both me and my friend installed the same thing at the same time, works for him but not for me. ive attached a picture showing whats happening. If anyone has any ideas as to why its happening that would be awesome.


    There's two temporary fixes you can use. Go into the shader options and turn "Water Caustics" and "Force Wet Effect" off in the surface options screen.
    If that doesn't fix it, then go to the shader select screen and turn off "Specular Map" on the list of options to the right.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Quote from nothingl_»

    Temp fix is literally a couple posts up. Answered many times over the last ~10 pages.

    Might want to add; turning off water caustics and force wet effect doesn't fix the problem on all texture packs. With Chroma Hills I had to turn off the specular map on the main shader menu as well for it to render normally.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 14w21b Ready for Testing - XBOne, PS News!
    Quote from catbox01

    Slime blocks. Really? Two years without the promised mod API, and the best thing you guys have accomplished is improved map terrain and Slime blocks. These updates/releases, and everything else coming out of Mojang right now are less than useless to the modding/server community. Focus on the Minecraft MP core, and get the damned API finished. If you can't, stop jerking around the people who can, like Forge (an actual damned working API that's stuck at 1.7.2 due to lack of support and lack of direction from Mojang).

    I mean seriously, Minecraft is Mojang's bread and butter, because they will likely never release another game as popular; certainly not Cobalt, and certainly not Scrolls. Get some talent in there, and stop treating the game like it's a distraction.

    Or is part of your 10 year plan to sell out to someone else before 10 years have elapsed?

    Just because it's not fully implemented, doesn't mean there's been no backend work done on the mod API. Pay attention to their updates. It's in there, it's still being worked on at the same time as all the other features and upgrades they're sticking in to the game. Just because you can't see the work in-game, doesn't mean it's not there.
    As for the "focus on this one group" part. Damn do you sound whiny and entitled. They don't have to work on any particular part. MP is not the be-all and end-all of Minecraft.
    Do us a favour - click this link - it's not really about video-games but it still explains just how much the developers are beholden to you ;)

    OT: Ooooo, good to hear about the Cross-buy/save for the Sony versions of Minecraft. As much as the PC version is awesome, it'll be nice to have some builds on the go.
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    posted a message on Sphax PureBDcraft (08/06/17) - All resolutions / 100% complete
    Just thought I'd add a heads up: Some GUI elements are still missing for the Realms screen (remove/op player, specifically). Confused the heck out of me until I temporarily switched back to the default :P
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    posted a message on Minecraft No Longer Officially Working With Oculus Rift
    Not that there was much to pull out of, really. There'd been talks for all of about two weeks, about a maybe/possibly/sorta port of a version of Minecraft that's already on devices that are definitely not grassroots-friendly.

    I like Minecraft. I've logged countless hours since Alpha. But it just smacks of empty posturing to loudly proclaim you've 'cancelled a project that had never even began.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Changing The World: Update and Play Now!
    Quote from DkGamingDylan

    :iapprove: :steve_joyous:
    servers aren't working though : ( but it is a great update! :D

    Don't worry about that, they just need a bit of time to update to the newest version. They'll be back up soon enough.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Changing The World: Update and Play Now!
    Quote from heya

    It's a 25 dollar game for a game that gets constantly nerfed for eg: wheat and trees and mojang doesn't listen to other people's suggestions and most people even now have cracked minecraft or atleast some of the people who has minecraft also all in all they actually don't add much in the game they mainly add decoration blocks and that's pretty much about it. For a game like this it's very pricy and even 7 Days to Die is worth less than this and it probably always will.

    You mean the 7 Days To Die that's $35 for the alpha access version?
    Some people have cracked Minecraft. They shouldn't. Notch only endorsed piracy as a way for people to try the game until the demo mode was added in. Now it's there, nobody has a legitimate excuse to be cracking it.
    I still don't get what you mean by the wheat and trees getting 'nerfed'. I'm not entirely sure that word means what you think it means. But we've had entirely new world generation, health/hunger revamp, redstone updates, plenty of little tweaks to AI and game mechanics... Just because the non-graphical updates don't make themselves so readily apparent, doesn't mean that decoration blocks are the only thing that's been added.

    Still, if you feel like you're not getting your moneys' worth, you can always stop playing. Meanwhile, the majority of players will be looking beyond the relatively few cosmetic updates and bugs to see that a fair bit has changed under the hood, and getting mildly excited about what that means for future updates.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Changing The World: Update and Play Now!
    Quote from Swoquix

    Ok. Cool. Still no plugin api but okay.

    No. You're right. But the steps to implement that code are making their way in there.
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    posted a message on 1.7.2 Changing The World: Update and Play Now!
    Quote from Kokkuri

    I'm not sure where all of these graphical or sound glitches are coming from but I just personally downloaded and booted up a new 1.7.2 world and I've yet to experience any of these bugs the previous few posters have pointed out.

    I think there's more to it than that.

    Just because your setup hasn't encountered them, doesn't mean others aren't bugging. Doesn't rule out human error either though :P
    On my fairly respectable rig, the only bug I've ran into is the chunk loading one (massively delayed chunk spawning). Temp fix for that is to turn Vsync off and turn the FPS slider from 'Unlimited' to whatever's acceptable.
    It makes recording a bit of a bugger though, because any screencap software just reintroduces the bug again, and only for this update. I can do everything in 1.6.4 perfectly fine...

    Apart from that though, 's been a pretty nice update. Whoever said the mesa biome looks completely unrealistic has obviously never seen a single picture of Red Canyon ;)
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