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    posted a message on The off hand is being made Useless

    If you ask me, this is a stupid and outrageous decision. And from what I can tell it's only happening because of the awkward controls on PE.

    My main usage of my left hand is for torches, and this completely removes the use. Some adventure maps are going to be made broken, as well as some minigames. I don't really have much more to say on this besides I'm 100% against the decision...

    Also before anyone throws out the "you don't like changes" card, I've pretty much always been in support of changes for the game, excluding the marketplace and including the 1.9 changes.

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    posted a message on OptiFine HD C9 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Quote from RamboHD»

    Thanks sp614x,

    for 64 chunks render distance. The last preview version of otifine does more than double my fps compared to vanilla minecraft, the other version of optifine "only" increased the fps about 50%. sp614x great job done. The chunks load a lot faster with the last preview of optifine, than with other versions of optifine and WAY FASTER than vanilla minecraft. The 4x screenshot resolution is great too.

    It's awesome that a mod this old is still getting good feature updates. Such as the 4x screenshot resolution.
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    posted a message on Purchasing a desktop (Price & Specs)
    Huh TIL. Out of curiosity, who much of "you should really know what you are doing before you try this" -ness should someone have before overclocking a monitor?

    And Typing Like This Slowly Kills Me.

    Not really any. From when I first heard of it, I was always told it's completely safe to do. I also have never had any issues/monitor failures since I started overclocking my monitors (2 years maybe?). The only warning I heard was basically just that it might shorten the lifespan of the monitor, probably nothing dramatic though. I don't think it's anywhere near "dangerous" that overclocking your CPU or GPU is (not that OCing those is always dangerous). That said, don't blame me in the event your house explodes cause you did it :P

    Basically, you use your GPU (or iGPU)'s settings (Nvida control panel/amd control catalyst/intelHD graphics properties) and make a custom resolution. Leave everything as it would normally be, but try bumping up the refresh rate to 65. If it works, bump it up 5 more. Etc. Once you hit the limit, your monitor will say something like "out of range", so you just wait the 30 seconds or whatever for it to revert settings.

    I have had one display that said it was getting overclocked but in reality it wasn't at all (it stayed at 60hz despite my PC showing 80) but it was a 3D TV so I think that had something to do with it.

    You can verify your monitor's overclocking here.
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    posted a message on New UI

    To be honest, I mostly prefer the java edition's UI. There's a few things I like the mobile edition's UI better for though.

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    posted a message on FPS Locked?
    Quote from 253»

    Nope it's running off the 1080. Come to think of it... I do remember being locked at 130fps in Witcher 3 too. Could there be a setting locking all games to 130 fps?

    No idea. I'd reinstall the display drivers if I were you, and in worse case scenario, reinstall Windows.
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    posted a message on FPS Locked?
    Quote from 253»

    I downloaded profile inspector, doesn't seem to be anything to blame...

    This doesn't happen with other games right?

    Do you for some reason have Minecraft running off the IGPU (if even applicable) by accident? That'd be easily disproven if the in the F3 screen it shows your graphics card.

    Maybe try resetting any Minecraft settings and try Minecraft at it's lowest settings (just in case though I doubt that's it).
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    posted a message on FPS Locked?

    So.. it's locked regardless if you're using Optifine? Couldn't tell if you meant it only locks to 130 when you have Optifine installed.

    Did you try reinstalling your display driver? I doubt this would solve it, but you could try using Nvidia profile inspector to make sure Minecraft is not set to have a framerate cap.

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    posted a message on [Poll] Do you like the new textures?

    Remember that as of this point the new textures are a work in progress! They do not necessarily represent the final product. That being said, I was curious what the ratio of like-to-dislike is.

    More info.

    If you want, explain which textures you like and which you don't like.

    Pictures (That aren't in the news post; will add more in the future.)

    Diamond + cobblestone in the background


    Apologies if there is another thread asking this same question.

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    posted a message on Windows 10 Edition VS PC Edition
    Quote from styly81»

    please feel free to post in my support section thread, i don't mind downgrading to Windows 7 or 8 or whatever as my daughter REALLY wants to join the servers, that was the main reason I didn't get her an Xbox instead

    I think you misunderstand.
    For clarification, the version you bought (you called it "PC edition") is the Java edition. The other one is the Windows 10 edition. It's a bit confusing, but both of these editions are compatible with Windows 10. The Java version is also compatible with 7, 8, and some other stuff. The Windows 10 edition is only Windows 10.

    Right now (and likely for the long-term future) the Java edition is the way to go.

    As it's already been said, the main strength of the Java edition how easy and versatile the modding system is. (which, by the way, if you want help setting up just send me a PM or make a post and I'd be glad to help you).

    The Windows 10 edition is essentially the same as the PE version, since it's actually a port of it.

    If you have any other questions, let us know! It's also worth noting that the Windows 10 edition does (generally) perform better. But this shouldn't be an issue unless your daughter is still using a really bad computer, and IMO the benefits to the Java edition far outweight having to use the W10 edition.

    Edit: I see you had issues running the java edition. Like they said there, you need to post the dxdiag to show your hardware specifications. If your hardware is too old, you'll have to downgrade to Windows 7 (if I recall correctly). Worse case scenario you'll just have to use the Windows 10 edition.

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    posted a message on Lag Spikes
    Quote from DarkRageG»

    But If I set it to 2GB I will get lower FPS

    That is not always true, in fact the more ram you have the worse lagspikes will be.

    Open the game, and push F3. In the top right, check the RAM USAGE %. When it has a lag spike, does the ram usage hit 100%?
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