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    posted a message on [WIP] LoMaS MMO OVERHAUL Mod - NOW WITH A SERVER! - RPG Style Classes, player-created NPC Cities, Economy, and more!

    That's alright, completely understandable! I'll keep my eye out for when something becomes available; I don't feel like I can fully appreciate this mod until I play it with others.

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    posted a message on [WIP] LoMaS MMO OVERHAUL Mod - NOW WITH A SERVER! - RPG Style Classes, player-created NPC Cities, Economy, and more!

    Definitely willing to try this out and help playtest, provided you'd have me.

    Would you PM me the server information?

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    posted a message on Skaiacraft - a Homestuck Mod for Minecraft; Coders Needed!

    It could just be my imagination, but it seems the Minestuck mod has stagnated somewhat and (as of right now) kind of loses purpose once you reach the Medium? It's an undoubtedly awesome mod regardless (and I could very well just not 'get' it, as I don't exactly have the desire to rifle through the various posts in search of documentation), but I wouldn't see anything wrong with expressing a desire to expand on ideas that they have not.

    If I ever pick up modeling again, and you get a better chance to work on your coding, I'd be happy to try and provide mobs and what-not.

    Ramblings aside, I very much support this and will be looking forward to whatever comes of it. :)

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    posted a message on WearMC - Full character customisation! [www.WearMC.com]

    I'm rather impressed with the versatility of the mod. I've held off on asking for Advanced Access since it suited my needs well on its own, but I guess it's time to bite the bullet :P

    My username is Solaptrys. Thanks. :)

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    posted a message on [WIP]Path of a Villain/Hero (Superpowers Mod)

    As for the mega potential, it may be that it really is that difficult to get, the code doesn't leave a lot of room for error, I'll turn the chance up a little bit for next release, and make sure I'm getting some points before I release it.

    I would recommend this, too; I spent an extensive time trying to test out the chances of gaining MP, and I got past +1000 potential without any gains. It could have just been my game, as I was experiencing strange server-side-like lag for seemingly no reason, which sort of leveled out after an hour (or three?). Very interesting mod nonetheless, and I am excited to see where this goes! Best of luck.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Real World RP <> Modded Country Roleplay Private Server <> Need People And Youtubers To Start Up <> Donations Needed

    Name: Brenden or Jack (IGN: Solaptrys)

    Age: 17

    YouTube Channel: (N/A, possibly willing to start one up)

    Skype: castlebasher

    Will you donate:

    This is iffy for me, because I can't actually tell the quality of the server and whether or not it's worth it. That, and I don't currently have a job due to doctor's appointments happening non-stop, and volunteer classes. If I get a job, I may be willing to help in the financial regard. Apologies, otherwise.

    Why you want to join:

    I'm looking for something to do, and I consider myself a rather adept RolePlayer with a large vocabulary and a penchant for prose. I'm usually more of a fantasy or Sci-Fi person, but this seems like it could have potential. I can probably bring some life to any Scenes that may happen, YouTube or otherwise.

    Ideas for the Server:

    I would recommend not going overboard on the mods - keep it fairly low to allow people with weaker rigs to be able to comfortably play. Do some research on what mods are intensive, what ones aren't, and see if you can find combinations of mods (such as OptiFine + Fast Craft) that may assist the struggling.


    Feel free to be critical with your decision. I'm an adult (at least in mind/personality) and can handle rejection.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this,


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