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    Sometime, when i killed an enderman, i got a bunch of enderpearl. I always wondering if new ore called "Ender ore". If you like something related to the

    End, you like this. This ore spawn in level 12 and the ore looks like coal ore but purple-ish and it has an ender particles.

    You can make the ender armor and tools, for example

    Ender sword:

    It have 8 attack damage but it have 999 durability.

    Ender bow:

    I know its op because it need ender arrow and arrow can teleport to anywhere you like

    but its very useful for defeating Ender Dragon.

    Ender pickaxe

    Well....its not that very usefull, because it only mine ender ore. Also it have 745 durability

    Ender arrow

    its an arrow for Ender bow, like i said its op but its very usefull for defeating the mighty Ender Dragon because you can just launch the arrow right where the ender crystal. also if you launch the arrow you wont get hurt.

    Ender helmet

    Its a good armor for fighting enderman because if you wear it, the enderman will not see you

    Ender chestplate

    skeleton shooting you with bow is annoying ? well you need this ! this chestplate have Projectile protection enchantment.

    Ender legging

    Falling from cliff ? lose your precious item ? well you need this ! this chestplate have regeneration II effect

    Ender boots

    This boots have have speed for 3 minutes

    Ender shovel

    Its just a regular shovel, but this shovel have one exeption, Efficiency. You have 5/100 chance to get those efficiency.

    Ender axe

    You can chop Enderman head and its like treecapitator but you have 3/100 chance

    So thats it guys ! the crafting recipe is the same as the original. i know its moddish, i know its vague, and i know its op.

    The enderstone will be looking like black ingot but it have ender particle.

    I know i suggesting too much :(

    This actually sounds like a decent idea that someone should make into a mod. In fact... I think it IS a mod.. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1286768-choochoos-mods-download-ender-weapons-ect
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    That's already been done, Sorry, kiddo.

    There is a creeper snake boss that you can get in a mod that explodes one by one.
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    Eh. That'd be really weird if there were ores in every block, XD. But i'd be kinda cool, I admit that.
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