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    posted a message on Change existing world to Customized settings
    Hi Everyone

    Is there a way to change an existing world's terrain generation to a customized one introduced in the 1.8 snapshots?

    Me and my friend have been working on a local (Hamachi) survival island server for a week but would like to increase the bioeme size since we realized using amidist that our island is pretty close to land....

    Would this be possible by editing the world files and stuff? (I don't mind if the new world generation only starts in unloaded chuncks since we haven't explored that much yet) or would I have to make a new world and edit stuff using world edit?

    Thanks in advance
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    posted a message on MCAMap: Minecraft 1.5.1 mapping tool
    Thanks for this great tool and the constant updates to the latest snapshots.
    As someone new to all these programs it was a bit hard to navigate through your website first but I finally got it working :D
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    posted a message on Minecraft Motion Capture Mod (Mocap) [55,000 Downloads]
    Would it be possible to export the mo-cap script into another program like 3ds Max or Maya?
    It's a long shot but I thought I'd ask anyway
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