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    Chao, Hero/neutral/dark
    Ok, So these little things are called chao.
    In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle these things can be raised and turned into a "Hero" or "Dark" chao
    In-game the chao has skills which can be raised with either animals or some tubes that contain specific energy depending on their color called "Chaos drives"
    In this website there is tons of information about chao.
    Skills gui should look like this:

    The gui would come out when chao is right-clicked with a book. And when newborn, the name of the chao can be changed, also, the name of the chao will be over the chao with a life bar and stamina bar, gender will be right next to it.

    Getting it into minecraft:
    In minecraft the concept would be that 1 chao year = 12 minecraft days
    Life cycle of a chao
    At its 5 chao year, it will evolve and when it does it will turn into a blue cocoon and it won't move until you right click it, a gui will come out to choose if it will be hero/dark/neutral. The cocoon looks like this:

    If its reincarnating, it will be pink and will let you choose the gender. The name will be the same, and it will turn into a placed block egg that can be broken and will give you your chao.
    When a chao dies it will just make a tiny explosion of 3x3. :SSSS:

    Hero chao will heal you, Dark chao poison enemies and their power level is boosted by 10 points, and Neutral chao have a 25% bonus for each chaos drive points earned.

    It will rebirth if you take a lot of care for it. If you don't they'd die.
    In minecraft, it would be that if you don't feed them for 1 day, they'll die, And if you raise them for 9 chao years feeding them, they'll rebirth.

    Chao will rebirth in minecraft just 5 times, After the 5th time when they get to their third year they'll look like this:
    if hero:
    if neutral:
    if dark:
    Also, they can't die by hunger at the evolution of the 5th reincarnation, they'll make dynamic light of level 15. These chao are called Chaos chao.
    When a chao gets chaos chao title in minecraft:
    Hero will heal you 4x more and produce chaos drives randomly. Dark will turn the enemy on fire and their power level is boosted by 20. And neutral will have a humongous knockback and will be able to teleport, also 50% bonus for each chaos drive point earned.

    The chaos drives would be given by monsters. And would be given to chao by right-clicking.
    in-game they would look like this:
    : Red chaos drives give power level.
    : Yellow chaos drives increase swimming stat.
    Green chaos drives increase the running stat.
    Purple chaos drives increase the flying stat.
    For a chao to increase the stamina level, it will need to eat anything a human would eat.
    EDIT: I just thought it would be good to add fruit trees on terrain generation so that you would only give fruits to chao to increase their stamina level. The chao food would be pumpkins, watermelon, apple, golden apples (increasing stamina by 10 lvls), round fruit, square fruit, triangle fruit (world generation), chao fruit and any mushroom. Seed would be crafted from the fruits themselves. Probably in a future update a black market would come out and world generation trees would be over. But could be planted by seeds.
    And their food will be given by right click.
    When right click with hand to a chao it will turn into 3 different modes. Stay/follow/ or free roam. When they follow you their stamina decreases and when told to stay or free roam their stamina bar will return to normal slowly. Notice that there would be 2 bars, One indicating how much stamina has the chao and the other one showing the stamina level.
    The stamina level will do the stamina bar and the health bar.

    When chao get to swimming level 15 they will be able to swim in water, when they are below that level they drown and die. Also, increasing this stat will help them to move faster in water and cobwebs.
    When chao advance in running, they'll move faster
    When chao advance power, they'll hit harder.
    When chao advance stamina, they'll follow you for longer distances and it will make them refill their stamina bar 3% faster.
    When chao advance flying, they'll get less damage by falling off cliffs.
    Leaving intelligence and luck out of the original stats. Unless people want them.
    Chao eggs wouldn't appear in terrain generation, They'll be crafted.

    Crafting recipe:
    :Teal: :Ham: :Teal:
    :Ham: :feather: :Ham:
    :Yellow: :Ham: :Yellow:
    Where the wools would be their dyes, and :feather: = egg
    Once placed, they're unbreakable and after 1 minecraft day, they hatch.
    Chao in colors man
    Just to ease this there will only be the texture of the tone of a normal chao and with alignment of hero/dark/neutral and with the color of neutral/swim/power/fly/run/chaos. No jewel or two-tone or monotone. Reducing the work of textures for models by 75%. EDIT: maybe with a future update we could bring all of them if this becomes succesful.
    The chao will change to any of these textures depending of his highest skill.
    In minecraft, chao will have a gender which is random when they are born.
    When boy and girl chao are within their radius of 5x5 for 1 minecraft day, an egg will be placen by the female.

    tl;dr chaocraft
    I think that'd be it, I love this thing and would love it to be on minecraft, notch ( :iapprove: ) adding this as a feature is very unlikely. I will help with the textures of the item if coder wants. EDIT: Already working on textures and models note I'm using Turbo Model Thingy on the code.
    Thank you, I hope somebody would accept this challenge. :cool.gif:
    Send me a private message with your skype/msn if you are willing to do this. :laugh.gif:
    Put this in your signature if you support this :biggrin.gif:

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    Skyblock HARDCORE edition
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