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    posted a message on Looking for a Minecraft Server Host!
    Hello hoster thats are reading this topic on minecraftforum.net. I want to tell you that I need a minecraft hoster that provides the following thing belows:

    Hosting On SDD (Delicated Mode)
    - Absolutely No Lags at all.( TPS Are always 20+, No Blocks Lag, And No PVP Lags.)
    - Server stays up for 24/7() For Some Reason If The Server Its Shutdown. I get a expand of days for the downs.
    - Hoster that give free dedicated IPs or Domains IPs or Subdomain IPs.
    - Hosting a 4GB Server at a 5 - 20$ Range. ( If you give a small web hosting package then GREAT!)
    - Must have a i7 With a massive room CPU for the server.
    - Must have a solid state drive.
    - With a DDoS Protection Guarantee.
    - Must have a 200+ Gbps Network.
    - Must have Blazing fast SSDs.
    - Must have a 24/7 live support.
    - Must have a hosting company near California, San diego.
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    posted a message on Shocker Servers Hosting cheap prices $5 for 1GB | FTP Access | USA | 24/7 Support | Anti DDOS | Tekkit | Craftbukkit | Vanilla
    Nice, I brought the bedrock package and it is so good. DEFINITELY no lags.
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    posted a message on I Need A Good Server Hoster That Have NO LAG and 24/7 with free domain ip for CHEAP
    I need a 1.5 or 2GB server and less than 200$ USD
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 | Faction| Survival | Donation Needed| 24/7 | No Lag
    About InfinityCraft

    InfinityCraft is a small community based server for mature adults (all staff are in their 20s-40s). All players, including the owner and staff, play legit survival on hard difficulty. PVP is on and griefing is Allow. Free land protection is available to all players by Faction Plugin (players can build anywhere that isn't within 250m of others). Our economy is legitimate, featuring gold (nuggets, ingots and blocks) as the currency.



    We aim to be as close to vanilla as possible, with the exception of select plugins that enrich the multiplayer experience. Nothing crazy like MCMMO.



    Remember, all builds on the server are legitimately built (no fly or spawned items).



    We will toss you in jail if you do any of these:

    • Leaving floating trees

    • Act rude or immature

    • Ask for time/weather changes

    • Build too close to others

    Repeat offenders are likely to be banned.


    We are an adults only server. We recently bumped the age requirement to 14. You must therefore be 14 years of age or older if you wish to have your application approved. My staff has been told to decline anyone under the age of 14.

    If you are 14-19 and are indeed a mature player (aka you're a girl or a somehow matured man), please send me a private message and paste the application in there. Don't post it here!

    Minecraft name:
    Previous bans:
    Why InfinityCraft?:

    Note: If we discover you are under 14, or if you act like you're under 14 (immature), we will ban you. This server is for mature Kids.

    We aim to reply to applications within 12 hours.

    IP: , We Also Needed Player That Like Factions And TeamWorks! We Allow Raid And Griefing! Remember if You Caught Any Imature People tell us Staff!
    Please We Need Staff That Are Amatuer
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    posted a message on I Need A Bukkit Server! With Half A Gb With 24 Player
    I Need A Server That Have:
    Free Lag
    24/7 or Not
    I Can Get Plugin i wanted
    And I Don't have Credit Card
    But I Have Lot of 100$ Master Card Gift Card:D
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 Update! What To Expect!
    They should add Gunner skeletons.Good way to gte people with ya!
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    posted a message on Needing People help me with my Hosting Company!

    Well hello there! My name is Zack and i am making a Medium Server Hosting company. That let you host for cheap price. We let you host a lot of diffent plans.Like:

    Bukkit server

    Tekkit Server

    Ftp Server

    and others.

    Vanilla are cheap!

    We need your help to help this company stay up. So use us as your hosting company! We will give out free 10 player bukkit/tekkit server. We Needing Server hoster that can help us:

    Thing You Need For The Jobs!

    *If You have a fast Computer/laptop. *Needing Amatuer people.

    *Can make a cloud server( Meaning 24/7) * Need people who have fast comp/laptop over 3 gb or 2.

    *If you can be online a lot. * If Want To Apply Email me at

    * Help me making the website. ---------> [email protected] <----------My Email.

    *Improve our company. * Zack Thanks you for reading

    Website------>http://mcalphahosting.webs.com/ <---------
    Apply in Website!Come on guys, We need help. LolCome on guysLol no one talk?xD
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    posted a message on Magic launcher and forge.
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    posted a message on Creeper Apocalypse?
    Never try it before
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    posted a message on Starting A Server Tips?
    Well hellow ic an help you. Ok You can make me admin for this. My username is Soledges in minecraft.
    Well if it a bukkit:
    Server need plugins.
    A Website(I can make you one)
    make a professtional spawn
    Make me a Admin. :D
    I can make the server awesome just make it witelist and add me to white list ussername is :Soledges
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w19a Ready for Testing
    Pretty good! Keep up good work.
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    posted a message on Wands in Minecraft!
    Not a good idea. Not support.
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    posted a message on HOW DO YOU GET A DOG TO STAY?
    Tame it with a bone, Then tight click it. If you want to breed a wolf and a wolf. Give them steak( To both). Make sure you let them walk, not in stay mode.
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    posted a message on What was the first mod you ever installed?
    Well i installed nodus. And element creeper Mods
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    posted a message on 6.1 Help!
    There isn't one.
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