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    posted a message on [1.2.4!!!]*=* The Revered Realm *=* [New!][Auto-Whitelist][Custom Guilds][Towny][Heroes][Arenas][Auto Spleef][Events][Great staf
    Age : 23
    IGN : Sohym
    What are you excited about? Trying out my first public server. I've played on some small, private servers with friends, but they didn't have all those amazing events and mods...
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    posted a message on Mob Concept - Mini-Creepers (+pics) [v.1.1]
    I have modified the explosion. It was indeed too strong, for such a small thing XD
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    posted a message on quicksand jungle mud and sink holes
    I agree, a nice, special swirly-style animation would work better than glitch-like blocks falling and bouncing around. Quicksand and mud sounds good. Sink holes already exist naturally...
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    posted a message on Multiblock Decorations
    I'm sorry if someone submitted a similar idea before. With the search bar down, I could only look quickly at a few suggestion pages and didn't found anything similar. Here goes ;

    The idea :
    With the arrival of beds in Minecraft, we have the proof that it's possible to create items/blocks that spawn on more than one block when placed down. Combined with the 'painting' system already existing, it could allow us a great variety of decorations for our homes, temples, dungeons, etc.

    What you need to know :
    Beds spawn over two blocks long in front of you when you place them on a horizontal surface. They are considered a lone block and you can't destroy one part and keep the rest of it.
    Paintings are picked at random and vary in size when you place them on a vertical surface. They are are considered barely more than a flat texture and will easily be destroyed with a punch. You can't only destroy one part of it, whatever it's size.

    How multiblocks decorations would work:
    They would be picked at random and would vary in size (1 to 3 blocks high) when you would place them on a horizontal surface. They would be considered a lone block and you couldn't destroy one part and keep the rest of it. They would be full fledged blocks.

    What they would look like :
    Statues, columns, armor stands, weapon stands, vases, gargoyles, stuffed animal, tombstone, etc... almost any decorations you ever hoped for. And modifying the textures would allow you to have your own, personalized version of it that goes well with your texture pack and needs.

    Thoughts, suggestions, critiques...?

    tldr; as the title said, multiblock decorations.

    Note : English isn't my first language. I apologize for the mistakes I might have made.
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    posted a message on Half Wide blocks? (vertically cut)
    It could be fun! And with a little texture fix, make great columns...
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    posted a message on New mob for Minecraft - Ghosts
    You know what? That's pretty sweet. Instead of just dying and leaving your loot, you'd have to fight to get it back. And it would add an interesting mob, too. But perhaps it should "haunt" the area where you died. Perhaps spawn a tombstone at the exact spot where you die (or the closest one if it was underwater/in lava) and the ghost couldn't wander more than a certain radius from that. Destroying the tombstone would kill the ghost but also destroy your items?
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    posted a message on The Mineshaft Block
    Add the wooden platform(s) and that'll just be wonderful. Elevators! I love it!
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    posted a message on Mob Concept - Mini-Creepers (+pics) [v.1.1]
    Quote from King Dedede »
    I like the tail too.

    I also REALLY like the idea of having it interact with other mobs, here are my interaction ideas:
    Spiders and other Creeps - they will play with each other, play swipes, bowling over, yapping (screeching for Spiders), riding on each other's back ect.
    Squids - will make a curious yapping sounds, nip the squid and run away in disgust
    Cows - no interaction
    Pigs - no interaction
    Sheep - it will run around them, and try and clump them together as close as possible
    Player - it will charge up to you (bowling you over) and will nip you, explode from excitement, grab and eat thrown bones. If it is given 15 bones it will not explode, despawn and it won't bite as often. If attacked with a fist it will pet it, if petted enough (even when it's nipping you) it will fall asleep
    Creeper - it will loyally follow the Creeper around, and if the Creeper dies it will whine and stay by its owner's grave until another Creeper comes by. It will not interact with the player or other mobs in this state.
    Zombie - no interaction
    Zombie Pigmen - no interaction
    Skeleton - it will attack the skeleton (biting only)
    Ghast - Ghasts will ignore the Creep, unless it hangs around to long, then the Ghast will get annoyed and start chasing and attacking the Creep
    Chicken - it will start barking wildly and chase after the Chickens, biting them if it can catch them
    Baby Creeper - a Creeper that can be downloaded in a certain mod. Creeps will act the same around baby Creepers as they do around normal Creepers, but Baby Creepers will throw bones for the Creep

    This is a very cool mob idea, I hope Notch or a modder adds this.

    EDIT: I think Creeps should cause this damage:
    Easy - 1 HP
    Normal - 1.5 HP
    Hard - 2 HP

    Thank you for your imput! I do like the idea of adding more interactions with other mobs. The ones you mentioned are pretty sweet, too. I'll try to whip out an updated version and credit you for the help.

    Quote from Mt.popsicle »
    That is a slime with legs (I am sorry, but it is true). I would like tie dye creepers because they would be pretty awesome (see my mob idea thread for more). I can not see these in the game despite how adorable you made them. I will hug a creeper though.

    Slimes multiply like crazy and are almost like passive mobs... I do like them, but I don't think they're the same.

    Quote from flinnan »
    wow it looks boss!!! only if it was a mod i wish i could know how to mod so i culd mak it for you I might lern just for this! it shows there
    I found it to day :biggrin.gif:

    If I had the patience, the skills and the time, I would try my hand at that... I would try for sure. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to make a mod out of this suggestion it would be amazing.
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    posted a message on Building challenge
    I don't have enough time to participate but I'm very curious as to what people will submit. I shall watch over this topic (and hope more challenges like these will pop up, it's a very interesting concept!).
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    posted a message on Conveyor Belts!
    Since it could work upward, I think it would be interesting. But as for the crafting, I think it could be made in two parts ; first you craft some gears (many people have suggested different versions to craft those so I won't repeat it here, you can imagine it well enough) and then you include them in the crafting for the conveyor belts.

    :_: :_: :_:
    :Coal: :Coal: :Coal:
    :Red: :Red: :Red:

    Here, :_: is leather, :Coal: would be the gears and :Red: is the redstone.

    Either one or 3 redstone, I guess...

    Ah, and while I'm at it... it could work with a block that would work as the beginning and ending of a conveyor belt? If you left-click it, the conveyor is turned on, or off, and if you right click it you can invert the direction the conveyor belt goes. You could put as many blocks as you want... so one in the beginning (and then you have to make it loop) or two blocks (one in the beginning and one in the end) or as many as you wish to extend your conveyor belt. And if you put a chest directly beside/under/above that block, the items gets dropped off directly in it.

    (where :Furnace: is the "motorblock" or whatever you could call it, and :_: is the conveyor belt block itself)

    First option :

    :Furnace: :_: :_: :_: :_: <--- Here the conveyor belt loops. On an overhead view, it would look like this;

    :_: :_: :_: :_: :_:
    :Furnace: [] [] [] :_:
    :_: :_: :_: :_: :_:

    Second option :

    :Furnace: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :Furnace: :chestfront: <--- Here it goes from one block to the other and stops there/gets dropped off in the chest.

    Third option : (if there was a limit to the length of conveyor belt you could put before the redstone doesn't work anymore or something)

    :Furnace: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :Furnace: :_: :_: :_: :_: :_: :Furnace: :chestfront:

    tldr; I'm making it into a more complicated system, sorry.
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    posted a message on Social Overhaul
    I like the idea a lot, but I have a couple of suggestions.
    The trading should only work if you're both in the same server, or it doesn't make sense (I don't know if there should be a 'minimum distance' to make it work, though).
    Also, perhaps it would be nice if you had only access to basic information about your friends unless you were in the same server. What I mean is ;
    When you're in different servers ---> Online/Offline, Since when (what time), Name of Server (they are on).
    When you're in the same server ---> (all the ones above and the following information : ) Activity (Mining, Fighting, Sleeping, Idle (not moving at all since some time), Chatting, etc), Health (not "4hp" but things like "Healthy, Alright, Normal, In Danger, Dead"), etc....
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    posted a message on Cave mob: Stalker
    Oh man how creepy would that be (in a good way) XD I would go paranoid walking around in the cave and knowing that thing could be lurking around. I hope it gets added!
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    posted a message on Environmental Ambience
    I agree completely - and also the video really proves how much more involving it would be. The world would feel much more alive that way!
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    posted a message on Let people move, mine, and look while talking
    Minecraft isn't exactly like any other game.
    Anyways, have fun with your campaign/suggestion. Good luck :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Let people move, mine, and look while talking
    Quote from Zygrograxgra »
    Quote from Sohym »
    Just use skype, ventrillo, or any voicechat of your choice....?
    Any given mmo doesn't allow typing while you use the keyboard - at most, you can use the mouse to select the skills and spells and such, while you type, but that still requires a lot of coordination and will most likely end up with both actions being half-assed.

    1: Minecraft is not an mmo
    and 2: look at my sig

    1 : No it's not, indeed. But this is a Multiplayer-specific "issue", and thus I compared it to something similar to explain my point of view.
    2 : I don't care.
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