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    posted a message on Need Help Setting Up OP Prison Server

    If anyone is interested in helping set up a OP Prison server, please let me know.

    I am more focused on help on setting up the economy / plugins to add to the server.

    I was going to hire builders to help set up the map / prison mines

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    posted a message on What server should I make?

    I've been interested in starting a Minecraft server and stuck between the decision of making an OP Prison or a Factions server. Would love to hear your guys' thoughts and suggestions.

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    posted a message on Looking For Builder(s) to build prison maps 🚨Paid Job🚨


    Hello, I am making a classic prison server. I am willing to pay for builders to help set up the server map.

    Things I am looking for include....

    - 5 prison maps (1 for each rank) (Each map should have a different style)
      *Prison maps include ore mine, wood mine, shop, crafting / smelt room, (more rooms, but cant think of on the spot)

    - Cells (for players to rent out and craft / smelt privately with no risk)

    - Plot land with different sizes (plots for players to buy with different sizes) (size of plot will determine price to claim)

    - 1 jail area (the jail will be in the default rank prison map) (the jail will be used for guards to /jail players)

    I need builders who are experienced with world edit and world guard to help set up the server.

    Since this is a paid job, screenshots of your work are required to get accepted.

    If you think you are qualified for this job please message me and I will get back to you.

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    posted a message on 🚨 Need Builders 🚨

    Builder positions are still open. If you are interested, please fill out the builder application with your information and post it in this thread. I'll be checking the forums once in a while throughout the day.

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    posted a message on 🚨 Need Builders 🚨

    Hello, I am currently looking for Builders who are well experienced with worldguard / worldedit to help build a prison map for a new classic prison server that will be released in the future. If you think you got what it takes to become a Builder, copy and paste the Builder application and fill it out and respond to this thread. I will check often and private message you for more info if accepted.


    . Age 15+

    . Experienced with World Edit commands

    . Experienced with World Guard commands

    . Must be on frequently (Have had Builders in the past that would hardly work on building)

    . If you understand how to use PrisonMines plugin / setting up mines (not required but a huge preference)

    . Photos of work (if possible, but will increase your chances of being accepted)

    * I might be missing some stuff but anything you can addon to your experience it will be much appreciated

    * I will give credit / make it known that the map was designed by the builders who participate in the project

    Builder Application:

    1.) Minecraft IGN -

    2.) Timezone -

    3.) Age -

    4.) Do you have experience playing on prison servers? -

    5.) What makes you the best choice for being a Builder? -

    6.) Additional Info you would like to add? -


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