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    Welcome to:

    Solis_Nova's Workshop!

    So how does this work? PM me a mod request, and I'll try to make it.
    If you have a mod request, please read the rules before sending me a PM.
    I would definitely prefer a PM over a comment on this thread because it's more organized for me.

    Mod Request Rules:

    1. Must be simple. Nothing too large, nothing too complicated.

    2. Cannot be TOO simple. I don't want a request to add one crafting recipe.

    3. If I have no experience in doing something, I probably won't do it, sorry. That means no mobs, no shaders. Of course you don't know what I don't know how to do so just PM me anyway.

    4. Nothing stupid, I don't want to do dirt pickaxes or enderpearl ore.

    5. Must be doable.

    6. If it's already been added by a mod that is or will be updated to 1.10.2 or 1.11, I'm not doing it unless it's something I can make unique.

    7. No requests for any version earlier than 1.10.2. If you refuse to update Minecraft because some mods aren't updated then maybe you should find another way to enjoy the game.

    I don't want to overload myself with requests. So if this text is green, feel free to send in a request. If it's red then it means I'm not taking requests.

    Read the above before you send a request, please.

    List of requests to get through:

    Strip Miner Block


    If I've taken your request and you don't see it on this list send me a PM (not a comment!) in case I've forgotten

    Don't expect me to get your request done quickly. Some may take a week and some may take an hour. Feel free to ask for updates on progress made, but don't spam my inbox or I'll cancel your request. If you are rude I'll cancel your request.



    Simple Shelves - 1.10.2

    Adds new storage blocks!

    Shelf: Stores up to 8 stacks and shows what items are stored in it.

    Cabinet: Stores up to 27 stacks

    Wall Cabinet: Stores up to 18 stacks

    Crate: Stores up to 45 stacks

    Download (1.10.2)

    Wings - 1.11

    Adds the wings item that can be equipped in the chest armor slot. Allows flying when equipped, but loses durability over time. Lasts about ~10 min before breaking.

    Download (1.11)

    Mob Foods - 1.11

    Adds food that drop from squid, bats, and silverfish.

    Raw squid restores 1 hunger point.

    Cooked squid restores 4 hunger points.

    Bat wings restore 1.5 hunger points.

    Silverfish tails restore 1.5 points.

    Download (1.11)

    Throwable Fireballs - 1.11

    Adds a fireball item that you can throw. It will not destroy blocks on impact, but will place fire blocks and cause damage. Don't spam it because spawning too many fireball entities will cause them to collide in front of you and kill you. Throwing onto the ground beneath your feet is not advised.

    Download 1.11

    Faster Speed - 1.11

    Multiplies your walk speed by 1.5, lets you jump 7 times farther, and jump 3 blocks higher. How do you turn it off? You can't.

    Multiplies your total speed by 1.5.
    Download 1.11

    Staircutters - 1.11

    Adds two items: Staircutters and Less Annoying Staircutters. They're like shears except they carve blocks into its associated stair block. The less annoying staircutters does the exact same thing except that it will only place up-facing stairs, which is probably the one you want. Both have a durability of 128.

    Download 1.11

    ^ Testing world

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    Lux Lighting
    Lux Lighting is a mod that adds more sources of light because torches can get boring sometimes.


    Light Bulb
    Pretty simple. A small block that emits a decent amount of light when powered by redstone.

    A campfire that never burns out. An interface similar to a furnace's will pop up if you right click it, allowing you to cook food only. It will take only sticks as fuel, requiring two sticks to cook one item. No sticks are required to keep the actual block's fire burning.

    A small candle made out of wax that, like the campfire, never burns out. Its light level is very low.

    It's a lantern. You can also add a candle to it. (recipe is lantern + candle)

    Glowstone Lamps
    Pretty nice looking blocks that can be used in a lot of situations. Maybe can be used as street lamps or something.

    Lava Lamp
    Not really a lava lamp, but at least it has actual lava.

    Ceiling Lamps
    Finally another use for light bulbs. Powered by redstone. Can only be placed on the bottom side of solid blocks.

    Paper Lantern
    A paper lantern that can only be placed on the bottom of blocks.

    Light Box
    Places invisible light blocks every 5 blocks in a 20 block radius. This lights a large area and eliminates the need to place torches everywhere. It will scan the entire area on the blocks y level for available spaces to place a light block. If one spot on the grid already has a solid block, it will check upwards for 10 blocks, then it will check downwards for 10 block until it finds a spot. If it cannot find a spot after all these checks, it will not place anything. The block stores all coordinates of invisible light blocks placed by the light box. It will remove all invisible light blocks when broken.

    Invisible Light Block
    This can only be placed by a light box or magic light stick. It has the same light level as glowstone. Can be broken without a tool. Holding either a light box or magic light stick will show all invisible light blocks as barrier particles.


    Made from smelting coal. Used to make awesome candles.

    Obtained from combining coal with a bottle of water. Used to craft lanterns.

    Magic Light Stick
    Places an invisible light block on right click. 100 uses.




    Left to right: Glowstone lamps, lanterns, lava lamp, campfire

    Left to right: candle, ceiling lamp, light bulb

    Light box


    1.11 Download

    1.10.2 Download

    You might've seen another chimneys mod posted by mc_JT9. This mod is his mod, because I'm him. Please don't report the post. Proof in spoiler:

    My other mods:

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    Hello all - I can see that this mod may come to a dead end if I don't mix things up a little...I can't just keep add different types of chimneys. I'm thinking about adding fireplaces, but that's all I can think of. I'm gonna need some ideas/suggestions.

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    For Minecraft 1.10.2 and 1.11

    The Chimneys mod is a simple decoration mod that adds 16 chimneys to make your house look even better.

    Chimneys produce smoke under the following conditions:

    - There is an active furnace, fire block directly beneath or adjacent to the chimney OR there is an active chimney block directly beneath

    - There is no solid block above the chimney

    Chimneys types can be mixed around.

    List of chimneys: brick, stone brick, stone, cobblestone, nether brick, obsidian, iron, end stone, sandstone, red sandstone, stone slab (full block), mossy cobblestone, granite, andesite, diorite, prismarine bricks.


    All downloads can be found on my PlanetMinecraft site


    1.11 Download

    1.10.2 Download

    You might've seen another chimneys mod posted by mc_JT9. This mod is his mod, because I'm him. Please don't report the post. Proof in spoiler:

    My other mods:

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    Your file structure seems fine. The game should give errors if it cannot load a model, check the launcher's console when you load the game.

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