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    This mod is very balanced and well built as-is, but there's a few suggestions I'd like to make.
    1. Perhaps add a blaze seed for the blaze flower, allowing us to farm the blaze powder.
    2. I think giving us more types of pestle and mortars would be nice as well. That or increase the durability.
    3. TheAddMe's suggestions were all great too. Mod compatibility, wool to string, and ender pearl recipes would be fantastic.
    4. With an ender pearl recipe comes The End, so coming up with a way for us to get back would be wise. That is, unless the ender dragon still spawns.
    5. How about a way to get the nether star? I've no idea what a good recipe or process for this would be, but it would make this mod much better in my opinion.
    That's all I've got.
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    There is something you've neglected entirely in your o.p. Generating structures option. If you don't generate structures, you won't get strongholds, which are the locations to The End portal. No End portal, no Enderdragon boss/whatever Notch is planning for that thing.

    The nether fortresses, also a generated structure, won't spawn as well, which means no blaze, which means no blaze rods. No blaze rods means no potions.

    Saying that posting stuff about the new features being optional says to me that you're looking for an argument since Notch has literally given you an "I don't want these things" button.

    As for the snowmen, they must me created by players. If you don't take the time to find snow and a pumpkin, and if you don't actually place the blocks in the proper order, then there will be no snowmen. I would say never, but endermen can build them as well I think.

    Finally, for enchanting, it's a use for exp. If you didn't complain about exp, then I'm not sure why you'd complain about a use for it. If you did complain about exp, then I shrug my shoulders and say, "Each to their own tastes."

    Oh, and about mushroom biomes, it's one of those "you hate it or you love it" things. Same goes for mooshrooms. I live in giant red mushrooms, so that place will be excellent for me.

    Though, seriously, why do the villagers look like brown Squidwards? They just don't look good. If they had a better...shape? Sprite? Since I can't think of the proper term, I'm just going to say head. If they had a better head, I wouldn't mind them, but they're just ugly now.
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