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    You could always make some sort of a sealing cap for the barrels. As long as the cap stays on, the organic stuff inside won't begin decomposing. The recipe could be something like two wood slabs next to each other, like how pressure plates are made with full blocks.
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    Also, I'd suggest moving the blaze flowers into the Nether. It just makes more sense to have them growing where the blazes would spawn normally in my opinion.
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    This mod is very balanced and well built as-is, but there's a few suggestions I'd like to make.
    1. Perhaps add a blaze seed for the blaze flower, allowing us to farm the blaze powder.
    2. I think giving us more types of pestle and mortars would be nice as well. That or increase the durability.
    3. TheAddMe's suggestions were all great too. Mod compatibility, wool to string, and ender pearl recipes would be fantastic.
    4. With an ender pearl recipe comes The End, so coming up with a way for us to get back would be wise. That is, unless the ender dragon still spawns.
    5. How about a way to get the nether star? I've no idea what a good recipe or process for this would be, but it would make this mod much better in my opinion.
    That's all I've got.
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    Out-Of-Character Details
    Minecraft Account Name: SolaxZack
    How old are you?: 18, 19 by the end of the month.
    Time-Zone/Country of Residence: UTC/GMT -5 hours
    Do you have a good grip on English grammar and the English language?: Since I'm aiming for a Bachelor's degree in English, I would hope so!
    Have you had any previous experience in roleplaying?: I've been in several forum RP's and played a few tabletop RP's with friends, but no server RP's.
    Have you read and understood and agree to the rules?: Yes.
    How did you hear about the Lord of the Craft?: I Found it on the /r/minecraft subreddit.
    Link any previous applications you have made to the Lord of the Craft: None to link.

    In your own words, define what the act of roleplaying is: Roleplaying is when you stop thinking as yourself and become another person with their own ideas, morals, and beliefs. Whether this imaginary person is a richeous paladin, a murderous sociopath, or a gnomish mage; you must do your best to act out their life. You need to keep your own, personal feelings from affecting what this character does and doesn't do. Of course, your character isn't actually real.
    In your own words, define what the act of meta-gaming is: A nasty and cheap thing for you to do that ruins the experience for you and others. Basically, you rp your character with knowledge he doesn't have (going against what I said in the roleplay description), which amounts to cheating in my eyes.
    In your own words, define what the act of power-emoting is: I'm not too sure what power-emoting is, but it sounds like a disgusting habit, power-gamingm, a few people I've played with have used. I'm assuming it has to do with underhanded tactics during gameplay, like attacking someone when you just gave them the option to just pay you off with Minas/resources/gear. If you do this, then your opponent gets tied up in the chat screen and can't fight back. Is this close to what power-emoting is?

    In-Character Details

    Character Name: Marcus Jhonston
    Character Race: Human
    Character biography - Make this at least 2 paragraphs long, which must explain your character’s history, appearance, personality, age and any other details you deem necessary:

    Markus was born into a family of farmers living in Ager with two older brothers and, eventually, a younger sister. He grew into a rather quiet kid, not saying more than needed to be said and was very intelligent.
    Though he loved his parents and siblings very much, Mark wasn't really cut out for the farming life. He felt too cooped up and left for the capital city, Arethor, at age fifteen. His parents accepted this, since both of his brothers were going to become farmers like their father, and gave him enough Minas to survive a few days before finding a job.

    Now, four years later, even the city has lost it's appeal. Deciding that his current life was too boring, Mark decided to try a life of fighting and adventures. With this dream in mind, the young man packed up some supplies and tools, selling most of his possesions to help fund him.

    Marcus left the city with a sack full of food, cloths, and money; a cheap weapon to defend himself with; and his favourite outfit. He wore a thin, faded leather vest over a creame colored tunic. He has bound his hands in strips of cloth, giving him a pair of improved gloves. A pair of dark brown pants cover him from the waist down with more strips of the same cloth all around the knees, allowing him to kneel longer. a simple pair of brown shoes shield his feet from sharp things.

    Wrapping his cream colored scarf, a gift from his sister, around the lower part of his slightly tanned face, and adjusting his goggles he bought on his first day in Arethor. The breeze stirred his uncut, brown hair as he set off into the wide world.

    What are your characters ambitions?: Mark simply wants to see the world.
    Please provide an in-game screenshot of your skin here: http://i.imgur.com/dcp8H.png
    Is there anything else you would like to say about your character: This guy loves pumpkins.

    Each question here must be answered with a minimum of one full paragraph, and detail the scene you are given in the way it would happen in roleplay. These questions should be answered in first person. Be detailed, not short.
    Upon entering the Mighty Human City of Arethor, you come across a shop-keeper calling out to sell his wares to passers-by. The shopkeeper is not a Human, he is a poor dwarf looking to make a living in a new city. What is your response?

    While getting my bearings straight from a guard after I got to Arethor, I noticed a dwarf peddling his wares to any who would even stop. As I watched, not a single person listened for more than a few seconds before running off. Deciding to show some kindness, I approached the dwarf.

    "Hey there, lad," The dwarf called as I approched, "Me name's Nabit Oakenfist, and I'm here taday ta sell various dwarven trinkets ta any who'll pay!"

    I gave him a friendly smile and proceded to look over the various pieces of sundries and nick-naks until my eyes landed on a pair of well worn goggles. Pointing, I asked, "How much for those?"

    "Ah, good eye lad," Nabit mused, "Those were tha very goggles I first wore when learning how ta smith. I gots some better ones now, but these're just fine as is. Normally, they'd be 20 Minas, but since yer me first customer today, ye'll get them fer the low price of ten Minas."

    After rubbing my chin for a moment, I pulled out ten Minas, grabbed the goggles, and said, "Deal."
    "Thank ya lad, thank ya!" Nabit exclaimed, "And be sure ta tell all yer friends about Nabit Oakenfist!"

    You’re wandering the Oren Road late at night, when a large Orc begins to threaten a nearby dwarf. There is no help nearby, and the situation looks like it will escalate into violence soon. What does your character do?

    I wasn't sure where I was when I woke up. All I remembered was getting drunk at a friends party and someone babbling about a road trip. Now here I was, all alone hobbling along with a thick branch on what I thought was the Oren Road, though the hangover was causing problems with my memory.

    The night was nice and quiet until someone started shouting up ahead. As I got closer, the yelling got louder and I got angrier. When I turned a bend, I could see an orc yelling at some dwarf. There was broken pottery nearby, and my groggy mind somehow pieced together that the broken pot was the orc's. The dwarf wasn't really yelling back, but was trying to scoop the clay shards together and fix his accident.

    While he was doing that, the orc gave him a swift kick to the side, sending the poor dwarf flying. That's when I swung improvised cane at the orc's head. The shocked orc, who didn't even know I was there, fell forward and hit his head on a rock. I stood over him for a minute, panicing over wheather I just killed him or not, until he let out a huge snore.

    I blew an ale smelling sigh of relief and walked over to the dwarf, musing about how near-murdering someone really sobers you up quick, and started poking him with my branch. After the eith or ninth poke, he stirred and looked up at me with a drunken gaze. He stared at me for a few more seconds before grabbing me in a bear hug and sobbing, "Mark! Where've ya been buddy!?"

    I gasped for air and managed to choke out, "Nabit? How'ed you get out here?"

    "We weresh lookin' fer yash," he slirred back, "Don't'cha remember da parshty?"

    "Kind of...Wait, is that why I'm out here? The road trip?"

    "Yesh! Ya shaid it wash yer brodder's birshday termorrow, sho I said we should all go shee dem. But on da way, we losht ya."

    I stared at my friend of three years before sighing and said, "Let's just go home."

    "That'sh where the odders are, Back in Aretoo...Airthe...Ortho...the Capital."

    "Alright then," I said as I stepped back, "lead the way."

    Oakenfist, after looking down both directions the road went, turned to me and said, "I think I'm losht."

    Whilst walking down the road to Malinor, you stumble upon an old man. His walking stick looks weak and frail. Just as you are about to ask something, the stick breaks, and the man falls to the ground. As he falls down, a bag of Minas falls to the ground, and splits open. As you watch the multiple coins spill out, you peer down at the defenceless man. What does your character do?:

    My new adventuring had taken me far, all the way to the elven lands! I didn't think I'd be this far so fast.
    After getting to the top of a hill I could see an old man ahead, shambling along on a dried up twig of a stick. Feeling a tad bit lonely, I quickened my pace. Once within earshot, I started to call out a greeting but chocked it back as the cane snapped.

    I ran the rest of the way to the man, kneeling and saying, "Oh my gods! Are you all right?"

    "No, I'm not youngin'," the old man snapped, "My only means of getting to Malinor just snapped and now my money is spilled all over the road."

    When I looked around, I could see he was right. Coins glittered all over the road. Without another word, I stood up and gathered all the coins, ignoring the old man's complaints. Once I was sure, I went back over to the old man and put them back in his coinpurse, giving its drawstring a good tug to make sure his money didn't spill again. He eyed me wearily as I walked into the nearby woods and found a nice sturdy branch lying on the ground.

    After testing the new walking stick by bending it over my knee, I returned to the old man and, offering my hand, said, "Here. If you don't think you can walk the rest of the way, I could lend you some support."

    The old man eyed me some more before grabbing my hand and letting me pull him up. Once he had the new staff, he turned to me and said, "Thank you young sir. I hope you could forgive my earlier actions. Such virtue is hard to come by these days. I believe I can get there on my own, but I wouldn't mind having some travelling company. My name's Arthur. I don't think I caught yours."

    "My name's Marcus," I replied, smiling, "and I'd like some travelling company too."
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    Moving towards the night dorms, Zack wondered what kind of peope were here. It wasn't something he thought of before, but now that he was here, he was curious.

    As he walked through the front doors of the dorm, Zack saw a few other students lounging about and talking. With no contect as to what that conversation was about, Zack decided to just walk up and introduce himself.

    "Hey," he said, "I'm new here. The name's Zachary."
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    ((Hm, I seem to be a little off. Just to make sure before I post, is this where everyone is as of now?

    Mas, Cyrus, Rachel, and the Ranger are out on training of some sort.

    Seth, Sol, Daniel are in the dorm? Or are they somewhere else?

    I'll also just edit this post for my guy's action.))
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    ((alrighty then))

    Zack stepped up to the large gates leading into his new home. He wasn't sure what to expect really. Would he fit in? Would he get in fights? Whatever would happen, Zack was up for it. Anything would be better than being alienated by your own people.

    Readjusting his grasp on his suitcase, the Grim Angel stepped through the gates.

    ((I can't help but imagine the school campus of the game Bully.))
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    ((Hey, thanks for accepting me. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was suddenly busy a little while after posting the bio. Where am I exactly?))

    ((edit for grammar and spelling))
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    Name- Zachary Ashenval

    Level- 1

    Stats- By what parameter are these stats in? X/5? X/10? X/18, like D&D?

    One Liner- The Lovable Grim Angel.

    Age- 15

    Gender- An angel of the male variety.

    Species- Angel.

    Class- Zack'll take the night class. The day class might atract too many stares for his liking.


    Psyichal Parameters- He's not all that strong, but he's quick like greased lightning.

    Abilities- He's finely tuned to shadows and darkness. This means a couple things. First off, he can see in the dark, no matter the light level. He can also bend the shadows around him, making him invisible to normal light and infrared. Summoning up an orb of darkness is also in his repertoire. All in all, basic Skiamancy stuff.

    Bio- Right, without going into all the details, Zack comes from a society of angel-like beings. There's just about any angel you you can think of from mythology and religion in this nameless place. However, a Grim Angel, or angel of death, being born is a very rare thing. There's not many of them, leaving Zack to try and fit in. It isn't easy when you stick out like a sore thumb.

    Finally getting tired of being treated different because of what he would be doing in a few hundred years, Zack moved to get transfered to a different school far, far away from home. There, at least, he wouldn't need to worry about being too different.

    This isn't to say Zack isn't cheerful, though. He's a swell guy to get to know and will stand up for any friends he makes.

    Appearance- First off, Zack's skin is ash grey and has pitch black angel wings. This ostracises him to no end, leading him to coming to a school that he heard is very "diverse." His eyes are a deep violet that glows slightly in the dark. Resting infront of these eyes is a pair of glasses to help Zack see details far away. His hair is pitch black and slightly shaggy. Standing at a surprising 5ft 9in (1.75m) for his age, Zack is expecting to be very tall when he's done growing. His wings match this height and have for the last year. Oddly enough, he only weighs around 120lb (54.4kg). He thinks it might have to do with his bones possibly being hollow like a bird's, but he's not going to test that any time soon.

    Time for clothing! Starting at the chest, Zack wears many short-and-long-sleeved shirst with varying patterns consisting of black and purple. Over this he usually wears a trenchcoat that looks like it was sewn together from scraps of black cloth using thick purple thread. This jacket has a small enchantment on it that sort of "tucks" his wings away, allowing him to lean back or lay down without a set of bird arms getting in the way. It's kind of a normal enchantment from where he's from.

    for pants, he usually wears , you guessed it, black and purple colored pants. The only time he doesn't wear pants of this coloring is when he wears his jeans, which are a slightly faded blue. For footwear, purple and black sneakers are what he rocks.

    Suggestions- I'll suggest stuff later if anything comes to mind.
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    posted a message on ★ RoleplayЯevolution RP ★[1.2.5] [Chapter 4] [Serious Roleplaying Community] [Factions] [24/7] [60 Slot] [Lag Free] [Bukkit] [Pe
    Minecraft Username: SolaxZack

    Roleplay Name: Nathanial Ashten

    Homecountry: Nathan's home country is called Terranial, though he never much cared for anything about it. Nathan's family is famous (or infamous, rather) for being a powerful line of magicians, wizards, summoners, or any other kind of magical class you could think of. There's one big setback to the power in this family though; for all the power they posess, they can't help but come up with hairbrained plans to work on.

    The Ashten manner resides across a river on the outskirts or a small village called Willowpeak. The bridge across the river was built upsidedown seven feet off the ground, and when you step on te small platform undernieth it, your gravity is flipped, sending you flying upwards to land on the now upright bridge in your perspective. The reason the Aston Bridge ws built like this was because one of the Ashtens highly adept in gravitational magic tried a test with the river and caused gravity for any living creature to become reversed, which is why there's a massive wall built on both banks of the Ashten River.

    This is just one such peculier event caused by the Ashten family, thiough the chances of Nathan doing something so huge is highly unlikely; he deals more with earth and flora magics, which are easy blunders to fix compaired to causing a neverending stream of lightning, like his late brother, or other such mistakes.

    Physical Appearance:

    Personality: Nathan is a bit of an eccentric. He, like the rest of his family, loves to work on new spells or create new inventions. Like the rest of his family, however, these experiments usually have a tendency to not work the way they were planned or designed to. This isn't to say that there's wanton destruction, though (that is a slight possibility of course, though Nathan does everything he can to avoid that.). It just means that wherever an Ashten goes, things are never boring.

    Backstory: Nathan was born into the Ashten family, which, stated above, is a powerful family in all forms of magic tampered by their love of doing seemingly random things. He had an amazing affinity for earth magics with some power with flora magics. The first Ashten event he caused was at the age of ten, when his magic manafested. He had created a small hill covered in thorny bushes that wouldn't burn away. He was able to remove the thorn hill a few months later, but left a small crater in it's place. His aunt decided immedietly that they could use a pond and made it rain for several days all over the property. Like usuall, Willowpeak, the nearby town way far enough away to avoid the flash flood, which was why the town was so far away in the first place.

    After the pond was finished, Nathan started working on honing his magical talentsso as to decrease the chances of random side effects happening when he tried making new spells. After a few years, he decided to try to officially join the Magical Order. Now before I go on, yes, the Ashten family are all technically part of the Magical Order, but because of the random things that seems to happen around the family, the Order dislikes dealing with them, keeping the Ashten family isolated from others in the Order. Very rarely is an Ashten trusted as an actual member, but Nathan was determined to be accepted. He was so determined, in fact, that he left on a journey from his family's hometown and home country to come to the Providence of Minecraftia hoping to be accepted to the Order.

    Reason to Join: I've found myself getting bored with Minecraft and decided to browse the server forums to see if any SMP servers caught my eye, which this one did. I've joined a few rp servers before, but they never really stuck to me, and I hope this one does, if I'm accepted of course.

    Do you agree with the Server Rules?: Yes

    Do you believe that you are trustworthy?: Yes. I've never griefed before though I can get lazy at times.

    What will you Contribute to the server?: As much as I can.

    Special Code: [#$@]
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    posted a message on The Symmenixian Skin Project!
    These are great skins, +1 to you!

    I have some advice: While posting the new skins, you might also want to update the o.p. This is a suggestion only, of course, and the reason that I say this is because it only looks like you've done one skin. There's probably a lot of people who scan the o.p. only, see your one skin, and move on to the next skin thread. Putting all of your fabulous skins up there for everyone right away will get more people looking and get these browsers to request skins, which gives you more skin creating exercise since the more people requesting, the bigger variety of jobs you'll most likely do (not that you need the practice :wink.gif: ).

    Speaking of requests, I'd like to ask you to do Fiddlesticks from League of Legends. Here's a reference pic.

    His feet taper into points, so there's no real detail there, and there's no real pic for his back, so just styalize it like his/its chest.

    I hope you decide to do this skin and patiently await the beautiful creation you'll make, if you do choose to make it.
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    posted a message on Any Skin, Any Time, Every Time.
    What is the skin you want: Fiddlesticks from League of Legends.
    Picture of wanted skin:
    Details: ^
    Cartoony or Realistic?: Cartoony.
    What time you want it done: As soon as all the ones above this post are done.
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    posted a message on Multibana's skin request shop! Max 30 minutes making! Over 100 costumers cant be wrong! Get your skin now!
    I would like to request Fiddlesticks from Leage of Legends.

    Here's a refrence pic:

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    No offence, but this seems more like that forum game where everyone posts 3 or so words trying to keep a story going. If that's what this is (a story made by people posting parts), then maybe this should be moved to "forum games".
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    I've been trying to get to a mushroom biome, but no luck. If someone posted a seed for it, everyone could check one out without having to hunt one down. I've no time to find a seed right now, so help would be appreciated!
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