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    Quote from Meritania»

    Name: Caerwyn Willowgrove

    Quote from RokudoMitsuru»

    Name: Etorias Ahmes

    This was supposed to be an interest check.

    Both accepted regardless. I will be adding the extra player skills + accepted characters later because I'm feeling lazy at the moment.
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    ------------OOC THREAD------------
    This is the OOC thread, Link to IC thread

    Hey, is anyone interested in round 2 of TRPG? This will be an entirely separate story to the first one, and everyone will be required to make a new character.

    TRPG, if you are unaware, stands for Tabletop Role Playing Game, which is sort of how this runs, except without dice.


    To the north of the maps lies a new series of islands, Spindol, a land untouched by outsiders for many years and laden with wonders and mistique. You yourself have taken up the long journey by boat and arrived at either Port Scouur or Gate, gathering your things you set out to leave your own mark on these new lands.

    How to play:


    Within this RP you are given 5 stats Strength [STR], Defense [DEF], Dexterity [DEX], Intelligence [INT] and Magic [MAG].

    You start with 10 points to split between these stats to spend however you wish

    (Ex. STR:5, DEF:2, DEX:1, INT: 1, MAG: 1).

    Extra points are awarded for good Roleplaying.

    A 1 in any given stat is human average, 2 in any given stat denotes above average skill and 3 or more in any stat designates a particularly refined skill.


    Simply post an application that meets all the rules and requirements and you are already in the game. If you are concerned that your application doesn't meet a particular rule or requirement feel free to ask others already in the game or myself.

    Application Template:

    (Delete everything in brackets; "(" and ")" before you submit)






    Stats: [STR:0 || DEF: 0 || DEX: 0 || INT: 0 || MAG: 0] (You have 10 points to add to your stats)


    -(You only start with 3 skills)

    -(To get more you must RP)

    -(You will catch up quickly)



    Example Application: (mine)

    Name: Elgar

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Elgar is an average height human male with dark hair and green eyes, he wears simple cotton clothes and his feet are barely covered by footwraps. His sword is strapped to his back in a cheap leather sheath. Notable features include a scar on the right side of his jaw and scars on the top of his right forearm.

    Stats: [STR: 2 || DEF: 1 || DEX: 2 || INT: 3 || MAG: 2]


    -Aurasight: Elgar naturally sees the Auras of those around him, this helps him judge their potential.
    -Primal Senses: Coming from a family of hunters living in a small town among dangerous forests, Elgar was taught to always be aware of surroundings. He keeps his eyes and ears pointed at his surroundings at all times.
    -Quicker Reflexes: Elgar is fidgety and will jump back immediately if surprised, usually suspecting the worst.
    Elgar carries a sword called Nextcallibur, the lower 2/3rds of the blade are covered in a fine black powder as this sword was once encased in a stone. His great grandfather was an admirable blacksmith and cut the sword from the stone when no other was able to pull it out. Since then any legends about the sword had been forgotten and his family had moved to a new location after their town had burned, this was long before Elgar was born.


    Rules and Requirements:


    -All the basics. (I shouldn't have to explain this stuff. See General RP Discussion and Information if you don't understand)

    Requirements: (You don't have to read these, but if you think your application might be doing something wrong, it doesn't hurt to check here.)

    -Your Starting Skills must add up to 10 or less.

    -Unspent Skill points can be spent at a later date.

    -You can only have 1 character until you prove your worthiness.

    -If you want a skill but it isn't on the list, start an OOC discussion explaining the power and I will accept it and add it.

    -Any Races From a fantasy setting are acceptable, It must be well known though, Eg. Kitsune, Dragonborn, Elf, Dark elf.

    -Custom Races must be described in detail in a similar fashion to custom skills.

    ->Custom Races must include an environment of origin.

    -You can't play a Mythical creature (Eg. Phoenix or Adult Dragon).

    -You can play something such as a Phoenix Cult Member or Dragonborn (the fantasy kind, not Dovhakin, nice try steve.)

    Your skills written in your application can be reskinned skills/spells/powers, in fact they should be reskinned to fit your character. If you can't think of a reskin just give a little flavour text like in my application.

    Mechanics: (Optional reads.)


    This is broken into sections, some sections give bonuses for only choosing from that one section however feel free to pick elements from multiple sections.


    (If you start with Spells (and only spells) you get 5 instead of 3.)

    You can use a number of spells between rests (Rest or Meals) equal to your MAG stat.

    Magic Missile: [Req. MAG 1+] The most basic of attacks, your magical skill is transmuted into a physical blast, usually of an element you have a particular affinity towards. (Power is determined by your MAG skill, accuracy determined by your INT.) You can pick one type of elemental blast and another for every multiple of 5 MAG you reach [2 at 5MAG, 3types at 10MAG..]

    Deflect: [Req. MAG 1+] So long as this spell is cast at a higher MAG level than an opponents Spell, you can negate all effects of that spell. This spell costs 2 spells uses.

    Ghost sound: [Req. MAG 1+] User can create sounds as if throwing their voices, limited to mimmicking simple sounds or your own voice, but with a higher MAG stat can be used in more complex ways.

    Mage Hand: [Req. MAG 1+] Like a limited range Telekinesis, lets the caster lift around 2.5kgs using their mind. Handy for retrieving small objects without ever needing to get up.

    Detect Magic: [Req. MAG 2+] Using your own magic you can determine whether there is powerful magic nearby. Higher MAG allows for better accuracy of type and location.

    Summoning Circles: [Req. MAG: 2+, A pentacle drawn in chalk, blood or salt] You have mastered the art of summoning and trapping through pentacles. You can Summon a small fiend to do your bidding or trap a being in a circle for 10 minutes times your MAG stat. The Pentacle takes 1 minute to draw per 10 minutes it will last, it can be cast at a lower MAG level]

    Heal (Choose Divine or Nature): [Req. MAG: 2+] Utilizing magic of a Holy or Druidic nature, you can restore a target to a more energetic state. Divine Healing calls upon the wishes of a higher order, be it a particular deity or just the collective power of a cult. Divine Healing can cure the negative effects of some dark magics, depending on the skill level of the user.
    Druidic Healing calls forth the power of nature to cure disease and refresh targets, it can even be utilized through medicine.
    Both types can heal all minor ailments but only Divine can cure major curses and only Nature can heal deadly poisons without an antidote. [This barrier is broken at MAG 10+]

    Illusionary Visage: [Req. MAG 2+] You can create a stationary Illusion equal to 1m times the MAG stat used to cast this spell. Requires concentration or the image will fade, otherwise lasts indefinitely so long as the concentrator is within 50m.

    Hex of Fatigue: [Req. MAG 3+] Causes target to treat their STR score as if it were a number of points lower equal to the caster's MAG score. If the target would treat their STR score as 0 or lower, instead they are considered to be 'Fatigued' and they cannot exert themselves until they have rested (meal/sleep/meditate/etc) .

    Moving Illusion: [Req. MAG 3+] Creates an animated illusion up to the size of a human, the size category can be increased for an additional 3 MAG per category (MAG 6 for Large, MAG 9 for Huge)

    Haste: [Req. MAG 3+] Your target becomes invigorated with speed, treating their dexterity as normal +2 for each 3 MAG you have (+1 at 3MAG, +2 at 6MAG...) This can be cast on yourself.

    Magic Armor: [Req. MAG 3+] Your target is shielded with a magical armor, their defense is treated as 3 points higher. This lasts for as long as the target is in combat.

    Invigorate: [Req. MAG 4+] Exactly the same as the 'Haste' Spell, but instead affects target's STR and goes up in multiples of 4.

    Dying Wish: [Req. MAG 5+]

    Teleport: [Req. MAG 6+] Teleports a target you touch randomly to a safe location (or safest possible location) in the current area. At 10+ MAG this teleport becomes targeted.

    Anti-Magic Shield: [Req. MAG 8+] Creates a Shield that protects the user from all things Magical for a short period (2 minutes). Can be used in succession. At 10+ MAG for half the duration it can be used on a willing Ally, at 15+ MAG it can be used on any target. (Does not negate magic inside the shield)

    Soul Charge: [MAG 12+] When completely depleted of magical power, or fatigued from magic overuse, you can activate a second wind, fully restoring your magic.

    Resurrection: [MAG 15+] A complex ritual taking 1 hour to complete which rebinds a soul to its former body so long as that soul has not passed on to a plane which would otherwise imprison it.

    Vessel of Light/Darkness: [Req. MAG 20+, A deity] Your deity lends you strength, giving you the power to destroy that which your worship opposes. This manifests itself in a way suitable to your deity. Deals mass damage to enemies, can only be used once a day.

    -Lots of Spells to be added, Mostly dependant on what people want.

    Spell Modifiers/ 'Power words':
    Spell Modifiers or 'Power words' are additional components that modify the effects of a spell. Usually these words will increase the cost of a spell, so be careful, using strengthened spells too much may leave you on the battlefield with no spells left to cast.

    Spell modifiers take up one of your 'Skill/Powers' Slots.

    'Big': [Spell MAG requirement +2] For twice the number of uses per day, a spell can be modified with this modifier. The resulting Big spell has twice the potency but half the duration.

    'Blinding': [Spell MAG requirement +2] For twice the number of uses per day, a spell can be modified with this modifier. The resulting Blinding spell inflicts the blinded status for the duration of the spell or 2 minutes if no duration is present.

    'Protecting': [Spell MAG requirement +2] For Halving the duration of a spell, a spell can be modified with this modifier. The resulting Protecting spell protects the target from physical damage for the duration of the spell.

    '+': [Highest cost spell MAG + 2] For the cost of 3 spells, you can cast two spells at the same time. The duration is equal to the longest spell's duration unless the one or both spells are something without a duration, in which case it would just act accordingly to its name.
    Where possible, the spells will 'join' to create something cool with the effects of both the component spells.
    (Eg. 'Heal Magic Armor': Protects the wearer and also heals them on creation.)

    'Anti': [Spell Known] For the price of two uses of a spell, you can reverse its effects. This can also be used to negate a spell, if your opponent casts a spell and you recognise it (It is in your repository), you can immediately cast its counter version no null the effects.

    'Pseudo': [Spell Known] A number of times per day equal to your MAG stat you may cast any of your known spells as an illusion. Its true effects do not come to pass but any visual or auditory effects still manifest.

    'Permanent': [MAG 5+] You make a spell permanent, though to do so you need to use special components (the price of which varies depending on the type of spell)
    Price list:
    Magic Armor: 1500gold
    Illusionary Visage: 50gold
    Summoning Circle: 100gold
    Resurrection: 120,000gold
    Waking Gate: 5000gold

    Using Modifiers:
    Simply Add the power word to the front of the spell. The effects are usually straightforwards (Double damage, added effect, etc.) If you are unsure about what a power word will do, try discussing it with others in the OOC thread. Not all modifiers will be benefitial to all spells ("BLINDING SOUL CHARGE!!" "oh...")

    Examples of use:

    Big Magic Missile: [Req. 3+ MAG] The most basic of attacks, but Bigger, your magical skill is transmuted into a physical blast, usually of an element you have a particular affinity towards. Big Magic Missile deals double the damage.

    Big Summoning Circles: [Req. MAG: 4+, A pentacle drawn in chalk, blood or salt] You have mastered the art of summoning and trapping through pentacles. You can Summon two small fiends to do your bidding or completely immobilize a being in a circle for 5 minutes times your MAG stat. (Takes twice as long to draw.)

    Blinding Summoning Circles: [Req. MAG:4+, A pentacle drawn in chalk, blood or salt] You have mastered the art of summoning and trapping through pentacles. You can Summon a small blind fiend to do your bidding or trap a being in a circle for 10 minutes times your MAG stat, Target is blind while in circle. (Takes twice as long to draw.)

    Shamanic Skills:
    (If you pick skills only from the Shamanic list to start with, you may start with 4 instead of 3)

    The Dreams:
    [Req. INT 1+, MAG 2+] Through your spiritualistic views of the world you now hold the ability to enter the spirit world through your dreams. You also gain the ability to percieve the future through dreams and heal others through their own dreams, however walking through others dreams is a dangerous venture.

    Raise Spirit: [Req. INT 2+, MAG 2+] By calling forth the memories of the dead, the user gains an additional skill point at any desired skill for five minutes. The mentality of a person who used to specialize in that skill that has passed away is manifested within the mind of the user. The user can only choose to boost one skill at a time.

    Seal Spirit: [Req. 'Raise Spirit'] The user can channel the spiritual energy of the dead with who he commutes to a target. The spirit then debuffs the selected skill by 1 point for five minutes. The user loses their 1 point boost to that skill.

    Launch Spirit: [Req. 'Raise Spirit'] The user purges his mind from the mentality of the raised spirit and then launches it in the form of a projectile to a target. Depending on the nature of the spirit and the skill it buffs, 'Launch Spirit' acquires different effects.

    STR: The spirit hits a single target directly as a heavy impact weapon like a maul, inflicting bad damage upon them.

    DEF: The spirit curses a single enemy, rendering them prone to all physical attacks for a short period of time (determined by the GM).

    DEX: The spirit blasts on the enemy, blinding the target and any other creature adjacted to them.

    INT: The spirit invades the mind of a single target, turning them against their allies for a short period of time (determined by the GM again).

    MAG: The spirit rises to the sky above the target and explodes, turning into a cluster bomb that deals damage to all targets below it in a small area.

    Waking Gate: [Req. INT 1+, 'The Dreams', A place of spiritual importance] Through prolonged communication with the spirit world you now know of a way to open a gate to the plane, capable of bringing earthly items and the uninitiated. Those without understanding however, cannot cross. [INT 1+].

    Spirit Familiar: [Req. any connection to the spirit world] You gain a small creature companion, a ghost of its former self, returned for the sole purpose of friending you. A spirit Familiar can accomplish any number of small tasks. As a standard action it can solidify itself to become a copy of a living version. As a standard action it can revert.

    Familiar Bond: [Req. A Familiar, 2 INT] Your familiar advances to an embodyment of your own spirit, now it can be used to extend the target of your spells. (For example, it can perform the 'touch' requirement of a spell). If your Familiar is within 10m of you, you can cast a spell from its location as if you were standing there.

    Ancestral ties: [Req. 2INT] Calling forth the spirits of the ones ancestor one can temporarily increase their intelligence and historical knowledge. (+4 INT while focused)

    Paladin Skills:
    (If you pick only Paladin skills, you gain the following bonus skills:
    Detect Evil: You immediately know whether a creature is of ill intentions.
    & Light of __________ : Once a day you may request assistance or guidance of your god(s).

    General Paladin Abilities:

    Spectral Steed:
    [Req. Paladin Training OR the ability to create moving Illusions.] The user creates a simple steed able to carry the user without objection.

    Aura of Good: [Req. Paladin Training] A paladin gives out an Aura of good and can detect the evil and good present in others.

    Courage: [Req. Paladin Training OR STR 7+] Those with true courage are immune to fear and give those surrounding them a morale boost.

    Paladin Orders & Order-Specific Abilities::
    Those who pick a paladin order gain access to its skills and may start with any appropriate weapons or armors, you can only have 1 paladin order active at a time, if you betray its vows you may lose access to several or all of its gifted powers.

    Order of the Shining Sun:
    Velor, God of Sun, Light, Strength and Healing. Those of her order are gifted the sacred sword Solaris, bestowed with a light affinity it is key to unlocking many of the orders powers and as such the swords are treated with as much respect as life itself by their weilders.

    Armor of the Order:
    Glorious Soul: Capable of enhancing the weilder's effectiveness of storing light energy. This armor can cast a light in the darkness at the owner's will in exchange for expending a very small amount of stored energy.

    Light Seeker: [Req. God: Velor] Bestowed with the gift of light, followers conduct an energy reserve sourcing power and converting it to help orchestrate their abilities. Seekers of the light passively charge and store light energy when exposed to any light not deemed unfit by their deity. (Eg. the Sun, But not magical necromantic glow.)

    Zenith Flare: [Req. Light Seeker + Solaris Weapon] The rightful owner of a Solaris weapon may directly reappear weilding their arm as if by teleportation. This power only works if there is suitable room by the weapon for its owner to transfer to.

    Heaven's Shield: [Req. Light Seeker] An ability of the order, channeling stored Light energy to act as a barrier to fend off incoming attacks for a short time period.

    Magic Channelling:
    Magic Channelling uses more magic but is performed by providing a steady flow of a low amount of magic, this is less intense on the body and thus can be used a lot more times between rests than spells.

    Channel Aura:
    You may channel your Aura through a weapon to increase its power. Effects are determined by the individuals soul, a scholar may create a weapon that smartly maneuvers in combat while a swordsman may create a sword that is lifted to weightlessness and Serenely slices. (This one is used for coloured flame, flaming swords.)

    Channel Soul:
    Similar to Aura Channelling but instead the chosen implement takes on aspects of its user. A weapon may become agile due to its dextrous owner, or an implement may gain the ability to extend another spell known by the user. (This one is used for magic missile swords and literal flaming swords.)

    Channel Spirit:
    The user takes on the personality of an existing spirit such as a legendary hero or a spiritual guardian, their stats change to reflect this transformation. Users must keep a separate set of stats for their Spirit. This can be taken multiple times to have multiple spirits and stat sets.

    Shared Channel Spirit:
    You can share your vessel with two or more spirits, though this weakens the body, your spirits instead use their stat block divided by the number of shared spirits. If your body could naturally survive splitting, the spirits may use split versions of your body as seperate vessels, allowing them to act independantly.

    Channel Energy: [Req. MAG 3+] Much like the magic missile blast though instead a beam dealing either Positive or Negative energy. The beam deals extra damage to undead if positive, or extra damage to holy creatures if negative, though beams will instead slowly heal the target if used on the wrong type (negative heals undeads, positive heals holy) The type of energy channeled depends on whether the caster is good or evil. Neutral beings cannot use this spell.


    First Aid: You are taught in the way of medicines, with this skill you are adept enough to forrage medicinal herbs to cure a number of minor ailments and generally just patch up your patients. At higher INT levels you begin to get a better understanding of how to minimize recovery times. At INT 10+ you can complete complex surgeries.

    Swordsmanship: Taught from a young age, you have mastered the way of the blade. When Handling a sword you are familiar with your STR and DEX are treated as 1 point higher each.

    Defender: Trained with a shield, your Defenses are greatly increased depending on the type of shield weilded in battle. (+1 DEF for a shield, +2 for a tower Shield, +? for an enchanted shield)

    Rage: [STR 3+] When wounded or taunted you may enter a blinding rage. Your INT is treated as - and your STR is treated as 4 points higher.

    Stealth: [DEX 3+] You become the shadows. You are very adept at sneaking around and disguising yourself.

    Unnatural Breath Weapon: [MAG 2+] Somehow you have learned or inherited the ability to use a breath weapon of Flames, Ice, Air, Light or Dark.

    Telekinesis: [MAG 1+] Within a personal radius of 1m per MAG stat point you can move objects while maintaining concentration.

    Powerful Transformation: [MAG 4+]
    You have mastered a powerful technique to advance to a new level. Pick two stats, they both increase by 2 for 10 minutes, after which you are fatigued until you rest. This skill may be taken multiple times and can either stack or be selected as an alternate transformation with different stats selected.
    If you have stacking transformations (you select the same two stats for more than 1 powerful transformation) the duration is halved (5mins) until you have MAG times transformation level (8 MAG to sustain a +4, +4, 12 MAG to sustain a +6, +6)

    If you have multiple transformations on the same level (+2/+2 and another +2/+2 with different stats selected.) then you can 'slide' between these forms at will, though if you do this the duration of all forms is merged together into one '10 minute' block.
    Nature Bond: [DEX 1+, MAG 2+] You have a unique bond with nature that allows you to communicate with plants.

    Racial Powers:

    Prehensile Tail: You have a long, flexable tail that can be used to grasp things.

    Vestigial Wings: You have lifeless wings upon your back, these can be used to aid with other methods of flight or to slow your descent, but cannot be used by themselves to actually fly.

    Wings (True): [Req. Costs 2 skills/powers] You have wings that allow flight for 10 minutes times your STR stat.

    Darkvision: You can see well even in pitch black.

    DarkElf Racial Traits: The Darkelves are a despised race, partaking in dark arts such as necromancy, blood magics and curses. Dark Elves have a particular resistance to curses and disease as well as an affinity for dabbling with the aforementioned items, though they are almost universally hated, sometimes imprisoned simply for existing. Dark Elves usually live hidden away from society.

    WoodElf Racial Traits: Woodelves gain natural resistances to diseases & poison but suffer from an inherit weakness to heat & burns. They have immunity to sleep inducing enchantments and gain low-light vision when under the stars.

    Iron Liver: You can and will eat and drink anything. Alcohol has little effect on you and you wash your breakfast of poisonous snakes down with a bottle of spider venom.

    Breath Weapon: Your race allows you to breath forth Flames, Acid or Electricity. This is usually reserved for the Dragonborn race.

    Stone Skin: You have naturally increased defenses and are particularly resistant to Electricity and Fire but have certain weaknesses towards water and plant based magic.

    Construct: Constructs are creations that are given intelligence through magical means, such as binding a soul or simply animating the creation. Constructs do not need to Eat, Sleep or Breath and cannot be affected by afflictions such as disease or mind affecting spells. Constructs cannot be healed through healing magic or medicine and instead if they take damage they must be repaired.

    Living Weapon blood: As part of a race of sentient, possessive weapons. By absorbing the blood of your target almost all damage that would be contriubuted as repercussion of being used as a weapon is negated and you retain the pristine weapon condition.

    Blindsense: You can see throuhg the small vibrations in the earth and air.
    -Lots of Racial abilities to be added! (I will add all the stuff if this gets enough interest to go ahead.)

    Eternum Flames: A racial skill of Self-Pyrokinesis used by Races of the Fire Planes, the user manipulates their flamed body at will. The type of fire depends on the being manipulating their own flames.

    Eternum Creation: [Req. 'Eternum Flames' + Flame-based Race] This skill utilizes the user's self-generated flames. This spell functions similarly to Illusionary Visage or Moving Illusion but cannot give the creation a simple will.

    Low-Light Vision: Similar to darkvision, but you cannot see in 'pitch black' || This skill is a bonus skill gained for free by the following races:
    Dark Elves, Catfolk, Ratfolk, Foxkin, Shadowlings, Shadow elementals, Deep Mountain Dwarves, more tbd.

    Advanced Swordsmanship: [Req.STR 2+, DEX 3+]
    Trained rigorously in the fine art of handling a sword, you feel most maneuverable when on the battlefield, blade in hand. Your STR and DEX are treated as 2 point higher while handling a sword and in combat there is no blade stroke you cannot parry, you know all the tricks. (Though a stronger weapon may break your own.)
    The stat gain from this stacks with 'Swordsmanship'.

    Tinkerer: [Req. INT 5+]
    Many long hours have you spent messing around with spare parts to create weird and wonderful things. With this you gain the following skills:
    -Create: Providing you have the materials and know how to make something, you can create anything. When it comes to food, this does not provide the ability to make it taste nice, just look like what it is supposed to. This is more supposed to be used for creating mechanisms. (keep in mind, electricity is not a thing yet.)
    -Repair: Providing you have the right materials, or materials that work, you can patch anything up, you don't even need to know how it works, that much you can learn from pulling it apart.
    -Appraise: You can determine the value and state of anything you investigate, the more complex something is, the longer it takes to appraise. Magical items require an understanding of the arcane in order to appraise.
    Primal Senses:
    You have trained your senses above and beyond that of a normal being. You know are able to 'sense' any presence around you within a 10 meter Radius, this increases by 1m for every point in INT above 2 up to a maximum sense range of 50m.

    Lasting Breath:
    You have trained holding your breath for extended periods of time. You can hold your breath for 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for each point of Defence over 4 you hold.

    Keen Eye:
    You are more likely to pick up on the small details that others don't notice.

    Skilled craftsman:
    The things you make are usually of a higher quality than others.

    Blindsense(Trained): Through years of training you have taught yourself to see through the small vibrations in the earth.

    Aurasight: [Req. MAG 2+] Through training you can now view the Auras of others, this lets you sense their motives and emotions on a primal level.

    Quicker Reflexes: [Req. DEX 2+] You can perform an immediate, lesser action rather than being surprised (Draw weapon when ambushed, take one step back from a trap, etc.)


    Dark Arts:
    Some Dark arts are classified as spells, these can count towards your '5 spells' if you chose that option. You can use a number of spells between rests (Rest or Meals) equal to your MAG stat.

    -Necromancy:[spell] [Req. MAG: 2+] You can awaken the remains of a fallen warrior to help you fight or defend for 10 minutes times your MAG stat.

    -Soul Steal: [Req. INT 3+] You have mastered the ability to trap and steal souls. You may steal the soul from any living creature you defeat. You also gain the ability to create contracts which allow you claim a soul as soon as the signature owner is killed.

    -Blood-Transfusion: [Req. MAG 3+] By passing blood from one vessel to another you can regenerate the reciever. When used between living creatures this re-energises the reciever and weakens the giver temporarily. Given a large amount of blood woven with this magic, it can even restore missing body parts and revert heavy damage. This magic cannot work on those without flesh and cannot 'resurrect'.

    -Possession: [Req. MAG 4+, touch attack] Through constant channeling you can control another entity as your vessel. If your target has a will score greater than one (non-NPC) or breaks the channel, the effect quickly diminishes.

    -Sacrifice: By providing a viable sacrifice presumably to dark gods, you are gifted extremely enhanced strength for a short period of time. (+4 STR, 10 minute duration)

    -Mind swap:[spell] [Req. MAG 6+, INT 1+] you gain the ability to temporarily switch places with another mind, gaining all their abilities but still being able to recall any spells you know. Additionally you may choose to carry your magic stat to the temporary body, but this will leave your old body with no magic, dispersing any protective spells currently active. If the individual you swap with has INT 1+ and was not unconscious, they have free control over your body and any powers it has (though not spells.) The effect fades if you sleep, go unconscious or you have your magic blocked. If you do not carry your magic over to your temporary body the effect fades after 10 minutes.
    If your target has a higher or equal INT score, they may attempt to switch back.

    -Aura of Fear: [Spell][Req. MAG 7+] [Req. At least 2 Dark Arts] You emanate a radiance of pure fear and are an embodiment of nightmare fuel. Those around you cower and you are immune to fear-effects yourself. The extent to which this spell affects creatures varies individual to individual usually based on innate willpower.

    Lost Magic:


    The weapon you use is only limited by your ability to lift and swing it. If a weapon is not on the list feel free to ask and I will add it here.

    Weapon | Requirements

    Fists | [0+ STR]

    Staff | [0+ STR]

    Orb | [0-2 STR]

    Tome | [0+ STR] [1+ MAG to open]

    Wand | [0+ STR] [1+ INT]

    Brass Knuckles | [1+ STR]
    Shield | [1+ STR]
    Gauntlets | [1+ STR]

    Sword(1 handed) | [1+ STR] [2+ Dex if dual]

    Dagger | [1+ STR][1+ DEX if hidden]

    Scythe | [1+ STR][2+ STR if 2 handed][1+ DEX if dual]

    Spear | [1+ STR][1+ DEX if throwable]

    Sword (2 handed) | [2+ STR]

    Shield(weaponized) | [2+ STR][2+ DEF]

    Lance | [2+ STR]

    Eastern | [3+ STR][1+ DEX]

    Sling | [0+ DEX]
    Bow | [1+ DEX]
    Crossbow | [2+ DEX][1+ STR]
    Heavy Crossbow | [3+ DEX][2+ STR]

    Repeating Crossbow | [4+ DEX][2+ STR]

    Tower Shield | [4+ DEF]



    (These are free to take, but taking too many can have horrible and negative consequences)

    Cursed to roam at night as the harsh rays from the sun sear and boil your delicate skin. Vampires are blessed with rapid regeneration and enhanced phisique. The only ways to Kill a vampire are to drive a stake through their heart or behead them. Vampires must drink the blood of the living to keep their strength up, failure to drink blood or exposure to sunlight leaves a Vampire Fatigued and Weakened. Making catching them and killing them a very easy task.

    By the pale of the full moon your body is twisted and contorted, stretching into that of a beast. Lycanthropes typically come in the form of werewolves but it is not unheard of for other hybrids. Lycanthropes have heightened senses and in their transformed state they have improved regenerative powers and phisique. After a while one can learn to control the transformation, but even then it takes many years to master control under a full moon.
    When it is a full moon Lycanthropes suffer from the following [STR +2][INT-2] Your INT can go negative and if it does you lose control.

    Lycanthropes are always weak to silver.


    Somewhere along the line your family has come into contact with Demons, perhaps an ancestor or maybe just a Pact gone wrong. For your ancestors ill deeds you now suffer the consequences. Fiendish blood manifests itself in inconsistent ways, giving the afflicted all manner of horns, tails, fangs, scales, as such these people are rarely welcomed into society, usually viewed as evil demons and often succeptable to the stereotype.

    This affliction can only be cured by a Wish.


    For each curse you take you immediately gain access to 2 new skills/powers/spells/abilitys/etc. A word of warning though, curses are not to be taken lightly and are not easily removed.

    The Whispers:
    You hear strange whispers that seem to come from nowhere.

    You cannot see.

    You are tied to this plane of existence and cannot leave it but through death. Those with aurasight can see the chains surrounding your body.

    In the palm of your hand rests a peculiar mark that pertains to a particular entity, this mark can only mean one thing. [When choosing marked, you do not get to decide who or what has marked you, this will be up to my discretion and fair warning, it does not bode well for your character if you cannot come to an agreement.]

    Current Characters:

    Red = inactive
    Blue = Moderator

    Elgar || Solawind
    Caerwyn Willowgrove || Meritania
    Etorias Ahmes || RokudoMitsuru
    Pearce Allan || Willowisp323
    Buraindo Majikku || Solar_San
    Karelleth Losia || angelgirlx617
    Marcus || GeorgeNinja
    San'gerdon Danaesk || pokemad1
    Hikaru || Sabertooth1114

    Elena Cataegis || CloakedShadow
    Silver || BookWyrm17


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    Hey, that's pretty good.

    (I finished my last exam yesterday)

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    City: Allvanah
    A large boat descends down onto the docks of Allvanah, large crates chained to its carrying surface. "Bring 'er down!" A bald man wearing a vest made of some sort of burnt hide was waving the ship down. Large chains are were lowered and hooked onto metal posts protruding from just beyond the walls of Allvanah. The man gave a thumbs up signal as the ship settled beside the sky port.

    "What cargo are you carrying?" "Oh, some large metal plates we found near Betsora, we're hoping they can be of some worth at Cera but we need supplies." "Metal plates you say?" The scrawny fellow piloting the sky ship frantically lifted a slim rectangular object from a crate, it was of a dull gold colour and had some interesting patterns. "They're all nearly the same, we found them just sitting in a pile on an island near to 'Sora." The bald man nodded. "Interesting, hopefully the smiths of Cerera can make something of them. Anyways, carry on your business, there should be plenty supplies of your needing here, we just got some shipments this morning."

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    Isn't an olympic swimming pool 50m (First google result)?

    Things will be a bit slow for a week because I am studing for my finals. I took a couple of days off from the internet/my life to chill in preparation for said study. I should start posting dailyish though, just not multi-daily for another week.

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    Skullfisk stats:

    Name: Skullfisk

    Type: Clawfisk [ABERRANT]

    Rank: B

    Height: 20m

    Width: 40m (body: 20m, Spikes, 10m /side)

    Length: ~130m


    -Defy Gravity



    -Huge bite


    Estimated required manpower:


    Current manpower:
    Hunters: 5

    Artillery Tower: 10 (Amplified *~5 = 50)

    Total: ~55

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    Ripples, rails and various other projectiles streamed into the air above Cerera, pelting the creature's tough armor hide, dealing what seemed to be minimal damage. "What kind of creature is that." One guard on the exterior of the 4th Artillery Tower floor, manning a large cannon beside another individual manning a similar arm pointed with one arm as he continued to fire with the wheel in his other hand. "It's ginormous, what's the rating on this one?" The other one was focusing more so on the fight, grasping his cannon controls with both hands but still managed to find time to speak into the radio near his head. "They're treating it as a class B. All members of the guild have been issued to return and help, but I think we'll only get 7 or 8 of them since there was a scouting group headed to Cerera underside today.

    "At least most of the Tower guards were on duty." The first guard looked at a monitor near his cannon, there were 6 floors operational so far out of a total of 20, though of course they only had enough man power for 8 or 9 tower with manpower stretched thin working in the city. The 4th tower housed two of the most powerful weapons, the ripple-gigacannons, though their external nature meant anyone ballsy enough to learn to use them would be more exposed to the elements.

    The creature came closer into view, circling high above the city, several of its fronter spikes split and opened, revealing odd organs that began raining smaller, like-coloured spikes onto the city. As they hit some of these exploded but many just simply pierced, the town had already become chaos.

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    City: Cerera

    "... yeah, and I was just sitting down on floor one when she- oh gods." "what? What is it?!" "oh gods, oh gods, oh gods." The first guard dropped his small metal cup, it clattered against the metal floor of the artillery tower as the man begun frantically running towards the other side of the circular room, he slammed his hand into a large red button and sirens began to work their way throughout Cerera.

    "ABERRANT!" The second guard manning this third floor of the artillery tower had gone pale, his pupils narrowed in fright, gleaming towards the city of Cerera was a Clawfisk almost three times the normal size and with a skull for visage. Its tendrilly legs stood like spikes jutting along the side of its body, cutting through the air.

    "oh gods, sjik, this thing.. that... it." The first guard snapped him out of it with a sharp yell of his name. "..snap out of it! I need help manning this floor." The second guard nodded and grabbed a console and set of levers in the center of the room, with a flurry the exterior cannons of the third floor began shifting and turning, readjusting to face the approaching monstrosity.

    Rank B: Skullfisk [ABERRANT]
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    "Frek! I'm deathly allergic to bullets." Zaera muttered under his breath. "Someone take out the rockets and I think I see one sniper in there, can't have that." His voice began to fade as he began to dance left and right like a sheet of silk in the wind. "I'll slow down the warforgeds' thought processing to the speed of a human and the vampires shouldn't be able to do much as average joe's" He was at a near-whisper, but with a tone of surety to his voice. "Oh and I'll be the distraction" Zaera paused near the Warforged's head, a few feet of the ground momentarily listly lazily towards the ground. "Don't get bit." With a grin he disappeared into the trees to the left.

    Moments later a small tan satchel hit the ground wit a thump having being flung from somewhere in the treeline. One elve perhapsadly leading a squad of vampires raised his chin, motioning two of the soldiers to go check it out. The two reached the treeline and after a couple of seconds of pointing their guns in all directions they about-faced and shook their heads.

    "Surprise mother-truckers!" Zaera burst from the pack being investigated by a couple more vampires, his sword piercing one through the underside of his jaw and he then with a swift motion both severed the head and sent it flying towards a second vampire who repelled in disgust, firing his weapons into the air in haste. Z's offhand windmilled the pack towards a third unlucky soul, as soon as he had left the pack its monstrous grotesqueity had resurfaces, rippling into existance as Zaera had willed it to no longer be reserved in its magical means. The pack in what was assumedly anger grimaced and chomped at its victim.

    Beyond witty retorts, Zaera found it difficult to speak while blocking more than three powers at once, but upon slowing the warforged's processing he had became aware of their hive-mind, something he had never read about but was interestingly a feature of these new models. His voice was almost slurred but he managed to get out the correct words whilst facing the elven squad lead. "He-llo, maye name is Za-hera, you killed my father, prepare to die."

    Zaera jumped back almost ten feet when a bolt was shot towards his feet. He stuck out his toungue before running into the trees, a small portion of the army quickly giving chase.

    Moments prior to this debacle Zaera had spun around, flinging his pack before diving into said pack, a lofty endeavor but one he had performed a couple occasions prior.

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    The five walls of Allvanah chimed in quick succession, playing a short tune that was played each evening just before curve down. Noh'rn was just about to enter the Guild gallery to his room and looked up to the sky. Curve down was no subtle action, the curve quickly slid across the sky of the planet and the last of the light faded like a candle being waved out. As soon as the darkness settled, globes hanging above the walkways by cables began to glow. Noh'rn entered the gallery and quickly found his door.

    The guild held many of the less permanent residents of Allvanah, there was one in both of the sister cities also, the doors closer to the entrance were reserved for new inhabitants of nowhere and the rooms further back were where Noh'rn was staying. He passed several noticably empty rooms, eerily silent Noh'rn suspected the group from earlier today were out celebrating their victory.

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    Many events further in the past were mildly different, families not existing, etc. But here are the major shifts in the two other earths:

    E2 probably majorly split around 1910, technology advanced at a much faster pace after technology was at a sufficient level they realised that they had polluted the world to irreversible levels and resources began to shift to biotech and space travel. Notably this earth never went to the moon.

    E3 has about 100 years head start on technology to E1 (our earth) but had a centralised government controlled by an artificial inteligence that governs itself and was worked on by engineers and located in Antarctica. The actual date that it shifted away was probably somewhere around the early 1800's. But beyond that, it evolved at a speed similar to E1. Notably this earth only had 1 major recent world war and it was resolved mostly peacefully with AI intervention.

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    City: Betsora

    Beautiful Betsora, a city nestled on a volcanic island. Channels had been built to redirect the lava flow around the city, its soil is lush and allows for the growth of many foods. Betsora was discovered only recently, about a year or two ago, but was already a human paradise, it was discovered that the sweet smell of the fruits and vegetables native to the island kept many monsters at bay. It would be considered a complete paradise if it were not for the bat problem.

    Bats, (if you were blissfully unaware) are a class N creature, much like a rat with wings. The people of earth 1 say such a creature exists in their world too, but theirs are not the size of houses. Bats while easy to defeat with the right weapons, usually hunt in packs of 4, these packs are treated as a class E threat and should not be taken lightly. It is recommended that 2-3 hunters take on a pack at a time.

    The city of Betsora sports tall, beautiful wind chimes, like cell towers of E1 or the Zet spires of E3, these are placed around farmlands and at the human domain's border, while they keep most of the Bats from attacking or eating the fruit, dedicated Bat squads remain on patrol at all times, particularly at night. During the day (Curve up) the Bats often are sleeping, hanging from the bottom of the volcanic island and many smaller surrounding islands.

    ((As you can probably tell, we have City A, B and C. It should be easy to keep track of things happening in each.))

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    Zaera kept pace with a blank expression on his face for a moment while he processed the concept of conjuration magic. "Oh. I see... I guess you're not a ninja then." The person didn't seem to comprehend the concept of 'ninja', Z had never really thought much on the matter but the shadow warriors made up the majority of his former clan's policing power. "That's a rather convenient ability, I would give a lot to not have to lug George here around, but his disagreeable nature makes him a great ally in combat. Plus he seems to negate the weight of this here weapon." Zaera swished his blade around once more.

    Now aware that this task was little more than a performance measuring exercise, Zaera was a little less excited for what lay ahead, he had been told by an old advisor of his now disbandoned clan that this was an opportunity to potentially quell the demon lord's armies. A demonstration of ability was not too much to ask he supposed, it was likely the Phari did not wish to send young unfortunates off to their early death. "Well, The name is Zaera, it is hopefully a pleasure to work along side you and these other unfortunates in the endeavor to stop the demon lord and his armies."

    As Zaera continued, he began to consider how he would defeat the mercenaries, their shipment would either be arms or irrelivant to the ensuing battle. Mercenaries capable of stealing vandheim tech would likely have stolen all the relevant gear to keep their soldiers well armed, Though he was uncultured on many of the up and coming gangs, Zaera knew vampires, even with awakened abilities, the supposed 'new tricks' didn't concern him in the slightest. Any non-vampire creature would be of Zaera's priority concern, while not all of the mercenaries would be guaranteed to be vampires, there were not that many races that would willingly coalesce with vamps.

    Zaera took one more look at his team. The mechanoid likely would not hesitate before advancing, Zaera had read of times when warforged would be used to fight armies turned creatures and men. The conjurer seemed well versed in armed combat, the ghost-like weapon assortment seemed very refined. The older gentleman, Kingsmith or something, had said he was in some sort of service for two decades, and moments before had sounded pretty sure of himself when it came to combating vampires, Z was sure this one would be able to handle himself. There was another who had entered the tavern just as the group was beginning to leave, though from her interjections it sounded as if she too were part of the team.

    "Things are not going to be easy while we adjust to one-other's strengths and weaknesses. As a forewarning I'm not good with a sword, nor does this one have any magical properties. As a fairwarning, my bag will bite your hand off if you accidentally get near."

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    City: Cerera

    Encircled by a large metal wall which was made from a materal that resembled steel, Cerera was a city of production and manufacturing. At her heart rests the artillery tower; A giant spike made from levels upon levels of mismatched cannons reaching up into the fog. Each level took two people to control and was the last line of protection for the guns and ships being made here. The local population of Cerera is a lot smaller than the other two cities, only 20 people live here permanently, mostly engineers.

    Three people of Cerera ran 'the deathtrap' a local area including a mine from which a few metals were dug up, though the majority of metal came from the nets hanging above, catching particular creatures that were good for rarer metals. One was unhooking a bird-like creature the size of the bus, common procedure was to let them escape and then collect the razor feathers they dropped, often they would come back with more or when they had grown back most of the feathers, perpetuating the cycle. The creature let out a piercing squark in the face of the man who was wearing headphones, before it flew off hastily, trying to get away from the deathtrap. "Hmm, a relatively decent haul."

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