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Lets just say, i'm like an enderman. I can be making you rage and getting mad, or sometimes, I can be just a passer and a courier with a message saying you might be in danger if you look at me. (Or in this, break a rule )

Maybe i'm like a zombie... Breaching into your business, making you mad. But then how do i help out sometimes?

Maybe a skeleton? Shooting from a distance... Nah...

Creeper? I can be a delight when gathering me into your friends house then having it explode, but I can also be a pain if you just don't like hugs. That seems about right!

Anyways, I like to help out for people. I also like to notify people when they've done something wrong. I am a decent builder, but I am more of a redstoner. Building 2x2 jeb doors with t flip flops and xor gates and such. (:

Need any help? Or wanna join the City of Amber RPG map?

Message me or here's my gt for xbox.

Interests A lot

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