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    I had an idea for guns in minecraft. Basically, you could craft three guns, A Pistol, a Long Rifle and an Automatic Rifle. The Pistol would be a revolver that holds six rounds that do 5 damage each, you have to click to cock it each time as well. The Long Rifle is a single shot long range bolt action rifle that does 9 damage per shot and it can be fitted with a Spyglass. The Automatic Rifle is shorter than the Long rifle and has a top fed magazine has 10 rounds that it can shoot in full auto, rounds do 5 damage each.

    All of the guns will be crafted with respective amounts of Netherite and blocks of wood and the ammo would be crafted with Gunpowder, Copper and Lead (A new ore found in the End). You could also put the guns into a smiting table to upgrade them with iron blocks to replace the wood and they would have better durability.

    Enchantments for the guns would also be added. For the Pistol: Double Action lets you shoot 6 rounds without cooking the gun, Pinpoint makes the gun more accurate, Firepower I,II,III gives one to three extra shots in the cylinder depending on level of enchantment, Silence makes the gun very quiet. For the Rifle: Pinpoint, Silence, Catapult gives the gun more range, Haste makes loading quicker. And for the Automatic Rifle: Pinpoint, Firepower I,II,III but each level adds 5 rounds instead, Catapult, And Acceleration gives a higher rate of fire.These enchantments can be found in all the same ways you would find other enchantments.

    For visual aspects of this mod, the guns would have a 2d item texture and a 3d model (similar to the trident, when you hold it it has a 3d model but in the inventory, hotbar or chest it has a 2d texture.) The bullets would have a very faint trail of smoke but you cannot see the bullets themselves and they would make black dots in whatever they land in, these dots disappear over a short period of time.

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