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    Altar - Silver

    Silver's orb does indeed drain the light that the Altar emits, as well as causing all active sunrods in the room to quickly begin to fade before losing all effectiveness entirely. As soon as Silvers concentration breaks though, the light once again stretches out of the Altar, reflects off of the walls and is cast into the exact same positions as before.

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    post 110, 115 and 119 are the only posts built entirely around the skeletons, the rest only have a small section at the end. It is important that there not be skeletons in this dungeon or else the next chapter of this story wont make any sense at all. Sorry that this mostly affects your latest post which is quite long and quite well done, but I did just say not to make up stuff in this dungeon. I really am sorry, the alternative is to make the skeletons a hallucination which makes even less sense. For this inconvenience Silver gains 1 ability score point.

    Feel free to spoiler your post or move it to OOC if you don't want to remove your work.

    Quote from Solawind»

    In a dungeons and dragons -esque RP, treat dungeons as you would dragons, they are characters themselves and are preferably not controlled by players.

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    pssst there are no skeletons in the catacombs, please edit your posts.

    I'm sorry that I can only post near the weekend (work and all that) but please refrain from making up enemies within dungeons, they are preplanned maps and just making necromancy be present may interfere with what that particular dungeon actually is. (For example, this is not a dungeon, but instead a timecapsule warning of a recurring catastrophe and detailing how it can be stopped.)

    For future reference here's a list of things players can't control:



    Main NPCs (Like Elgar),

    Other Players.

    Doing so is 'power gaming' (controlling another person's character without their permission) as the GM of this RP, these things are my characters (excluding your characters of course).

    (Also, if there is a map involved, any enemies present will be drawn on to said map. )

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    ??? - Gilor
    twenty heads is better than two at the very least....

    A cold chill runs down Gilor's spine suddenly the sounds of the world are no more and Gilor is standing in a field of Dusk. The night air around Gilor is physically heavy causing any movement to be hindered as if the air was a liquid. This unfamilar world is noticably lacking magic, a much older force is at work here. Before even a second has passed, Gilor is stood in front of a pale faced man in dark robes. in one hand a staff, in the other an hourglass. The glass' frame distinctly lacks any sand.

    The man speaks, though his way of speaking is closer to the listener reading ink on a page. "Gilor, It is not by choice, but by law of a wish that your time on earth has run short, your sands have been stolen, they are empty and thus you are no longer free to wander the overworld plane of existance. You are gifted fourty hours to correct this wish if you believe it to be errorous, then we will come for you." With that the ink ran off the page of Gilor's mind and settled into his palm in the shape of a black copper piece.

    With that Gilor was once again standing just as he were before the dusky plains, time had not even progressed a fraction of a second.

    There was a loud crack in the sky as the leviathan flew overhead, towards the north.

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    Blarkenvürk - Scouur City Guard
    A barrage of arrows bounced harmlessly off the side of the creature, the crossbowmen fired waves of arrows, with two groups altering firing, but to no avail, the creatures skin was as stone. After several waves, and the creature taking no notice, the captain of the guard led the charge, raising his sword with his voice. "FOR SCOUUR, FOR THE CAPITAL, FOR THE PEOPLE!" He along with around 50 men charged in at the creature, this did catch its attention. The creature's head turned towards the men, its eyes narrowing, how dare they disturb its task. The creature let out a shrieking roar, displaying a mouth lined with several rows of jagged teeth.

    The leviathan slithered forwards before rearing up as it had been while drilling, a large crystal set into its forhead began to glow with a brilliant heat before discharging a searing beam towards the advancing vanguard. A couple of lucky soldier in the group had dived, but the vast majority had not been so lucky. As the beam struck it vaporized the approaching party. But the beam did not end, it focusedly continued to be driven towards the city gate where Elgar and the remaining soldiers were situated.

    Blarkenvürk - Elgar

    Among the shouting and cries Elgar was pushed to the side with a mass hoard, everyone at the gate had plenty of time to be parted in two as the searing beam shot out of the gate in a glowing arc. The beam collided with the wall above the gateway causing rubble to fall and fill this entryway. Sheltering his eyes from the dust, Elgar looked to the sky above the city, hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature, what he saw next was not at all expected.

    The Blackened Heart of the world - Leviathan Su-ouul Drei
    A heartbeat emanates from the catacombs. Human intervention provides a moment of clarity, this disturbance however must be reported.

    The leviathan coiled up into a spring-like formation before launching itself into the air. The stripes runing along its length unfurled into sail-like membranes, it quickly repositioned itself in the wind by flicking its body like a whip before being shot north at a such a speed that it created a sound as if the sky itself were shattering.

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    15 MAG for resurrection. 11-12ish is rumor level, 15+ is mythic level, in terms of skill.

    Skills with a 20 requirement are not really designed for repeated use in a campaign. You're more likely to see them in specific story tied events.

    Meritania, try to supply new powers before you get the chance to select powers, otherwise there's the situation where everyone is just creating new powers at each power up and the spell list just keeps expanding, i'll let it slide this time since a reckless shot that sacrifices guaranteed damage for higher damage with risk is a good power for an otherwise range-lacking skill pool.

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    [Trading Post]

    [Woodsman's Camp]

    Stacking his stone tablets in the room of memories Kaal made his way out and down through the main hall, this is probably the last time he would walk these halls, he was not as strong as he used to be, Vris would be taking his place soon, she was an impatient one, but a strong leader who demonstrated knowledge of both combat tactic and sturdy rule, Vris would make a definative leader, one who would progress the people even if they disagreed with her terms. Kaal had placed the stone records with the others on construction and architecture, this would be his last gift of civil progress to the people, from here on out ways of the old would return.

    Vris was raising her fists triumphantly as the crown of dead twigs was placed upon her head, the ceremony of pass, now she was the blood king, Kaal had reigned for a long time and while Vris felt that not all of his ideals were benefitial, she had certainly learned a lot in her time as apprentice, she even had plans to take Kaal's nephew on as Blood Apprentice.

    Kaal's plans for trade had left Vris with much record work, more than she would have liked, she was also losing favor with the achemaestro and the part of the community that still believed in the First. Night after night Vris found herself slamming her fists into the table of honors, her Warrior crew was still small, she had plans to increase the number of warriors soon.

    It was after seven moons that Vris finally attended a meeting with the Maestros, the agreement was such that in return for keeping records they could extend their reach among the people, their grand temple was nearing completion and even Vris could agree that it was a marvel, it had certainly peaked interest in the religion of the First. Vris and her commander of negotiations Sojin (son of Jin) argued for hours before agreeing that the First's service could be utilised to get more of the farmers on board with combat training. Vris had big plans to increase farmland and military but defending new territory would be impossible if the people didn't hone their skills.

    Lately there had been few contends of power, the people had felt that their last leader was doing a fine job, none seemed to opt for combat to overthrow the Blood King or the Blood Apprentice, according to Sojin's father Vris had been the least contended apprentice as far back as the records went. Vris was a little mad that no one would tell her how she stacked up in likability compared to Kaal, though she had a rough idea how most people felt.

    Leaving the almost completed Temple Vris could only think how the people needed a powerful leader, Kaal had become slack in his Blood King ways, the Blood Kings of old were supposed to be mighty warriors, all Kaal had done was make the town look a little fancier, at least that is how Vris felt. Kaal's other nephew, another son of the architect was also chosen by Vris as a new warrior of the honor table, while she felt that a fancier town wasn't a primary objective, the stone they were using acted as a solid defence.

    The following day Vris was fitted for a new set of protective bone armor, reminiscant of the garbs worn by Blood Kings Three generations ago, its sharp edges were more suited for fighting than navigating the inside rooms of the palace, this did not bother Vris much, she preferred to only be indoors for sleeping and attending the meetings.

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    Following the crowd Dusk found the large assembly area, the place where he guessed he would eat some of his meals. Students were filing in and sitting at the desks, they all had odd armband things which he guessed denoted year level, he had his one around his wrist thinking it was some kind of fancy bracelet, Dusk silently slid his up his arm towards his shoulder, not wanting to stick out of the crowd. "Hmm, I guess blue means first year?" Dusk walked around a little before sitting with some people who were also wearing blue bands, the girl from earlier that morning was present and trying not to laugh at his appearance. She leaned closer. "I see you figured out how to use it." Dusk nodded, more focused on the area at the end of the hall, there were some older people who he guessed were teachers, it didn't look like the headmaster was present, Dusk expected the headmaster to be a really old dude with a beard that dragged on the floor for some reason.

    "I wonder if anyone has ever tripped over their beard and died." Some of the students around Dusk gave him some odd looks before going back to their generic chatter, discussing day to day campus life and what they did over the break. Lots of them seemed to have gone to other schools prior to Half Moon, when a guy with short hair asked Dusk the girl from the bathroom quickly butted in and changed the conversation though Dusk still wasn't paying attention. "Maybe he wraps it around him like a scarf.."

    Across from him a kid was looking at his watch, dusk looked at the timepeice, it was very small and odd.


    [c-c-c-combo breaker]

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    ((I really like Drone's chain-smoking half-elf app, but I'm not sure if i can accept people.))

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    Some say that the end is just a new beginning, a chance to start fresh, to be great again. Welcome to the world of Pokémon, a new journey in a new region. A new foe emerges, one that could be the end of all. Who are you in all of this? Human? Pokemon? Whatever you may so choose, you adventure begins soon so continue reading.

    (Yes, i made this in paint, yes it was painful to do so, here is the guide.)

    A new evil has arisen in the Pokémon world, the likes of which have never been witnessed before. This villains believe that it is their destiny to "Clean the slate" and give the world a fresh start, a new haven in which they will control. Unlike other organisations you may have fought before, the members fight not in numbers but are selective, allowing only the strongest fighters to join their ranks. Known as Team Havoc, the members prefer to use Pokémon that have been trained to perfection, witnesses state that they are perhaps even using some technology to mega evolve Pokémon even when no true bond is held between trainer and Pokémon, using them only as tools to fuel their fight towards their goals.

    Mechanics: (clarification on some things, not necessary to read.)
    Battle: Battle is a mix between . You don't have to take turns using moves, but i'd expect you couldn't pull off three moves in the time the opponent does one. (Obvious exceptions.)

    Levels: Levels will not be dead set, feel free to lose or gain levels depending on your training and such (Loss of experience would only come from something like long-term memory loss.) I'd ask that you don't explicitly state your level "Hey! I'm level 42!" and instead just put your level somewhere in your posts where you level up (Lv: 42). This prevents meta-gaming and also avoids the cheesy conversation that levels could bring "Hey, i'm Riolu, a level 20, what's your name and level?"

    Talking: If you so choose to be a Pokémon rather than a trainer, you can only communicate with other Pokémon unless your species states otherwise (Telepathic pokemon, slowking, Mewtwo, Lots of legendaries, etc.) You can also talk to humans if you have a good back-story explaining how, though i doubt it'd be an interesting skill.

    Special Rules: (I'm sorry, it's mostly common sense though.)
    Mega-Evolution: Mega-Evolution is strictly limited to 1 per trainer (If you want one) and can only be done via the whole human-pokémon bond that requires a lot of training. (So no solo-Pokémons with mega-evolution.)

    Legendary Pokemon: Will be part of the story, and while i'd prefer to not have any trainers with Legendary Pokémon, if you ask and then provide appropriate backstory then i may accept you as having a legendary. (Though you may be limited to only one Pokémon in that case.)

    Region: This RP takes place in a custom region of my own creation, the Amynthiar Region, this is to give a sense of exploration and to prevent anyone but myself from knowing all about the region (Where as some people might have had an advantage in one region or another.) This region will have most Pokémon from generations 1 through 6.

    Take note that only important towns are listed, there are obviously many other smaller towns and perhaps some other cities that you may want to visit, feel free to run the idea of said village/town here in the OOC before you include them in the story though.

    Twisted-Oak Village: A secluded town surrounded by tall oak trees which have trunks that twist and intertwine to create a naturally occurring border around the village. The border protects the town from harsh winds but not from rain or sun as the village makes a perfect clearing among its surroundings.

    Acorn Town: Not too far a walk from Twisted-Oak Village, the trees begin to thin and Pokémon can be seen in much more abundance. Acorn town is smaller than Twisted-Oak but commonly has a lot more Pokémon running around. It is commonly used as a rest stop for those travelling to Humble City.

    Cinnamell Town: A small site, one must pass through a naturally occurring cavern that has been re-purposed into a tunnel to reach this cozy little town.

    Alldon Monestary/ Native Peaks: (Directly above Cinnamell on map, accidentally forgot to rewrite the label.) A monastery high up in the mountain, travelers will often pass through here in order to head to the Forest shrine, spirit lake or head towards the eastern docks to travel to Static city by ferry.

    Gate Town: A town filled with worthy competitors, more of a campsite though it does have established shops, a designated marketplace for special battle items and a Pokémon Center of course.

    Aluciar Town: A town built by a large lake said to protected by the Legendary Pokémon Suicune.

    Victory League: Not so much a town, but it may as well be. Here resides this region's equivalent of the "Elite Four". The area consists of a large palace-like structure with a Pokémon Center built into the foyer.

    Humble City: A direct translation from an ancient civilization that once lived there, a city has been rebuilt among the ruins. Each building has a unique style, being very rustic with parts of the stone ruin-like structures being integrated into the architecture.

    Teal Town: An eerie city, somewhat out of the way, most primarily only approached by strong trainers. Many ghost-type Pokémon can be found in the surrounding forests which have a somewhat blue tinge to the leaves.

    Static City: While out of the way, Static City is usually bustling with business. It is on its own island which has some other smaller towns. The theme of the city is very futuristic but eco-friendly.

    Brashplains City: (Brash Plains City? I need to decide.) A City built in the open plains by a mountain foot. Herds of Blitzle and Ponyta are commonly seen walking through the city, most of the roads are gravel and dirt as to not disrupt the Pokémon too much.

    Silverstar City: The capital of Amynthiar, this is a very large city and a tourism hot-spot.

    Coveside City: Almost as large as Silverstar, this city is largely under construction, particularly around the docks area to the north of the city where expansion is happening at a rapid pace.

    Alltrue Gardens: A networked series of gardens though there are also apartment complexes on the surrounding perimeter, it is a very nice place to just spend a day taking a walk and meeting new trainers. In the center is a huge hedge-maze and it is said that at the center one of the Region's Gym Leaders spends a lot of their time.

    Seaport View: While quite a way out from any major cities or towns, Seaport is a great place to get a breath of fresh air. There is also a Ferry that runs directly between here and Static City. While fun, it is known to also be a place for battle and it is rumored that the captains of the ship are as strong as any Gym Leader.
    Forest Shrine:
    A shrine built at the end of a deep forest, wanderers often get lost just trying to locate this place, it is often said that the kind of heart will be guided by the Pokémon of the land to the shrine.

    Icechill Caverns:
    Twisting, spiraling caverns. Very dangerous to humans and weaker Pokémon. According to local legend, an ancient guardian rests in the deepest parts of the caves. It is also super cold!

    Pokemon Village:
    Remains of a village from the previous inhabitants of these lands, while covered in vines and owning a few leaks here and there, the buildings are masterfully crafted. Too many Pokémon live in this location for humans to move in, though a select few do anyways. It is the only town without a Pokémon Center.

    Characters: (NPCs)
    Team Havoc Elites:
    Havoc King:

    Havoc Knights: (1-10)
    #3 - Havros Truesteel.
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    A very distant man who cares not for the outcome of battle, he puts all his trust into his partner who is "Perfectly capable of winning this fight. We've seen worse." His true downfall is that he does not allow any form of emotional bonds to form between himself and others, including Pokemon

    Partner: Lucario Mega-X
    Lucario, while strong, seeks more from his trainer, wishing that a true bond could be formed so it could Mega-evolve without the use of the Team Havoc Keystone.

    #4 - Keira Tina
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    A cold-hearted member who cares for nothing but her "Friends" and hates most people because they remind her of her own family. This is brought about by living in a very regulated household that wouldn't even let her go out and do her own thing when all the other kids her age were allowed.

    Partner: Giratina Origin.
    While she does not have much control of her partner, a Giratina, its power alone justifies its rank among the Havoc Elites. Will this lack of control be her own downfall?

    #7 -

    Havoc Guard: (Members that do not make it into the top 10)
    -None met-

    Characters: (Players)
    -Blank! Make some characters!-

    Remove everything in ().


    Appearance: (An image or a description. Nothing too fancy is fine. Help me visualize your character)
    Name: (Something fitting of a trainer.)
    Age: (Any age! From a preschooler to an elder pokemon master, anything is good.)
    Gender: (There's like two of these right?)
    Personality: (Just some traits. Trust me, this will help you RP. "to be RP'd" means you are basing it off yourself. Try something new!)
    Backstory:(Perhaps how you met your pokemon? Where your hometown is? You probably don't have a father... just saying...*cough*)

    -Slot 1-
    Name: (Pokemon's Name)
    Species: (Pokemon's species)
    Level: ((Current level))
    Moves: (4 moves. Nothing out of the ordinary without confirmation through PM.)
    Item: (Has to be a real item from the games, You could always leave this blank.)

    -Slot 2-


    Appearance: (An image or a description. Do you wear a scarf or a Mega stone or something?)
    Species: (You know the drill...)
    Name: (A preferred nickname? If you're looking to be with a trainer i'd let them choose something..)
    Level: ((Your current level.))
    Gender: (There's like two of these right?)
    Personality: (Just some traits. Trust me, this will help you RP. "to be RP'd" means you are basing it off yourself. Try something new!)
    Backstory:(Where did you come from? Where did you go? Sorry...)

    Moveset: (You get four moves from your species' movelist. For special moves, it would have to be realistic. Consult me in OOC [eg. No slowpoke with Mach Punch.])

    Held Item: (I will allow you to search for berries whenever you feel like, if you don't want to start holding anything then this can be left blank. If you start in the wild it is highly unlikely you have some sort of competitive item like a life orb. If you can mega-evolve, it might be fun to go on a quest with a trainer later to find your stone.)


    Gym Leaders: If you want to be a Gym Leader, please ask in the OOC or PM me, i have a couple of Leaders already planned out. Unlike the games, leaders will be allowed to roam as they so choose, though being at your Gym when a challenger approaches may be a good idea.

    Elite 4: If you want to be an Elite 4 member, contact me via PM first to sort out some story things.

    Team Havoc Elite: To be a Team Havoc Elite, contact me via PM or express your interest in the OOC.

    Story Figure: (Pokemon or Trainer) If you want to be an integral character in the story with pre-established background, please tell me your idea in the OOC or PM me if it is super secret.

    Rules: (You should know this stuff... It's all common sense.)
    1. All the basics. No meta-gaming (Important especially in a pokemon RP. No Godmodding. No PowerGaming.

    2. Ask all questions in the OOC, regardless of how trivial they seem. The main point of separating OOC and IC is so that the IC flows without interruption. If you must use OOC in the IC for an absolute emergency, at least edit it out later or at least spoiler it.

    3. Special Snowflake clauses. (For Pokémon)
    (They may seem harsh at first, but read them again and understand that i'm trying to help you improve your skills.)
    -All Pokémon are Pokémon. You're not a pink Eevee with Garfield ears and Agumon claws, you're an Eevee.
    -Don't be shiny for the sake of being shiny, you'll meet all these other shinys and it will be the most unrealistic and unlikely event ever.
    -If you still haven't listened, know that i won't accept your shiny application unless it is "Shiny" (haha, see what i did there.) Make it nice.
    -If you don't think you can be "Unique" enough without your Gardevoir with orange hair, think again, you can easily give a Pokémon flair by giving it scars, notches, markings, accessories, mega-stones. The recent mega-evolution special this incredibly well.
    -I will be allowing special moves but it's a very touchy topic. If you can justify a special move I might be able to let you have it, but something like a Charizard with Water gun or a Samurott with sacred fire just doesn't make sense. There's a reason Pokémon need to be teamed up with other types.
    -Unique abilities are another touchy topic. If you're somehow struggling to make an interesting character without resorting to cliches and find yourself making up unique abilities, express your issues in the OOC.

    Anti-Snowflake Help:
    -You can however be an Eevee that prefers its fur to be spiked up or is more rough and wild. You may have a notched ear.
    -You can be a shiny if you really want to, this is not a rule against being shiny.
    -You could have some sort of necklace or bracer with your mega stone on it. Why not just a default scarf? A choice scarf perhaps? stylish and functional! It would also add another layer to your RPing. (Having to plan out which move you're going to limit yourself to.)
    -Alternatives to a mega-stone could be a life orb implemented into your necklace/helmet/etc.
    -You could have unique markings, even so much so as the cloned pokemon from the first movie.
    -I'll easily allow the stat boosts to pokemon that don't want to evolve but want the increase in power. (Stats are basically nothing, if you're skilled at RPing you could defeat a Dialga with your prized hoppip if you wanted to. (Maybe an exaggeration... But hey, it could be a buff Hoppip or something...)
    -Abilities are different from skills and tactics, If you're appropriately trained in something or have practiced something enough, you don't need a magical power for that skill or tactic.

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