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    posted a message on "Better than Adventure!" for Beta 1.7.3 - Timely updates revolving around the theme of "Minecraft without the adventure update"

    This is really good! I'm having a lot of fun playing with this, and it's really bringing back some of the good times from before. Got here through the trailer, which looked really good - the only thing I was iffy about was the trommel, which looked a bit more modded than "alternative timeline 1.8", but I'm sure I'll get used to it once I play with it some. Fantastic job, I hope to see this continue to develop into something truly special.

    I'm going to put a wishlist of things that came to me while playing here, ignoring obvious things like fixes and backports of quality of life stuff:

    • No F3 coordinates. This I imagine is divisive, so maybe as an option, but I think this change really helps make the world feel larger, helps you get lost, encourages you to build infrastructure between locations and just makes the game feel more like it used to. Maybe Y could stay, or maybe there could be a new item, like a depth meter, to find out your Y, since manually counting to figure out when you are at diamond level would be bad.
    • In the same vein as above, I'd like semi-randomized spawning locations. Instead of spawning in the world spawn every time, you spawn somewhere in a X radius of where you died. Paired with no coordinates, this creates a semi-hardcore experience of having to start anew, but being able to discover your old works, and eventually causes you to end up with a sprawling, living world.
    • Ability to disable beds. I never did like the addition of beds, since it made death far less punishing and so less scary, and it also made the night completely irrelevant (although the old mechanic of monsters sometimes being able to spawn is better than the modern version). This paired with random respawn I think would really spruce up the world and make death feel really dangerous.
    • Making the bottom block of trees a "stump" block, that's much slower to remove unless you use a diamond or steel axe, would add a bit of life to the world, as you'd leave them behind in the early game. It makes the world feel a bit more dynamic and lived in, to see fields where woodcutting has taken place.
    • Untying mob spawning from light level is a big thing I've always been behind. Having recently played a 1.12 mod that did that, I like it even more, since it makes both mining and caving more dangerous and dynamic. Not sure what the way to spawn-proof your base would be, though. Maybe lanterns, that are too expensive to put everywhere underground but cheap enough to secure your base early on?
    • Maybe added depth based difficulty and loot? With the extra world height this could have some granularity, too. In my world I found an open to sky mini labyrinth right at spawn. Inside was enough iron to skip me right to iron pickaxe, redstone, gold and sponges. It feels a bit much so early on, while if I was spelunking deeply and had to fight my way into that room, it would have been underwhelming. More and perhaps buffed mobs the deeper you are would be nice, as well as better loot.
    • Having an eating animation would be nice to make panic eating a bit less powerful.
    • And a little one: breaking sound for tools would be a nice little quality of life thing.

    Bit of a ramble, I suppose, and the uniting thread is more or less "harder game, pls", but I hope some of the ideas are given some thought, at least as options. Anyway, before this gets too long, I'm off to start converting my first base (the spawning room of said above-ground labyrinth) into a proper grinder, if I can. Thanks for your work!

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