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    The group looked back on the new and improved Peach Shrine.

    R: Wonderful! With all the supplies that we STOLE we could make JUST A FLOOR! BRILLIANT PLANNING!

    P: Would you rather have just one wall?

    "Perhaps it would have been a better bet to steal money than wooden planks from that Winter Town..."

    "Never mind. Either way, We might as well see what the other towns that aren't buried in snow look like. Plus, we might find a random dungeon or monster we can beat up and get me some GOLD!"

    R: This is a Valley. Not a Videogame.

    After the useless repair they've made on the Peach Shrine, the group began heading downwards towards the City that the 4.1.3 Squad had began moving into.

    P: Perhaps we should try to not get any bad infamy before you try to become a Deity.

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