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I'm a 15 16 17-year-old Muslim boy, and I live in South, South Texas Houston. No, living here isn't as bad as you think. I'm a senior at the Science Academy of South Texas, a magnet school in Mercedes focused on science, technology, and engineering. As such, 98% of the student body plays Minecraft, including me of course freshman in undergrad studying Civil Engineering. I enjoy Minecraft mostly for the building, while my brother, the opposite end of the spectrum, is more of a mining guy. My architecture in Minecraft is usually (but not always) based on my Arabic roots, and I enjoy building small, to-scale, and quaint buildings, as opposed to grossly oversized and simple buildings. I dislike things being out of proportion or strange, and I'm the kind of guy that colors the grass green and the sky blue in coloring books. That's not to say I'm not creative, it's just that there are some things you can't change. I have a pet tortoise named Salhoof, and he's an African Sulcata tortoise, and he's the coolest tortoise you've ever heard of. He plays the drums and is an aspiring artist. You can PM me for signatures from him, which range from $10-400, depending on how big you want it. Trust me, they'll be worth a lot more once he's famous.
Interests Lego, Minecraft, painting, scuba diving, reading, architecture.

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