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    posted a message on PlatinumCraft: Whitelisted Vanilla Survival server looking for new recruits. Apply now!!

    Minecraft IGN: AlbinosUnite

    Name/preferred name(MC name is fine if that's all you want to give): PanCake

    Age: 15

    Timezone: Eastern Time Zone

    How active will you be on the server?: Fairly active, I'd say maybe about 3-5 times a week.

    Why would you like to join?: To play and experience survival minecraft with a friendly community on a multiplayer server.

    Do you agree with all the rules?: Of course

    What's your discord id?: PanCakePC#4062

    What's your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?: Building structures

    do yo have any particular Minecraft skills?: Building is what I'd consider myself to be the most talented at.

    Tell me a bit about you!: I'm an athlete that likes to play sports such as basketball and tennis, and besides minecraft, I'm also very into competitive games and the competitive gaming scene.

    Why should we accept you?: I'm hoping to add to the server and help anyone out as much as I'm capable of doing.

    Got any questions for us?: Not at the moment.

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    posted a message on NO SCREENSHOTS SMP | 100% VANILLA [Hermitcraft Inspired] | New map | Accepting Applications
    IGN: AlbinosUnite
    Age: 15
    Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone
    Country: United States of America
    Discord: PanCakePC
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: For about 4-5 years now.
    How ACTIVE will you be on the server?: I'm very active in playing minecraft, so I assume that I'll also be fairly active on this server as well.
    Why this server? Why do you want to join?: I'm looking for a server that was absolutely vanilla with a friendly community, I don't enjoy playing with plugins which most servers have.
    What is your biggest strength/Weakness in the game?: I'd like to think that I excel at building in the game, working on big projects that I like to expand on over time. My biggest weakness would have to be working with redstone, as I just can't get my head around all the complicated wiring.
    What isn't allowed?: There is no stealing/griefing, no spamming, no pvp unless both parties consent, no hacking or cheating, and no screenshots.
    What are you looking forward to?: Building and having other people to hang out with on the server.
    Tell me some more about yourself: I'm athlete who plays tennis and basketball, I'm also very much into competitive fighting games, and hope to one day become an editor for film or TV.
    Other/Questions?: None that I can think of.
    Thank you for reading my application, and I hope to be whitelisted.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Lake SMP (Vanilla, 1.10, Whitelist)

    What is your mc username?


    Where do you live and what is your timezone?

    United States, Maryland. And the timezone is Eastern Time Zone (UTC)

    How old are you?

    14 years old

    Whats your Skype (optional)?


    Why would you like to join this SMP?

    I would like to join this SMP because of the fact that I like to play Vanilla Survival Minecraft, and love to build in Minecraft. But playing Survival Minecraft by myself has gotten pretty boring. So to fix that I want to join a multiplayer vanilla survival server and be able to interact with others while enjoying the game, and have fun with it again.

    What is your best minecraft skill?

    Definitely building. Which is also my favorite thing to do in the game.

    What makes you stand out than the rest?

    My unique building style can make my structures stand out from the rest on the server. And my personality can be outgoing and willing to help others out. And unlike others, I will, and want to, play with the other players on the sever and help them out.

    Thank you for reading, and thank you for considering me for the server.

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    posted a message on [1.8] The3Worlds [Vanilla|No Whitelist|24/7|Survival|500Slots]

    My name is AlbinosUnite, and may I have mine Aqua? Please xD

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    posted a message on Spacecraft [1.8 snapshot] [Vanilla] [Whitelist] [Mindcrack style]
    IGN: NyanNate

    Age: 13

    Country: Canada

    Why would you like to join: I'm looking for a fun community to play, build, and chat with.

    Your Strengths: Building small to medium scaled houses

    Your Weaknesses: Redstone projects

    How much do you play weekly: With school and homework in the way, I might say I get about 10-16 hours of gameplay each week (Including Saturdays and Sundays)

    How long have you been playing minecraft: 2-3 years

    Skype: SoftPancakes (Or samuel.ellis22)

    And, quack quack.
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