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    BEFORE YOU READ: No, I don't actually think I have to follow the rules of Islam in games, I just do it for fun, and as a little extra element to the game. I do in fact enjoy it, and I don't believe it makes a difference in my faith. It's just a little extra roll playing I feel like doing.

    (Note: Sorry I didn't put spoiler tags on the images, but that screws up the resizing, which really annoys me. So just let it load out, and you should be fine. If it gets too picture heavy, just leave a comment that says so and I'll consider putting the tags to help you all out.)

    Well firstly, I've been playing Minecraft for quite a while now, and I just now noticed I was subconsciously thinking this entire process out. You see, I'm a Muslim, and whenever I've played games, I've always for some reason followed the rules of Islam as best I could. This might be because I'm just wired to do so, or maybe it's because I want to see if it would somehow help me in the game, showing how good Islamic laws really are. As an example, when playing fallout 3, I never picked up pork and beans, nor did I drink alcohol or do drugs. Contrast that with my older brother, who walked around jacked up on mentats and whiskey...
    So of course, a game like Minecraft gets really complex. The first thing I did when I got the game was avoid killing pigs at all costs. :Diamond: Here's the rules of Islam concerning them:
      1. I can't eat pork (duh).
      2. I can't give or sell pork to people (So I can't get rid of it that way...)
      3. I can't throw away food in general (Hey! This adds another obstacle... )
    So with these rules, what do I do with the stuff?! Well usually I just avoid killing pigs, and instead started wheat farms and fishing areas in all of my Saves. But what if they're stuck in my house, or if someone else does and I pick up the pork? In the latter case, I guess if I gave it back right away it would be like picking it up and handing it to them, and not like taking possession and then giving it to them, so I don't take part in the transaction. In the first example, however, (or if I stumble upon it laying on the floor...) I would be stuck with it! You may be thinking I would just have to make a giant chest room for pork, and you would be right. However, it wouldn't be there forever! There is still this rule:
      4. I can eat pork if I need to in order to survive, and there is no other food.
    Yay! This means that if my hunger bar is so low that I'm losing health and I have no other food on hand, I can eat pork! So that (somewhat) solves that problem. Although now that I can eat other animals, that's not very likely to happen.

    And another thing!
      5. I can't knowingly do anything that will directly harm me.
    Now that raw food can give you food poisoning, I have to be sure to cook the food before I eat it, unless I'm "starving" like in the above scenario, and don't have a furnace handy. This also means that I can't eat rotten zombie flesh, (excluding the above-mentioned scenario), especially because it's basically eating human flesh, which is against Islam anyways.

    [EDIT]: Due to the fact that wolves exist, I can just feed my excess pork to those guys, and that's that. :Notch:

    Also: It's looked down upon in Islam to have dogs as pets (since they're unsanitary) unless they're useful (ex: you're a shepherd, they're guard dogs, they're seeing dogs, et cetera) and the wolves are basically hunting/guard dogs and help you out a LOT, so they're ok.

      On to the next discussion: Prayer.
    You may be thinking, "Ok this is going way to far," but I dunno, I just had to bring it up. Well here is the first tier of rules about prayer:

    1. I have to pray 5 times a day. (Duh)
    2. Prayer is based on the sun, not on time, so I have to divide the day and find the according times.
    3. If I am traveling or ill, I am not obliged to pray. (Traveling = not within view of my home with render distance on far, ill = missing more than half my health, for my purposes)
    4. I have to pray towards the Kaaba (I don't know where it is, if there is one in this dimension!!!)
    5. I can pray on dirt, grass, sand, or anything natural, along with carpeting.

    Well I guess prayer here would be to just make a small Duah, as I can't be bothered to carry out a full prayer (I'm not that crazy...) and I can do it anywhere, as the world of Minecraft is dirt :soil: :sand: :stone: :Logs^: :grass: :gravel: and natural stuffs, although on a server I once played on I actually did make a Mosque with carpeting, which would be considered wool or actual carpets, which have recently been added. However, if I am hurt or not near my house when the time of prayer is, I either do the shortened prayer or none at all, respectively. Now going to the concern of the location of the Kaaba... As I am assuming this is a completely different world I would guess there is no Kaaba. However, the Kaaba is the location of prayer not because the actual building has anything important, but because it is the center of the universe, and is the bride between heaven and Earth. With that logic, the place that best fits that definition would be the spawn. (It's where I appear: Heaven --> Earth, and if you go far in any direction the world begins to fall apart: It's the center of it.) This is actually really handy, due to the fact that the compasses point to it!!! :Diamond: So all I have to do is make a compass, and viola! I know where to pray. But of course there is the question: What if I don't have the ability to make a compass at the time? Then of course I just pray any direction, just like in the real world. (Correct me if I'm wrong here.) Also, as suggested by people, I'll probably make a sort of room with a holed ceiling in order to accurately measure the times of prayer, and will also carry around a bit of colored cloth for a makeshift prayer rug when on the go.

    As a note to this section: I currently have both a Kaaba on my spawn and a room for telling the prayer times. Pictures of both can be found in the Gallery at the end of this post.

      On to the next discussion: Jihad.
    I'll just add this quick section: Jihad is basically fighting for ones religion, wether it be in argument, or war, and I guess I am in a way constantly doing that. I am also fulfilling my duty of spreading the word of Islam, such as right now, or when I build mosques and whatnot on online servers. Also, due to the fact that creepers :SSSS: may possibly destroy some of the religious buildings I have, it is also my duty to protect such buildings. (Griefers too. :Notch: ) As an added point with the 1.8 update, Enderman can now pull apart my buildings, including mosques (OH THE HORROR! :Notch: ) so I have to be sure to keep an eye on them too. (Pun not intended.) Also, this might just be a coincidence, but in my experience deserts tend to be full of Endermen at night, while other biomes not so much, and I like to build in deserts, so OH CRAP.

      On to the next discussion: Punishment of Law.
    Everyone always talks about the strict punishments Islam has on laws, such as stoning to death :Coal: -> :Notch: . However, I am not entitle to do such things to people, as you actually have to be a judge or judiciary official to be able to carry out and hand out such punishments. However, with this logic, if I were to be made an Admin of a server, I would be entitled to punish griefers accordingly (Of course by the rules of the server, as stoning has no actual effect in minecraft...). Also, if they were destroying my property, and PvP was on, I would also be entitled to attack them. (This is dipping into Jihad, see above topic).

      On to the next discussion: Calendars, Holidays, and Fasting
    As all of you that have been here before: the Sun and Moon don't have phases and don't change position (Anti-respectively) so I have no way of calculating the time of year. However I have been thinking about setting it up so that the first time I create a world is the beggining of the year and just keeping track from there. This is now very likely to happen as I accidentally deleted my world while adding some mods :Notch: , so I'll be starting again anyways. If so I'll keep you guys posted on what time of month it is :Notch: I minimized the previous part as it is now irrelephant due to the fact I have a day/time counter mod! :Notch: (Unfortunately it was broken with the update... :Skeleton: But it was quite simple so I'm sure I'll have it again soon!) I'll soon post a lunar calendar here based on the days, so that I can tell what time of the lunar calendar it is by the day count. Maybe if I can get someone to mod it for me I can even make it so it displays the lunar calendar date along with the day count!!! (It'll use a simple calculator to convert day count to calendar day.)

    Oh and the poll results were:
    Keep in-game date with only gaming time: 49
    Keep in-game date with total time: 5
    Break fourth wall: 30

    So keeping in-game date with only gaming time wins! And so I'll make a post when it's Ramadan or Hajj. :Notch:

    And I guess I'll put Hajj under this section as it's still concerning the calendar: I will also make Hajj every year when it's the time of the pilgrimage. I'll go more into detail (possibly with vids or pics) when I do it for the first time.

      On to the next discussion: Witchcraft, Magic, and Brewery
    By some, enchanting weapons and brewing potions may be seen as witchcraft, which is a mortal sin in Islam.
    In fact, the Nether and pigmen have a lot in common with the alternate dimension of Jin. (Mini lesson: in Islam, it is believed that Jin, another sentient race made of :VV: fire :VV: , were also created by Allah, and reside in a parallel universe that resides besides ours, and are also being tested by Allah. In that regard, there are both good and bad Jin, the same way there are both good and bad humans.) The Nether is in a way parallel to the real Minecraft world, when you think of the way movement between the two works. Also, it is mainly composed of :VV: lava and fire :VV: . Finally, pigmen :Pig: are identical in shape to the player :Notch: , and can be both passive and aggressive. So if thought of this way, going into the Nether should not be allowed. (Mini lesson: in Islam, it is believed that communicating with Jin is possible, and doing so is the sin of witchcraft.) However, the Nether is really fun in my opinion, so I might just ignore this. :Pig:
    The same just about goes for enchanting (magic!) and brewing (potions!). Both are very interesting additions to the game, so I'd hate to disregard them. Also, brewing can be used to make instant health potions, which is basically the same as medicine. And in Islam, it is believed that if you are sick or ill, you can't just rely on God to make you better. You have to follow the advice of doctors and take medicine, basically do everything in your power to get better. So health potions are a good thing.

    So far that is all I actually considered. Any more suggestions or whatnot?

    Note: Anything in this shade of blue is an opinion from me about Islam and not stated as a fact for everything.

    :Frame: GALLERY :Frame:

    Here's a pic of the final and current Kaaba I had.

    Pics of the prayer calculation room mentioned in the thread! (Used Shafi prayer regulations)

    The whole building

    Entrance and area where you stand
    You stand in the middle and use windows on the outside to determine the prayer times based on the position of the sun.

    Ok so here's the pictures of one of the many mosques I've built. (Current mosque count: 8)

    View at night from watchtower

    Entrance with fountain at night

    Finished inside (looks the same at day and night)

    Finished outside at daytime.

    Here's pictures of a church built by raptor777777.

    In this picture you can see a baptistry on the left.

    Here's pictures of a mosque built by MMS.

    Here's a picture of St.Paul's Cathedral from the city of London built by wildstyle.

    Here's a picture of a mosque built by egesagin. (It's a 1:1 scale model of Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul)

    Thanks to all of those people for letting me use their pics.
    If you've made a mosque, church, citadel, temple, synagogue, or other place of worship, OR have a picture relating to your take on any religion or lack thereof in Minecraft, just post it here and give me permission, and I'll add it to the OP with credit. Thanks in advance.
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    Dear players,
    This project has been indefinitely delayed due to lack of player interest. It was a great experience, but without any players it's pointless to attempt a launch. If you one day stumble across this thread, and think this universe is one in which you would like to RP, send me a PM. Who knows, if enough people request it, the team may get back on the horse and reboot this project.
    For now, though, see you all in the next one.
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    Quote from CabooseA259

    Thankyou very much! Really look forward to playing! Feels good being the first of my kind :P

    It's a lonely existence.
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    I am a handsome sphere with many friends.
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    Quote from Hakuzar


    Yes I'm sorry that not all the details are up yet concerning races, but a section on naming characters has been added underneath the races list, and here is a quick diagram concerning the appearance of the races. You probably should amend your application in suit, sorry for the inconvenience of this being presented after you wrote your application, we're just now putting together the OP. If you'd like to know more about the lore itself in terms of chronological events and history, that is being slowly posted on the forums of the website linked to in the OP, you may read it at your leisure. It should be up to date with the server events within a week.

    Race Diagram:

    [click to enlarge]
    (Disregard the city names and locations, those have since been revised.)
    If you look at the most recent couple of pictures on that photo-bucket account you can also dig up some other information on the races and some lore.
    More refined drawings will be added to the OP soon. Sorry for the disorganization on my part.

    Oh also, ACCEPTED. I'd like it if you'd update your name and appearance slightly (you were pretty close on the latter, the only thing that doesn't fit is the hair. Also I'm surprised you assumed the skin was oily as opposed to scaly, as Garedan do have soft, oily skin like a cuttlefish as opposed to scaly reptilian or fish-like skin.) They also have lean yet densely muscular builds, to be able to swim with minimal resistance. For the age, as you seem to have assumed, all the races live a typical lifespan, so up to around 80 if they're not killed in battle or by disease, so you're good there. As for the name, you can keep it if you think it fits your character to have a non-Garedan name, but Garedan typically have infinitive verbs for names, either in the Old or New Language, and don't have surnames. If you'd like to have an Old Language name, you can provide an infinitive, and I can translate it for you, and you can then use it, bastardize it, or drop it as you wish.
    I enjoyed reading your application, it was very well written and fleshed out, and I love the fact that you took liberty with the fact that not all the lore has been revealed yet, while still staying true to the little that has been. Also you're very descriptive, which is always a good quality to have for role playing. I hope you find this server satisfactory, and I suspect you will, as I am very excited for its launch.

    While I'm churning out the lore on the Airtha site in all its detail, you can ask any question you'd like about the current state of the island/cities et cetera, if you want to get a better feel for it and prepare your character for the setting.
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    posted a message on Medieval Fantasy server looking for builders, skinners, and graphic artists!
    I'm Commander Sully and this is my favorite thread on the citadel.
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    Quote from CreepersGone

    That is a really cool idea. I think you should create a custom map with islamic Mosques, Mecca, Madinah, and other stuff. You should also create a new texture pack with the moon changing every day.

    I actually began making a 1:1 scale map of mecca, or rather started on just Al Masjid Al Haram. (The Mosque surrounding and containing the Kaaba.) But I just didn't have time for it, especially because I'm working on an adventure map now. (Also, I wanted to get the geography at least close, which is very hard to do without using WE or anything.)
    Quote from Mustardy

    <3 this thread. so much positivity

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it, although it has slowed down.
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    Quote from fancybutts

    This topic made me smile. While not particularly religious myself, I think it's awesome that people do this sort of thing. And some of those creations are simply astounding, keep on having fun bros!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the post, even if it wasn't your style of gaming, and I'm glad you understood it's purpose.
    Quote from Savori_creeper

    Finally i saw a decent religious thread that, luckily hasnt lead to any flamewar... ;)
    Alhamdullilah..... appreciate your unique way of playing minecraft....Although I accept itz really prohibited to eat pork, but on the other side, Minecraft is also just a game, not real-life. So i play it as usual as always while ignoring whatever I eat.

    And I am not sure wheather its a good idea to mix our religion with Minecraft, But Allah only looks at our intentions...I hope u get it Solomon.... ;)

    Ps: Hows life as a Muslim in the Americas? do u find more muslims there? Are there ample mosques too?

    It's your choice to play the game however you like. As I said, I don't believe we're required to follow the rules in games at all, I'm just doing it for my own reasons, mostly entertainment and curiosity.
    And it is said that we should always remember Allah in everything we do, which of course should include gaming. Being a Muslim is a way of life, and it's who I am, so naturally it will affect everything I do, serious or not. Inshallah we all will.

    I live in South South Texas. If any place is racist, it's probably here, and to be honest I don't encounter a lot of racism on a day to day basis. Even my sisters who wear Hijabs only get a scoff or two here very rarely, and for the most part people seem to be understanding and accepting. Although I may have a biased opinion, as I am just entering college and therefor mostly interact with younger people, who are usually much more open-minded than adults.
    There are tons of mosques in big cities, and plenty in the small ones. It's no trouble finding a Muslim community to be a part of. I hope life is just as easy wherever you reside.
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    posted a message on [x16] [1.2.5+] Soloman's Default Touch Ups
    Are you a vanilla-texture MineCrafter, who can't understand how people can stand using texture packs? Have the familiarity and beauty of the default textures whisked you into a texture-pack-free gaming environment? Then this may finally be the texture pack for you!

    Note: I have since updated the texture pack for the most recent snapshot, and changed the below download link, adding in new blocks and mobs. I've updated the new wood blocks and added in the separations on planks, as well as made jungle planks more knotty, I textured the quill and book, as well as written book, to match my book style, I removed the title visible on the book from the normal book (so that it's added on when you write in the book), recolored the pages of the book to match the GUI, recolored the back of the gui and added in leather ends to match the style of my books, recolored maps to match the gui, retextured the strange emerald ore to match existing ores (the default one is completely whack), and added in any new gui's, items, and blocks that I didn't care to retexture, such as the ender chest. I plan to change the lamp in the future, but I'll do that later. Enjoy!

    :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: Soloman's Touch Ups :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves: :Leaves:

    So basically, I'm the kind of guy that has yet to find a texture pack that I love more than the default (except maybe Frenden's pack, but that's a different story). That's not to say that there are no better looking texture packs: It's just that there's something about the default that I can't find in any other pack. However, that's also not to say that the default is perfect. In fact, there have always been a bunch of little things about the default that bother me. My reaction, of course, was to fix those things! Over a year or so of editing and fixing things in the default, I decided to release my personal pack to the public, after running a successful pilot study on my friends. So here you have it.

    The first thing you may notice is nothing at all. It seems to look exactly like the default, right? Well that's the plan! Basically, I've changed small things with the default, while retaining it's artistic style and feel. I myself might have forgotten some changes I've made, so the change list might not even be complete! Hah, oh wells!


    New weapons, tools, and armor! I hated how they were all basically recolors of each other, so I made each one unique! (STILL WORKING ON GOLD ARMOR.) Wood tools look thrown together, stone looks bulky, iron is default, and diamond is sharp and heavy! As a bonus to myself, golden is Arabesque. Deal with it.

    Better clay coloration, to match bricks! (Not lame pink, actually dark red clay color.)

    Saplings are now acorns, pinecones, catkins, and cocoa pods!

    Iron and gold blocks look like stacked up ingots, and tile very well with brick!

    Diamond blocks look like a bunch of sharp diamonds put together, and tile well with cobble!

    Diamond blocks and ore are recolored to match the item, weapons, tools, and armor!! (NOTE: an alternative is provided in the terrain.png and items.png that have all diamond stuffs recolored to match the diamond ore, which is a much lighter blue as opposed to the greeny blue of the tools and item. You can choose whichever one suits you. This whole thing is caused by an inconsistency in color in the default texture.)

    Better books! (Unwritten books don't have a title, cool red and brown leather binding, GUI to match)

    Cobblestone and mossy cobblestone made darker and recolored, and mossy stone blocks are recolored so that the mossy's both tile together!

    Because of the extreme amount of pictures already being shown, I'll just stick the rest of the screenshots in a spoiler and you can see the changes for yourself!

    Ores changed around a bit! (Emerald fixed.)

    Moon supports phases, and becomes more orange as it approaches a full moon.

    Slabs are different. Like 'em or hate 'em. If enough people say so, I'll provide the default as an alternative.

    Possible use: oven fan!

    Better tiling with redstone stuffs.

    Shorter tall grass, because it annoyed me.

    Different doors and trapdoors (not pictured).

    Different experience bar that fits with the GUI better, and feathers added to arrows during bow animation!

    Sheep segregation! (This happened naturally... :Sheep: )

    Changed GUI, and some random items. (Look at the pretty map icon!)

    Here's a changelist I wrote a while ago, it might be out of date, but meh.

    Shoddy-style wooden tools!
    Sone-age-style stone tools!
    Futuresque-style diamond tools!
    Arabesque-style golden tools!
    Lighter cobblestone!
    Darker stone brick! (Cobble and stone bricks are now matched in value, so that they look good together.)
    An experience bar I made myself!
    Mossy cobble and mossy stone match!
    Arrows have flint tips instead of silver ones, to match recipe!
    Fishing rod's hook matches the hook that appears when you use it!
    Made snow thicker and bigger
    Added rope to ladders
    Added design to half-steps
    Reworked desert shrub
    Smoothened sand
    Made big changes to jukeboxes and note blocks
    Recolored the brick a bit to make it more than one color of brick
    Darkened and softened dirt, so it looks more, eh, dirty
    Changed how the sun looks (Gave it sunspots! *WARNING* Do not look directly at sun to verify this.)
    Added glow to furnace when it's lit
    Added sprinkles to inside of cake
    Made redstone ore more powdery
    Made coal ore more chunky
    Made bed a darker, richer red
    Added drawers to sides of bed
    Added ends to wood planks
    Made monster spawner metal colored instead of blue
    Everything made out of wood looks like wood. (Wooden doors, trapdoors, and chests.)
    Changed how book looks, both as item and on enchantment table, and changed written book GUI to match.

    I might come back later and add more detailed descriptions of the changes, but for now I just wanna get it out there. You can give your opinions on the changes, but really I just wanna make this available in case anyone happens to like it. Have fun!

    ALSO: If you want anything specific changed, and I find it reasonable, I'll do it for you! Examples: Changing glowstone, since a lot of people hate it, although I don't. Changing bed color. Changing doors to different wood type. Et cetera. I'll add all the suggestions and requests in as alternatives!

    I have since updated the texture pack for the most recent snapshot, and changed the below download link, adding in new blocks and mobs. I've updated the new wood blocks and added in the separations on planks, as well as made jungle planks more knotty, I textured the quill and book, as well as written book, to match my book style, I removed the title visible on the book from the normal book (so that it's added on when you write in the book), recolored the pages of the book to match the GUI, recolored the back of the gui and added in leather ends to match the style of my books, recolored maps to match the gui, retextured the strange emerald ore to match existing ores (the default one is completely whack), and added in any new gui's, items, and blocks that I didn't care to retexture, such as the ender chest. I plan to change the lamp in the future, but I'll do that later. Enjoy!

    Here's the download link!
    Soloman's Touchups

    All the default textures are property of Mojang, and I do not take credit for them.
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    Quote from MMS

    What about Aether.
    Isn't Aether kinda like heaven/magic.

    Not vanilla. If we're going to get into mods, there are tons of magic, alchemy, and even necromancing mods. :P
    But if I were to consider it, it would throw my thoughts on the nether out the door, as it sets it to be hell instead of some sort of Jinn dimension.
    Quote from Kaapo

    To each his own I guess, suppose it adds some more aspects of realism, challenge and survival to the game.

    Have to say though, nowadays the pork rules don't matter a lot in vanilla, since beef heals an equal amount and a cow drops a lot more beef than a pig drops pork, and since you only get food off pigs, you would logically just avoid them even without any rules.

    Glad you enjoyed my post and are so understanding.

    And that just goes to show how awesome and logical Islam is!! :P But in a way, I'm kinda serious. The rules aren't meant to be hindrances; in our beliefs, they allow us to live better lives. Things like drugs, alcohol, and tatooes are haram because they are harmful. Of course this may not always work out in games, since not everything is taken into account. But it just so happened to work out this time.
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