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    Can you send me the .png for your Optimus Prime skin or tell me where to find the download?

    Quote from FiyCsf»
    Wanted to live-stream requests the other day, so few I ended up modifying a couple of my old ones to the 1.8 layered type,

    A G1 Style Optimus Prime

    And a Tahu from Bionicle with the ability to switch the Nuva and Mata versions. (The Old one is the Small one.)
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    For the Wavy Plants shaders, please add the Damage Flash option. When I hit mobs I would like to see that I hit them and they turn red but your shader gives no indication. Also, please add an option for a brighter color tone. I know the pack is supposed to be basic but I hope these two options won’t divert too much from that idea. I’m looking for a shader that brightens the quality of my game and allows water and plants to wave. Your’s does exactly that but I just wish for these two features and this shader pack will be perfect. Keep up the good work mate.

    P.S. The Celshading option is awesome but I found a bug. When you are underwater the Celshading stops working. Hopefully you can fix this.

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