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    posted a message on [ ELITE ] Anime Suggestion Server! [ Need DEVELOPER, BUILDER, and ADVERTISER]

    You got an idea?

    Or even wanted to apply for Developer, Builder, or Advertiser?

    Add me on skype: MrAdondo

    We need new minecraft anime developer for our server also!


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    posted a message on OtakuNetwork [Development/Starting Stage] Acquiring help! <3 (Anime Lover)

    This will be pretty short. I need developer who can function plugins, and customize plugin to our server needs. Some anime I want to turn my server to fairy tail, sword art online, tokyo ghoul and mixed/etcs VPS!. :)! My server is running on 4GB on a VPS contain a lot of CPU :)

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    posted a message on REMOVED

    Skype is probably holding your back. There are many reasons within why but I don't want to go in depth. Are you good with cooperating with plugins? Are you active on the Minecraft server that might hire you?, and how do we know you could be trustful?

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    posted a message on SpiderCraft Looking For Staff!!! New server

    As a professional owner, you must know these things. Specs = Relation to the server RAM, Processor, Cores, Motherboard, or what type it is running on. Shared Hosting (New Community only), VPS (Build to last), and dedicated server (BIG Community).

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    posted a message on [CartelCraft] Looking for server staffs, builders, developer, and etcs.

    Starting adding my skype.

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    posted a message on SpiderCraft Looking For Staff!!! New server

    What is the server specs?

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    posted a message on [CartelCraft] Looking for server staffs, builders, developer, and etcs.

    I, Akashi, is looking for a co-owner.

    A co-owner that can set-up server to (something beyond factions(OverUsed), Prison (OP), Drug Server, or ETC).

    Must be really active and put everything behind and focus on our project.

    Staff must be on a certain hour and must be on ACTIVE.

    Staff Application:



    Age: (13+ No Exception):

    Skype: (13+) No Exception!: Must skype with me.

    (Skype must acquire quick answer, and must use grammar.)


    For my contacts:

    Skype; MrAdondo

    This server is running on Chicago, 4GB, Premium VPS Server. (Best game play) (Beast CPU)!

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    posted a message on ObliviousNerd | DDoS Protected | Credit Cards & PayPal Accepted | Unlimited Slots | Enterprise Hardware

    This hosting provides one of the best performance so far after going through many struggles such as McProHosting (OverSell), Endermite, Beastnode, PickleHost, FlutisHosting, ChromoByte, and etcs. This provide also ping (13) for me, and a steady 20 TPS at all times. I am happy to became a partner with a host I can ensure and be proud to speak their names, ObliviousNerd. - Vi H.

    The support I rate is over 10 stars, fast reply, really nice, and easy website layout!

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    posted a message on Proffesional MMORPG/Anime Sponsorship Discount!

    We are looking for a MMORPG/Anime Sponsorship or a Discount!

    We're making minecraft better for MMORPG or Anime's FAN.

    Server will includes class, in game currency, armor, magic, and etcs.

    Including clan war, and base.


    Huge Project is needing a huge discount or a sponsor server.

    What we are giving back after acquire a discount is 35% of all server donation to you.

    We are professional and are active, getting server up and ready fast.


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    posted a message on Free Server ★ McServerHost.biz ★ Free Minecraft Server Giveaway! ★
    Are you guys hiring? I want to find some good work to support my college and minecraft server. I can get paid by offering me a server monthly, or paid me by money. I do accepted through paypal and credit card.Also, I would like a free server please! -Soledges
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    posted a message on Changing display plugins name in my servers?
    Well I have this two plugins I want to change the name of it! One is combattag and the other is FloAuction!
    I saw server with a customize combattag like [RaidTag], and for FloAuction I see in gontroller -Gbay, and I want mine to be HydraAuc
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    posted a message on Faction And Prison Server Looking For Hoster [Requirements]
    Hello Hosters,

    Well, to start this off I would like to introduce myself to all of you if you are reading this thread! My name is Zack Perez. Today I'll be looking for the most highest quality hoster that provide service for Minecraft Server! My requirement :

    - High Quality Minecraft Server! [Using Intel E5-2687W{If Possible}]
    - Guarantee of 99.99% Up time, or a small amount of refund!
    - Dedicated the ram SPECIFICLY to the servers!
    - Free 24/7 premium plugin assistance and Free web hosting if possible!
    - 4 to 3 GB for 20$ - 33$. {More If Possible, but with quality!}
    - Multicraft panel or MCAA Panel!
    - Guarantee of No Lag, Whatsoever.
    - Add Soledges TO SKYPE IF POSSIBLE!
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    posted a message on looking for new server host
    At envious host we provide cheapest, and lag free server experience. Go to https://www.envioushost.com/client/affiliates/? To see more details about us! No latency issue with us, we provide a 10GBPS Ddos protection
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    posted a message on Looking for a factions server host
    I a buying a server like paradise-mc.net, severepvp or sp-mc.net, gontroller, hypixel, or hermitcraft! Their hardware a pretty good! I am looking for the same, the latency are extremely low ( 13 ms ) with 100 players +! But I am hosting a 40 - 50 players!

    My budget is around 30 - 40$!
    Free website if it is possible!
    24/7 uptime and support!
    The best hardware for extremely large minecraft server!
    You're internet must be extremely good ( 1000 Uplinks if possible)
    Discount if possible so I can buy larger plan!
    Looking for a 4GB or 4.5 GB or 5 GB!
    No lag garuntee, must be an extremely lags free for around the world!
    Staff must fix lag if there is!
    24 to 7 days garuntee money back1

    This is all I am asking for thanks! (I might need some discount)
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    posted a message on ★ϟ★ Atlas MC ★ϟ★ | ★PLAY.ATLASMC.US★ | {NEW!} | {Ranks} | {Kits} | {McMMO} | {Factions!} | {250 Slots} | {Friendly Community}
    [Application's For Builder And Helper]

    Name: My name is Zackary Perez, call me zack.

    Age (13+): I am 14, and I am a freshman in highschool.

    Minecraft username: My minecraft username is Soledges.

    Skype: My skype username is Soledges

    Timezone: I have pacific timezone, But I can get online in a different time if you need me too.

    How long have you played on the server? I just been on the server.

    If a staff member told you to apply, then who? No staff member to told to apply for the server.

    Do you have experience moderating other public minecraft servers? If so, explain: Yeah, I have been moderating a few different server before they shutdown because of insuffient amount of money to pay for the server monthly. Which I dedicated lots of my time onto their server. I actually donated some of my money to them and they can't even keep the server up. I like server that doesn't "Depend" on the donation they gets. Donations are just back-up money for their server.

    IMPORTANT Additional information (Add useful information about yourself): Hello, My name is Zack Perez, and today I want to talk why I would wanted to help this community out by dedicating my time to help it grow into a successful community. So first off I wanted to tell you that I am a freshmen of a highschool called "Mira Mesa High School". I live in San Diego for my whole life. I am 1/4 Germany, 2/4 American, and 1/4 Mexican. The reason I wanted to try out for your helper spot because I personally thinks that I can help the server at a 99.99% chances to make it grow at a superior speed. I am currently learning to code in Java, and Design Website Template. I usually sell website template for very cheap. That is all about me.

    My Building Skills: I been playing minecraft for 2 years. I first actually started because one of my cousin plays it. I saw him through a window spycam of course. This is my creation of my survival world I just started.

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