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    posted a message on Mouse and keyboard?
    Quote from mrobaer»

    I'm not sure what you mean by "clicking and holding to look," could you elaborate?

    Sounds like he's trying to use a mouse in PE. The way I understand it, if the mouse is emulating touch (as is default for Android) then yeah he'd have to tap and drag to move the camera. Not sure if there's a way around that.

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    posted a message on When Did You Stop Liking Minecraft?

    I never stopped liking Minecraft but I haven't really played the game in years.

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    posted a message on I did a bad????
    Quote from mssketcher»

    I downloaded all the mods, one by one, within the All the Mods 3 and now my minecraft will open, load a little bit, then close. I deleted the All the Mod Tweaks mod, but I don't know what to do. I cant use twitch because it will fail on me despite trying all (the only one I could find) the fixes for that issue. Im a total newb with three youtube videos behind them. Please help?

    First off, where did you download the mods? There are a lot of fake/bad sites out there for Minecraft mods.

    You should get your mods here, for the most part. Can you post the crash log?

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    posted a message on Modded Forge Server (1.7.10) keeps crashing on startup

    Can't give you any advice further than removing ReiMinimap & Resource Loader. (these are giving errors) There might be an incompatibility somewhere.

    Might I suggest Journeymap as a replacement?

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    posted a message on very laggy picture after windows 10 update

    Enable Vsync

    Also, are you sure Minecraft is running off of your GPU and not iGPU? Post a screenshot with the F3 UI opened here.

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    posted a message on How many blocks does water flow for?
    Quote from NotHackinq_»

    No actuallty, a source of water can flow infinite of blocks far. Just if you put it vertical, so most of your answers are wrong

    Replying to Misewage, sometimes you want it to just be perfect, look at grinders.

    First, this topic is many many years old. Second, you're wrong. If we're talking vertical, it'll stop at 0 y.

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    posted a message on Favorite Game Soundtrack?
    Quote from Mancu32»

    I love the music of Super Mario World. Is nostalgic

    The credits theme is one of my favorite themes of all time.
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    posted a message on Browser days of minecraft
    Quote from Shub54»

    Recently I was hit by a rush of minecraft nostalgia.Is there anyone who remembers old browser days.Right now im almost 19yo and i remember 2008/2009 minecraft.Its sad that most of my minecraft generation left.Those were the good days.If theres anyone played mc back then.Share ur thoughts :D

    I used to play Minecraft via browser a lot. Actually, modding was the reason I switched from browser to game client I think. As they say, them was the good ol' days. Wish I could have started now, while the game has all these bells and whistles :P

    Couldn't say for sure though if I would have preferred to start then or now.
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    posted a message on Is Star Wars 8 a good film?

    I think it was okay. The second half was a lot better than the first half though, and the fight scenes were pretty cool. You should probably watch it if you're any bit into Star Wars.

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    posted a message on Wll my graphics card play Minecraft well using shaders?w
    Quote from ellyama»

    Thanks SpawnChunks will try that.

    Tried it but fps way too low. It was 12 fps. Without shaders I get around 60-70

    Getting 60-70 without shaders will never be enough with shaders unless you're okay with really low fps.
    Even it's recommended to have 200+ FPS before trying better shaders. I personally would recommend at least 120 before trying lightweight shaders, since it usually at least cuts framerate in half.
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    posted a message on Wll my graphics card play Minecraft well using shaders?w
    Quote from Herb_»
    If you want super-pretty settings, you need a GeForce 1080Ti or equivalent.

    Not necessarily. You can at least run liteweight shaders well with a 980 or maybe even a 970, which is a decent way down from 1080ti. Even I have no problem running top notch shaders a 1080, as opposed to a 1080TI.

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    posted a message on Minecraft bad graphics and pixelated

    Do you use optifine or fullscreen mode? Can you post a screenshot?

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    posted a message on Mods
    Quote from BigAlanM»

    As far as I know only MC Java Edition (the original Mojang game) is able to be modded.

    I believe PE can be modded but as far as I know it's very primitive when compared to the Java edition.
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    posted a message on how do i reset my minecraft
    Quote from LoReFo»

    All files? like just highlight everything and delete?

    Everything in the .minecraft folder is part of the game. If you delete the .minecraft folder, you will effectively reset the game. You can delete everything except the saves folder if you wish to keep your saves.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD D2 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)

    Just another friendly request asking for you to accept Bitcoin ^_^

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