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    posted a message on THE ANERIAN CHRONICLES [RP][Airships][Classes][Player-Driven-Story][Extensive Lore]
    I just wanted to mention before a whitelister saw, you two, above me, your skin pictures aren't working.
    Giratina your link isn't working you need to edit that so there's a space between the ":" and the file link.
    And generalknox your's doesn't show up at all.
    Just wanted to let you know so a whitelister doesn't see that and asks you to re-post causing you to go
    through all that trouble again. ;)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition Adventure Map: Planet Shadow Part 1
    This is an adventure map I made it has a storyline you'll have to download as well
    Here it is please enjoy if there are any problems with downloading
    or in game problems like spawning in the wrong area please notify me and I'll try to fix it soon.



    This is the storyline you'll also need:


    If you see clay blocks that are out of place those are Easter Eggs there are two, though I forget where the second one is and what it is.
    Please enjoy and if there's anything you think that should be
    added or changed or gotten rid of please notify me. And keep watch for the
    next one in the series.
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    posted a message on The Miners of MCPE Build-Off
    The Miners of MCPE are doing a build off all Generation Miners can join. Next time if this goes well I will talk with a Miner member about making this much cooler looking. Anyway the Miners who want to join will build off of this theme: Spooky Everyone will start on Monday and by the end of the week (US time) they will upload their maps. If you would like to judge just ask.


    Second Generation Miners can compete so if you want to show off your skills go here and ask to join. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1539324-second-generation-miners-of-mcpe/
    Also check out the Original Generation Miners topic to see what we've been talking about and making. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1501443-the-miners-of-mcpe/page__hl__ miners mcpe
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    posted a message on Hardcore Mode NOW!
    I want Hardcore mode! It's not that hard to add in just make the mobs tougher faster and spawn more. Anyone else want Hardcore mode?
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    posted a message on Minecraft - For the Wii
    It would be easier if Mojang made a Minecraft for Wii. Lot more money that way and with the upcoming Wii U with tablet like remote it could be huge. Mojang should totally make Minecraft Wii. To hell with the Microsoft contract if there even really was one. Seriously no game company would want to sign to just one game system. Modern Warfare is on almost every system and they rake in money like crazy because of that if Mojang was smart they'd "freelance" to all systems.
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    posted a message on PC Minecraft on Tablets?
    Can the pc minecraft work on a tablet like Toshiba with ports for a keyboard perhaps? Oh and I know about PE but I don't mean that.
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    posted a message on Beds Mod
    Could someone add a question mark! Seriously its just one extra key pressed for God sake it's not that hard!
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    posted a message on Minecraft PE Cracked?
    I need someone who doesnt have the full PE and an
    Android phone to download this and try it I may have
    just found PE Cracked!
    Download link: http://db.tt/STab8Jn4

    There may be specific way to install this though so here

    Install rules?:
    1. Download file
    2. Go to or get Astro File Explorer
    3. Find the file and click it this should bring up a page
    saying "Do you want to install?" if so press yes. If not it
    didnt work
    4. Go to it and play hopefully ( If you get this far to actually
    having it the only thing that may happen is it says you have
    a unpaid file which is one of my only fears for this not working.)

    If this works please press the green button near my signature and
    have fun! If it doesnt work Ill probably delete this topic.
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    posted a message on Halo Reach Maps?
    Hmm Ill try to make Blood Gulch (original) and Spire perhaps.
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    posted a message on Next Update! 0.4.0/0.3.1
    Furnaces iron and iron tools if thats it I will kill Daniel and Aron!
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