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    Quote from ASDS28

    I don't know why, but I can't stream this video. I tried it on about three Windows 8 computers, and I tried going to Youtube to see the original movie. The only thing that comes out is the audio. Check the movie for any accidental bugs.

    Be glad you can't watch it. lol Maybe your computers are trying to tell you not to watch it? lol JK
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    Hello, and welcome to the Groundhog Day Scenario Discussion Topic!

    First off if your wondering:
    What is a Groundhog Day Scenario?

    Well a Groundhog Day Scenario is when you live the same day over and over again. Example: You go to sleep on Monday and wake up on the same Monday and everything starts over.
    A Groundhog Day Scenario is a "time-loop" basically.

    What this topic is for:

    Discussion of the Groundhog Day Scenario.

    Some examples of what to discuss are:

    How one could be made, what "rules" does it have, and what you would do if you experienced one.

    Here's an example of how to write out what your experiences would be:

    Groundhog Day Diary:
    July 25, 2013 (every day)

    Day 1. I woke up to find myself reliving the same day as yesterday. I don't know how this happened and whether writing this down will keep, but if I get out of this state, this may be all I have to show what happened. So I'm writing this diary to help out others who may experience this as well. Wish me luck in escaping this strange phenomenon!
    Day 2. Again same day, what I wrote in this book appears to have stayed, I wonder if it works with writing other things? To find out I wrote to my friend to call me tomorrow at 5PM about something. If he calls then that will prove my theory, we'll see.
    Day 3. He didn't call and had no memory of getting the message (and of course no memory of what happened "yesterday"), apparently things scheduled for the next day become non-existent after midnight, perhaps due to the next day not really existing either.

    That's could be how you write out your Groundhog Day, if you choose, only with whatever parameters you choose for a Groundhog Day to work and it's "rules".

    So, what are your thoughts on the Groundhog Day Scenario?

    How is it made?

    What "rules" does it have?

    What would you do if you experienced one?

    And how would you get out of one?

    Good luck, and Happy Groundhog Day!
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    That was.... something... I don't even know what that was....
    And DON'T eat wild blueberries either.
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    LOL caleb, I love your new profile picture! What the heck is that thing, though? It almost looks like a bee.
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    I love how some people say "Sorry for spelling errors, English isn't my first language."
    But everything is spelled correctly and there aren't any grammar mistakes either.
    And yet some people who know English as their first language mess up with spelling
    and grammar! LOL :P
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    Out of Character Information

    IGN: Socfuz

    Real-Life Age: 16

    Do you have a Skype? If so, what is your Skype Name? (This is by no means required and holds no weight on your acceptance. We just use Skype a lot): Yes, it’s Socfuz

    Have you read all of the rules, agree to abide by them, and by the decisions of our staff?:
    Sir, yes, sir!

    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?: RP'ing something happened without leading up to it with other RP messages so the other person can't respond to it. Example: I punched Sarfu in the stomach. The other player must be allowed to react. Correct example: I swing my fist towards Sarfu's stomach

    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?: Using OOC knowledge in character, like crafting recipes.

    What is the definition of “Roleplay”?: Pretending to be a made up character and acting out your character's moves, thoughts, and actions.

    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?: No one.

    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?: When the other player accepts it.

    When are you allowed to speak out of character?: If you seriously need to ask a question out of game, like: Wait my stuff didn't respawn with me, why? or state something (like incorrect grammar) that won't hinder the RP.

    Have you read the primary server lore of our server and agree to roleplay in accordance with it?: Yes.

    Who is allowed to use magic?: Only those who have learned it at the Academy.

    Who are the Fallen?: The Fallen were separated from the rest of the humans in the beginning time. They are a somewhat peaceful and superstitious people.

    When and how did our current government come to be?: In 169 A.R. by the Chancellor who formed three advisory positions under him. The three positions are: Master of Blades, Master of Words, Master of Coins. Which I'm guessing means these are the leaders of specific branches like Defense, Schooling/Learning, and Economy

    Who are the Order of Aradin?: A group of people who patrol the skies, in blimps and hot air balloons, to protect the villagers from aerial assaults.

    What are the Net and Essence? The Net is barrier under the islands that catches people who fall and are transported to the nearest island, however if you don’t have enough Essence (XP), which can be acquired by killing monsters, the Net will only save you and not your items.

    What previous roleplay experience have you had, if any?: Not much, but I do have a great imagination.

    If you have played on other RP servers, please say which and why you left:

    Character Information

    Name: Shawn Hallert

    Age: 17

    Class: Ranger, but I would like to train to become a Engineer.

    Citizen of the Chancellory or a member of the Medori?: Citizen of the Chancellory.

    Physical description: 5' 11" (5 Foot 11 Inches) 165 Pounds Somewhat muscular arms and legs. Black hair and black eyes. Light tan skin, one large scar on his stomach from a hot air balloon crash. He tried to pilot it at 13. (There's a reason for the goggles, keep reading.)

    Screen capture of your skin:

    Biography (Minimum 400 words. Cannot include loved ones being killed, kidnapped, tortured, or the like, unless you can do it in a non-cliché manner.):

    Shawn was born in a small village as the son of Robert Hallert, a Ranger for the Order of Aradin, and Esther Hallert, a tavern maid. Shawn was taught everything (his father knew) by his father. Shawn learned how to fire a bow and swing a sword correctly by the age of 8. By the age of 10, due to his father and his friendly nature, Shawn had lot's of friends including a blonde girl with jade green eyes, by the name of Guisella Vanfal, who he secretly loved. Most of his friends went to the Academy, while he stayed home and learned from his father. (His father always hated the Academy.)

    The Falling from Grace:
    Shawn had everything! A loving mother and father, friends, a good knowledge of the world, a great attitude towards life, and a plenty of money for clothing and food. But that was all about to change, Shawn just turned 13 that fateful day, the day his life would change forever. His father was sent to help escort a royal from another land one day. His father wouldn't be back for three weeks and told Shawn to: "Stay strong and be brave for me." With those final words his dad placed his piloting goggles on Shawn's head and kissed him goodbye. A strange thing since his father loved those goggles. Three weeks later when his father’s ship returned Shawn and his mother waited eagerly for him to step off the ship, but he didn’t! Shawn’s mother asked the crew captain where her husband was, the crew captain just shrugged and said “He was never on my ship, I know that much.” Shawn and his mother returned home awestruck. They were both thinking the same thing, “Where is he?” Soon after “missing person” signs went up for him then went away along with the money from his job. They now had to survive on the small amount of pay and tips from Esther working as a tavern maid. Shawn lost most of his friends except for Guisella, who felt sorry for him.

    The Map:

    Shawn got a job at the local farm at 16 which brought in some extra money, but still not enough for eating well. One night, when his mother had stayed late at the tavern, Shawn decided to look through his father’s stuff, he found some coins in his dad’s trousers and an old, wrinkled piece of paper. Shawn unraveled it and saw it was a map of one of the islands, he thought it must be a drawing he made when he was younger. But upon closer inspection he noticed he had never seen this island before. Where was this island and is this where his father went? At the bottom of the page were three sets of numbers, numbers he knew to be coordinates. Shawn shoved the piece of paper and coins in his pocket grabbed his stone sword and snuck away to find his father.

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation): To find his father, figure out why he left, and what this strange island has to do with it all.

    Strengths (Both physical and personality): He has a strong sword swinging arm and a strategic mind (thanks to his father), yet struggles to get hold of a good thought when in tight situations.

    Weaknesses (Both physical and personality. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. IE not knowing how to use bows and magic, if you are a swordsman.): His left arm is weak (so when aiming a bow he's not very good), due to the hot air balloon accident and has a slight limp. His anger can get the better of him, causing him to get into bad situations. He has a short fuse and can snap at the smallest thing. Sometimes he think's he's stronger than he is.

    Does your character have any connections to currently-existing characters or characters yet to be accepted? If so, which? (See “Character Linking Aid”. Please post a link to the topic.): No only the ones I made up for his story. Maybe someone for Guisella though she probably wouldn't take part in much, so it may not be worth it. I could also play his father or find someone for him, maybe. What do you think?

    In-Character-Responses (ICRs. For each scenario, write at least a paragraph describing entirely in-character how your character would respond to the situation.Your ICRs will be used to see how well you can RP. Please post them as if in IC chat. An example can be found after this form.)

    Walking down the streets of the Capitol, you encounter a pair of heavily armed and armored men harassing a young girl. The girl reminds me of Guisella so I run towards the men. " Hey! Leave her alone!" *Pulls out sword* The one man laughs and swiftly kicks my legs out from under me. My sword fly's off into an alley. Oh yeah? says the bigger man. I lift myself back up and say "It's okay. I don't need it.” *Waves hand at them as if to say "bring it"* The one man lunges forward. I swiftly move to the side and trip the man. The man falls and hit's his head on a stone block and is knocked unconscious. I grab his sword and block the second mans stab. He lunges again. I block, but he punches me square in the face. I stumble back, seeing stars. I hardly get my vision back before the second fist comes. I wake up bleeding from my nose and the girl cleaning a cut on my forehead. That was brave of you to help me. the girl says. "Yeah, brave that's what they call that."

    A man approaches you with a proposition - Go to Bloodstone and retrieve something for him, and you will be well rewarded. “Rewarded how?” I have gold. Says the man as he opens his hand and shows me a dozen gold coins. Here take it and you’ll get more IF you return. He says grinning, shoving the coins towards me. I quickly grab the coins and ask “What must I retrieve?” The man leans forward and whispers in my ear: Ten blocks of obsidian. “Are you crazy? That stuff is nearly impossible to mine. And how could I fend off the monsters while mining it?” Just take this diamond pickaxe and get ten blocks of obsidian, don’t worry about the monsters. He growls. “I’ll need a ship to get there.” Use mine right there, just go or the deals off! He shouts pointing to a hot air balloon. I glance at the ship then look at the gold in my hand, I notice something wrong with the gold. It almost appears to be glowing and…. BREATHING! “No thanks, take it back. Get some other sap to do it for you.” I start to walk away then run as I hear the man hollering: No! Just take the gold! Take it, I don’t need it! Please! PLEASE, TAKE THIS DEMON GOLD OFF MY HANDS!!!

    (If you didn’t get that I was insinuating the gold was from the Nether.)

    You pass an old man lying on the side of the street, begging for food. I toss him a silver coin and give him my ham sandwich. Thank you, young man. he says. I smile and walk on. Suddenly I think to myself he looked familiar, somewhat like my dad. I turn around to say something, but he's gone.

    In a tavern, a slightly inebriated fellow insults your mother. "Oh, really?" The fellow get's a little too close to my face. She was nice, though, if you know what I mean. he says with rancid breath. I knock him to the ground by hitting him in the head with my mug and leave. I hear the man scrambling to stand up, cussing at me, and the bartender laugh as I close the door.

    You take a liking to a beautiful necklace a passing woman wears. The jade green emeralds remind me of Guisella's eyes, perhaps I should get something for her? "Good day, my lady. Say where did you get that necklace?" Oh, my boyfriend got this for me from the jeweler down the street. she answers. I go to the jewelry store and see a similar one to the necklace the lady was wearing which is very expensive. I decide to buy a cheaper, yet similar one for Guisella.

    Do you have any questions about the server or our lore?

    Other notes: I finally, FINALLY got a premium Minecraft account!!!!
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    Will the Toads, when they attack, give a poison effect? If not that would be cool.
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    It's cool, we understand.

    (You must be mistaken, I didn't write anything here. LOL)
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    Quote from jExDeuce

    No. Allow me to clarify, The only part of that I agree with is that I would like to see a bit more of the mods progress, other than that I can wait. I don't mind that it takes a while. I fully understand the time it takes to make a great mod like this and I do not want them to rush and would prefer that they take as much time as they need. All I meant was that I would like to see some progress every now and then so I can keep up with how the development is going and what things will look like and function. Besides, instead of b****­ing at me for AGREEING with someone how about you focus on the original poster.

    For future reference (though you may already know this) you should quote just the part you are talking about. So as not to confuse people. (Don't you know nowadays that's really easy to do? lol)
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    Quote from DragonSpitter


    Well, when three people (think thats right) try to make a huge mod like this it takes roughly a year. Here's why:
    1. This is a huge mod!
    2. There are only three guys working on this.
    3. Those three guys don't get much modding time since they probably are busy with real jobs!
    4. They want to make it perfect for us, they want this to be a mod which has few bugs if there will be any.
    5. Then you get two buddies and try to make something like this, and see how hard it is!
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    1.7 needs Canyon biomes. Picture tall, steep cliffs surrounding deep valleys some of which containing raging rapids.
    The cliffs are made of a dark reddish brown dirt, hard clay, and a new type of stone thats a deep orange-yellow.
    Springing from the cliff top are dead trees, but along the rivers edge bushes, short stubby trees and some new
    beautiful flowers have come to call this biome "Home"!
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    This is why ask the Modders if they were okay with their mod being used alongside another in my Let's Play.
    You don't have anything against the Feed the Beast modders, right? When you finish this I'll probably work on that for my second Modded Let's Play.
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    Can the Block Maker also make things like tools or weapons? I want to have a kick*** Scythe for a Let's Play I'm making.
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    Well, I guess Nuketown wins with a whopping two points! Oh well either way more than two people will enjoy it!
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    I can't wait for all of it! There's no one I could pick one thing!
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