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    This is my first suggestion ; I have tried to research for anything like this without any results, but I do apologize if I have missed a similar topic. Also, I'm sorry for the lame pictures - I wanted something to show visually, not a piece of art for my portfolio.
    So here we go.

    EDIT(s) :
    20-2-2011 Changed the HP from 10 to five, which seems to be more logical considering how small the Creep is.
    21-2-2011 Added Poll.
    13-3-2011 Modified the Creep's attack (smaller explosions). Added note/suggestion by King Dedede.

    I don't have a name for it, so I'll call it a Creep, since Creepers were the direct inspiration for this.
    Here's how it looks :

    Name : Creep? Mini-Creeper? Dog? (suggestions welcomed)
    HP : 5 hp
    Drop : 0-2 Sulphur, 0-1 Bone, 1 Music Disc (the same way you would obtain one from a Creeper)
    Attack Strength :
    - The explosion is 1/6 as strong as TNT so it's random/varies
    - Melee attack is weak (think of it as the Creep biting your ankles), so something like 1hp (Easy), 2hp (Normal), 3hp (hard)
    Spawn : Light level of 7 or less on Earth. Anywhere but half blocks or glass.
    Size : About half the size of a Creeper

    Behavior : They wander randomly, sometimes pausing to have a short nap. If they see a Skeleton they will attack it (because of their love of bones). If they see a Creeper they will follow it but won't attack (kinship?). If they see a Player they will happily run/pounce at them and attempt to get pets (the way Creepers want hugs). They may or may not explode right away, instead biting once or twice before exploding (out of excitement I guess). And, more importantly ; if the Creep sees a Bone, it will change it's top priority and make it so he goes there no matter what. Once he gets to a Bone it eats it, which takes a couple of seconds.

    So what makes them different from other mobs?
    First, the AI. They have specific behaviors depending on what they encounter, making it so they will create interesting reactions from other mobs (following a Creeper then starting a brawl with a Skeleton they met, for example).
    Second, a bit more variety with mobs. The Creep would be fast but weak, making it perfect for surprise attacks - being sneaky the same way Creepers are. It would also make for an interesting challenge for both new and seasoned players. Running away from a Creep would definitely make you think twice about prancing in the woods at night, and making proper defenses and traps for them when you have your own fort would be fun as well.

    So that's the extent of my thoughts for now... please do share your suggestions, keep the trolling to a minimum, and forgive me if my English kind of sucks, my native language is French XD



    Quote from King Dedede »

    I also REALLY like the idea of having it interact with other mobs, here are my interaction ideas:
    Spiders and other Creeps - they will play with each other, play swipes, bowling over, yapping (screeching for Spiders), riding on each other's back ect.
    Squids - will make a curious yapping sounds, nip the squid and run away in disgust
    Cows - no interaction
    Pigs - no interaction
    Sheep - it will run around them, and try and clump them together as close as possible
    Player - it will charge up to you (bowling you over) and will nip you, explode from excitement, grab and eat thrown bones. If it is given 15 bones it will not explode, despawn and it won't bite as often. If attacked with a fist it will pet it, if petted enough (even when it's nipping you) it will fall asleep
    Creeper - it will loyally follow the Creeper around, and if the Creeper dies it will whine and stay by its owner's grave until another Creeper comes by. It will not interact with the player or other mobs in this state.
    Zombie - no interaction
    Zombie Pigmen - no interaction
    Skeleton - it will attack the skeleton (biting only)
    Ghast - Ghasts will ignore the Creep, unless it hangs around to long, then the Ghast will get annoyed and start chasing and attacking the Creep
    Chicken - it will start barking wildly and chase after the Chickens, biting them if it can catch them
    Baby Creeper - a Creeper that can be downloaded in a certain mod. Creeps will act the same around baby Creepers as they do around normal Creepers, but Baby Creepers will throw bones for the Creep
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