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    posted a message on Brand New Feed the Beast YogCraft Server! (24/7) (30 Spots)
    IGN: snowthehax
    Age: 20
    Why?: I'm having a hard time finding a reliable server to play on and this seems to be a good option.
    Skype: Not willing to share
    Experience: Tekkit Classic and YogCraft
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    posted a message on Minecraft Frame Rate Drop
    Try Optifine Link
    It helps to reduce lag spikes and increases framerate.
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    posted a message on Launch4j - This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0
    First of all, don't use registry cleaners. They benefits are near zero and the potential to screw something up (as in your case) is high.

    This solution should be used as a 'tried everything else and it didn't work solution', as I don't know all of the possible side effects, but it might work.

    First, uninstall all versions of java.
    Second, for windows xp go to start -> run -> regedit
    For windows vista/7 just click start, type regedit into the search, and press enter.

    Third, press ctrl+f in the regedit window and search for java. Every time it finds a key with the word java in it, delete that key. Press ctrl+f again and find the next key with java in it and delete it. Keep doing this until all the keys with java in them are gone.

    Finally, re-install java.
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    posted a message on Is this legit?
    WOT (Web of Trust) says this site has a bad reputation. I would avoid it.
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    posted a message on Out Of Memory (Still no solution)
    Try "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx2048m -Xms1024m -jar "%appdata%\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar" in your batch file.
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    posted a message on Snow Generator Tutorial (1.9)
    That's a pretty great idea
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    posted a message on Is your internet too slow?
    Pretty much impossible for a piece of software that doesn't modify your router/modem to speed up your internet connection. Don't download it.
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    posted a message on Will sponges ever come back?
    In Beta it is possible to be obtained via inventory editing, but its only use is decorative because it does not remove water, as this ability was designed for the Classic indefinitely-duplicating water rather than the Beta flowing water with source blocks.

    Notch has hinted on adding a fully functional and obtainable Sponge to Beta in a future update.

    That's from the minecraft wiki.
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    posted a message on Does the map go on forever? No you eventually reach the farlands
    No, you keep going on 'till you run out of space to hold the world. The world can still keep generating, just not correctly.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Minecraft Xtream Client [UPDATED]
    For all those who are unsure, this is a virus. Don't download or attempt to use.
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    posted a message on The Personal Computer Is Dying
    The classic "PC tower" that houses the components of the PC may be coming to an end, but the keyboard/monitor/mouse setup will not be going away any time soon. Why? Typing and screen size. Tablets and phones may be great for portability but they suck to type on (even with a physical keyboard attached) and the screen size leaves a lot to be desired. I think we are moving towards an era where we have our phone/tablet as our sole device that we have with us at all times, but at home and work there will be "docks" that allow us to use the phone/tablet as a computer, but with a real keyboard, mouse, and a larger screen.

    Also, until battery life has improved significantly the PC isn't going anywhere.
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    posted a message on [question] Playing with 2
    You don't need to pay for a server. The minecraft server software is availible for download here Minecraft downloads page

    As long as your playing on the same network, and are using Windows, here is how to set it up.

    1: Download the minecraft_server.exe file from the link above.
    2: Run the server on the computer you want to host the server on.
    3: On the computer the server is running on, open up a command prompt (google it if you dont know how)
    4: In the command prompt, type ipconfig and hit enter.
    5: If your on a wireless network, look for "Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network connection". If your on a wired, look for "Ethernet adapter local area connection"
    6: Under the wireless/wired connection, look for your IPv4 address. This is what the other computer will use to connect.
    7: Load minecraft on both computers. On the computer with the server running, type as the ip. On the other computer, type the ip you found from step 6.
    8: Play minecraft together!

    Also you can install minecraft on as many comps as you want, you just need an account for each player.
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    posted a message on Pre-Made Levels
    What do you mean by levels? Do you mean worlds?
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    posted a message on (sticky)Pistons being able too push/pull dispensers and chests!
    The way chests and dispensers are currently coded it is very difficult if not impossible to make this work. Sorry.
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    posted a message on Help with minecarts
    An unpowered booster rail acts as a brake. If you have the cart go onto an unpowered booster rail that is on a slant, the cart will stop on the booster rail until the rail is powered. Then the cart will be boosted forwards.
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