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    New Thread Here:


    Support this idea on reddit! Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/minecraftsuggestions/comments/2ympop/pigeons_a_tamable_mob_with_a_purpose/

    Also, please stop giving fixes for a lag issue that has been fixed for half a year. We don't really need it any more, and it's getting quite annoying. If there is still a lag issue that I haven't stated, then please alert me of it.

    Isn't it hard walking over 1000 blocks just to deliver a single item? Yes you can make rail systems to send large amounts of items, but I find a simpler way is necessary. My answer: Delivery Pigeons.

    Pigeons spawn in forest-like biomes. They can be tamed with 2-5 pumpkin seeds, and 5 hearts. They will then follow you around until you are ready to send a message. The pigeon would look like this:
    It would be able to fly (follow), or stand (sit), until you are ready. When you want to send something, shift+right click the tame pigeon, and this GUI will come up.

    The 6 slots are for the items that you want to send, the send button sends the items, the cancel button exits the menu without sending, and the black box is for the players name. I decided on 6 slots, so that clever rail systems are not obsolete.

    A new block would also be added called the perch, when a pigeon is sent, it will land on one of the receiving player's perches.

    A perch:

    I'm clueless about redstone, but I think that If a pigeon is on a perch, a comparator could give off a signal, but not if the perch is empty. You could create pigeon alarms using this. Please tell me if this is not how comparators work!

    Preches can be named for 0 xp in an anvil, so you can type: "playername perchname" to decide exactly which perch you will send the pigeon to, without too much expense.
    Adventure map makers can use commands to give perches custom names, without having the playername. This is so that you don't have to send messages to the author of the map to complete a puzzle.

    If the player you are sending the items to does not have enough perches, the pigeon will just put the items back in your inventory (Or on the ground if there is not enough space).

    When you send a pigeon to a user, It will appear to fly away, but when it reaches an unloaded chunks, it will teleport to one of their perches, with a delay depending on distance between the 2 objects, the blocks:minutes ratio would be about 500:1. If the distance is shorter than 200 blocks, It will just fly the distance (and load any unloaded chunks). This is so that on small map PVP servers, and UHC's you can have fun shooting down enemy pigeons. It would be hard to do this, as they fly twice as fast as a player sprinting.

    It will then appear in the "view" any nearby players, and land on it. If no players are nearby, it will just be sitting there. If it can't reach a perch in any way, it will noclip through the layer of blocks, I cant see how this could be used for griefing. Once the player has found it, and taken the items, it becomes that players pigeon. Only the owners of pigeons can use their inventories.

    I'm sure you can see how this can help in multiplayer, but what about the people who are strictly singleplayer? I've sorted this too.
    Imagine that you are in the middle of nowhere, and lost. You have been wandering for hours, because you have your diamond armour, sword, and pick with you. You see a pigeon flying around, but ignore it. Then you see pumpkins. You grab them, and turn them into seeds, and tame the pigeon. Next thing you know, your armour, and tools are flying home. You then find a ravine...
    You obviously could just have a pigeon follower, or a pigeon farm just for the fun of it.
    And there's the potential for minigames/ puzzles. Try an shoot down pigeons before they get to you, or have to send items in pigeons to complete the puzzle... The possibilities are huge.

    Pigeons spawn like cows, and pigs, and don't despawn. They lay eggs like chickens, and you can throw these to get baby pigeons
    A comparison of adult and baby pigeons:

    Since previous tamable mobs like horses, and cats have multiple skins, pigeons would have a chance to spawn with dove colours.

    Possible suggestions made by the community:

    ThesaurusRex and I worked on creating a more realistic pigeon, that would still fit the game. It has a larger tail, chicken eyes, and a smaller head. The legs are also different.

    Reddit user coolreader18 (and a few other people) suggested letters. Crafted with one paper, and one feather, they store a single page of writing, and make a good aesthetic, and are a cheaper way of sending text.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion. If you don't like it, don't just say: "No support" Give me a reason like:
    "I don't like the trees, No Support." So that I can improve the suggestion.

    If you would like to support this thread, press the green arrow button in the bottom right, and if you really like the idea, you could use one of these banners:

    More banners are welcome!

    If you want to make a mod of this, there is no need to ask, but you MUST, tell me about the mod.

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    posted a message on WildCraft Mod - Better Animals and More! [We just Moved into Jurassicraft!]

    Looking forward to the mod!

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    posted a message on If you could throw 100,000 of something off of the Empire State Building, what would it be?

    100,000 Zombies off the bottom of the empire state building. The Apocalypse has begun!

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    The Siornithosaurus being venomous theory was dis-proved years ago -_-

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    Quote from G0dl1y»

    Suggestions banned?

    Really? Just... Really? *Puts hand on forehead*

    i know that guy didn't even try because this mod already has some of those but damn.

    This mod, and everyone affiliated with it are bloody insane.

    And what do you mean by suggestions?
    Just animals or everything?
    This is basically mod suicide saying suggestions and ideas are 100% ignored.

    Just animals. They already plan to add every prehistoric creature they can, so those suggestions are pointless.

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    Quote from DionDimetrodon»


    Don't suggest creatures! They plan to add every prehistoric creature they can, so it's completely pointless.

    Besides, Mesothelae is a modern group of spiders. The one in WWM was supposed to be Megarachne, which was discovered to be a scorpion while filming.
    Megalodon lived in the Cenozoic
    Nanotyrannus is a dwarf subadult T.rex

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    Quote from jochuan»

    did there is any way to contact TheLieutenantGhost ?

    You could try using my 16x versions of the textures and seeing if it works. They can be found on the page that the models and textures banner in my signature links to.

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    After I deleted my old page, it was time I started a new one. This page is up to date, and shows only models that I am satisfied with showing.

    But here are the models for the Fossils and Archaeology mod!

    I added shading to the proto, but I couldn't be bothered making a whole new pic.

    And some paleocraft models!


    Primal Craftage Models:

    PrehistoriCraft models:

    Random/Practice Models:


    Suggestion models:

    The glade (Coming soon, no models yet)

    Not to do with whatever movie had a place called The Glade.

    Other models, for other mods coming soon!


    I now have a texture pack for Jurassicraft! It modifies all the current mob textures into non-HD. Currently supports all mobs in JurassiCraft 2 Pre-release! Items are coming soon.

    Download 1.8 (JC2PR):

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/cwvt9gck8yydgpf/JurassiCraft 16x Lag Fix Pack for JC2 Prerelease 1.zip?dl=0

    Installation: Open your Jurassicraft.jar file. Open assets-Jurassicraft-textures-entities Drag the files in the .zip you downloaded into the entities file. If your jurassicraft.jar file is installed correctly, the dinosaurs should now appear 16x, and also cause less lag.

    For those who want a Survival compatible JurassiCraft, or just use 1.7.10, I will keep the old download up. The installation is 99% the same. This will keep being updated for mobs, but not for items.

    1.7.10 Version Download (JC 1.4.1):
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/v1qi0bujfaxdgga/JurassiCraft 16x Lag Fix Pack for JC 1.4.1.zip?dl=0

    I am planning another Jurassicraft skin pack, that will use a similar idea, but completely retexture the mobs.

    If you like my models, please leave a like! I'm sorry, but I won't be taking suggestions for F/A:revival models at the moment. I want to be able to create amazing models, which means constant improvement. Also, if you are in the team for any of these mods, and want to add one of these models into your amazing mods: Send me a PM, and I'll get back to you asap.

    To model, I use Tabula, and to make textures, I use a mix of paint.net, and GIMP.

    Other stuff:

    Modelling projects:
    Slot 1: Primal Craftage

    Slot 2: PrehistoriCraft
    Slot 3: Project Nature

    I will update the slots as they are completed.

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    posted a message on Snowviraptor's Modeling+Texturing page.

    Updated, and nearly completely remade the JurassiCraft 16x pack. It will now work with the JC2 pre-release. If you find any texture errors, please report them here. I am keeping up the 1.7.10 version for those who want it.

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    Quote from G0dl1y»

    what happened to spino 1.7.10?

    I'll just make my map pretend the indominus was replaced by the spinosaurus.

    Since the spino managed to kill the t rex, and would give I-rex a good run for his money.

    That T.rex was only a Sub-adult.

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