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    posted a message on 24/7 Survival PVP Server [Fast Add] [PVP] [24/7] [Shop] [Currency]

    My wife and I would both like to join...

    His GT: eXo aLLstar

    Her GT: Mrs Anomolee

    Thank you

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    posted a message on JOIN MY LOVELY, KIDS ONLY WORLD! We <3 Squeakers!
    I am making a new server for kids 12 and under. NO ADULTS ALLOWED. SQUEAKERS UNITE! :D

    Seriously though, I just want to find some other kids around my age to have some fun with. Not really any rules, just don't be mean, grief, or use bad language. All skill levels welcome. We don't descriminate.

    I LOVE STAMPY... and Squid... and Lee bear... so other stampy fans are encouraged to join.

    So what are you waiting for? Let's have some fun!

    My GT: MadCooles

    Send me a request. I'll respond right away.
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    My wife and I created this beautiful compound and would like to share it with like minded people. We play all the time so server will always be up.

    We call it a commune because we believe in sharing everything we have. All materials in the store room are free to use, just please be respectful and make sure your adding to the stock and not just taking.

    The compound now consists of:

    - Automatic potion room

    - Enchanting Library

    - Walmart sized store room with decent stock piles of most used materials.

    - The farm

    - Giant garden

    98% of this was done in Survival. We plan to complete the rest in survival.

    We are really hoping to find some other 20 something's, couples, or mature youngsters to come and bring talent to the builds. Please have a mic or some way to communicate!

    I (the husband) love Redstone so other Redstone enthusiasts are mightily encouraged to join!

    Take a look at the pictures and come inspired!

    Post your:




    You can also send requests to GT: Anomolee
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