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    posted a message on Vanilla 1.7 MindCrack Style Survival [Vanilla] [PvE] {1.7}{US} {Whitelist}
    IGN: SniperSling
    Age: 14
    Skype (optional): (Will tell, later.)
    Why you want to join: Looking for a chill server to call home. Want to build things and just in general play Minecraft. Like Single Player, but.. not. xD
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    posted a message on || SpleefLeague (Spleef/SuperJump) || MultiCube || MCCW || SG || Anti-PvP
    Multicube now has streams every weekend where you may be able to win free premium! c:
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    posted a message on || SpleefLeague (Spleef/SuperJump) || MultiCube || MCCW || SG || Anti-PvP
    MultiCube || SpleefLeague
    IP: play.multicu.be

    MultiCube is a kind-of minigame server. We are a network of different games, and not just your ordinary Survival Games and The Walls, Paintball. No, we are unique! We have several gamemodes that almost no one has heard of!

    Colony Wars
    Minecraft Colony Wars is a revolutionary Mini-Game where teams battle it out to the end. Mine for Gold and build grand hermitages where you can equip magical weapons to help you win.When the game starts, all players are split into 4 teams. The players on the teams will then be sorted into different classes. When that is done, you and your team, will have to collect money. You collect money by chopping trees or mining gold.

    The Syndicate Games
    An ingenious new type of mini game, originally created by Syndicate and recently adapted and greatly improved by the Multicube development team, is now live on the network. Described simply as 'Quickfire Hungergames', Syndicate Games incorporates features from well know plugins like 'Survival Games' and allows 2 players to engage in a fierce, swift combat experience. Unlike other servers, this seamless adventure defies what was previously thought possible by Minecrafters and continues to inspire new types of player.

    AntiPvP, a game which goes against the fundamental rules of Minecraft, with regeneration potion in hand you find the nearest creeper and fling yourself towards it, only after throwing your potion at the nearest enemy to hinder their chances, because only through death can you succeed.

    A game dedicated to the essential elements of Minecraft, digging holes. Spleef League hosts annual and monthly competitions, pitting players against eachother in a heated battle for victory of the snow. With a varying array of skills in its player base, Spleef League has an equal opponent for everyone, regardless of experience and is quickly becoming the home for any potential spleef pro.

    Super Jump, an original idea brought to you by the Multicube development team and hosted alongside Spleef League. With a points based system you can easily gauge your skill level, server wide or just amongst your friends. With a wide range of map to choose from you can not possibly get bored or be left without something new to do!

    We also host the Spleef World Cup every summer!
    We have monthly tournaments in which you can win prizes!

    (We are currently in Alpha development.
    Beta is to come soon!)

    Owners: CommunityMC and PxlPanda
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] - SUPER INSOMNIAC PARTY - [Vanilla] - [Whitelist] - [24/7] - [20 Slots] - [CoreProtect]
    In-Game Name: SniperSling

    Age (Be honest, there's no age limit): 14

    Why do you wish to join this server?: I would like to join this server for a couple of purposes. I have been searching through many pages of the MinecraftForum looking for a vanilla server that I will enjoy and I can play everyday for extended amounts of time and still have a good time. I'm looking for an active, vanilla server. I started off playing minecraft SSP, because well, that's how I thought the game was meant to be played, and I didn't want much part of multiplayer. Infact, I didn't really know how IP's worked or anything of that sort! After investigating a little further, I played on some SMP servers.. You know, the usual Factions, MCMMO, PvP. I played those for a long while. Now, after playing singleplayer again, I've realized that the proper way to play Multi-player is the same way you play Single-player... Vanilla. I want to be able to chat to people on the server who like the same things as I do, too! I want to meet people who play minecraft and become a good friend of theirs!

    How active do you intend to be?: I intend to be very active, up to maybe 10 hours a day. I really don't have a life outside of the internet, and Minecraft for me is a big part of that. Since I play so much, I'm quite experienced at the game. Minimum, I play 3 hours a day.

    Past minecraft/server experience?: I don't know exactly how long I've played minecraft for, but I know that I've played it for a long time, due to my experience with building, blocks, and mining and just pretty much everything except for Redstone. I'm clueless on Redstone. :l

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Well, I'm 14. My name is Oscar. I was born in America, and I loved it there. I grew up there, pretty much. I lived there until I was 11. Then, I moved to England. It's not a great place compared to America, but it's still a really nice place to live. It's different here, but enjoyable. I like minecraft. A LOT. When I'm not playing minecraft, I'm usually on my PS3, or being forced outside by my parents. :P

    Do you have any questions?: Nope! I have no questions. I read through the whole original post, and I heard about your map problems.. I hope you get them fixed soon! :)

    Other info: Twitch - Mangofanatic || Youtube - FatalMango. (I don't stream or make youtube videos, but I may in the future.)

    Thanks for reading!
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    posted a message on Minceraft 1.5.2 Whitelist Vanilla
    IGN: SniperSling

    SKYPE (IF YOU HAVE): SniperSling (Although, I don't use skype too often.)

    WILL YOU RECORD?: Being honest, no.

    AGE: 14.

    MATURE?: Yes, very. I'm a very literate person for my age.


    STRENGTHS: Mining, Building, Minor Creativity.

    WEAKNESSES: Redstone.


    Why should we choose you?: I have been looking for a simple, vanilla minecraft multiplayer server to relax, build and have fun on. I want to play with people who like the same things as I do, and this server can hope to do that! I can be very active, since I play 6-10 hours a day. I would be able to do a lot for your server, I think!

    Anything else you would like to add?: I do really love the rain.. It's my favorite weather, since I'm british. ;)
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    posted a message on Vanilla Survival Server searching for players
    Ingame Name: SniperSling
    Age: 14
    Tell us something about you: I was born in America but I live in England!
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    posted a message on Mindcrack like server (no pvp) (no griefing) (whitelist)
    Age: 14
    IGN:(Capitals and numbers required) SniperSling
    (Optional) Youtube: FatalMango
    Ban history: Been banned for hacking a couple of times.
    Will you pvp or grief?: Nah.
    Do you accept the rules below?: Yeah.
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    posted a message on Minecraft SMP (1.6.2) (SMP) {Like Mindcrack}...Looking For New Players!
    •IGN: SniperSling
    •Age: 14
    •Sex: Male
    •Country of origin: England. (Born in America)
    •Have a Skype? (If so, what is it): SniperSling
    •Reason for interest: I would like a small, whitelisted vanilla multiplayer server to play on a meet people who like the same things as I do!
    • Favorite color: Orange
    • Why do you want to join?: Like I said above, I want to meet people who like the same things as I do, which is obviously vanillla minecraft. I would like to chill out, play the game normally and just chat to people.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Like server Whitelist! 1.6.2! Brand New! Vanilla!
    Minecraft Name: SniperSling
    Age(16+): 14. I know that you say 16+, but I can prove my maturity to you in some other way, I hope.
    Location: England.
    Best way to communicate?: Probably Teamspeak. I have skype, but I rarely use it.
    How Long Have You Played?: I don't know exactly how long, but I know I've been playing awhile since I'm quite experienced at the game and I know how to play quite well.
    How Long Per Day?: 6-10 hours. I'm very dedicated to the game.
    Why Should I Let YOU Join?: I've been looking for a small, dedicated vanilla server to just relax, play the game, and meet some new people who like the same things I like. I believe that vanilla is the best and proper way to play the game and this is what Multiplayer is all about! I would be very enthusiastic about joining.
    Special Skills?: I can type fast! (Haha.. I'm a good miner. I don't know a thing about redstone. :l)
    Tell Me About Yourself: Well, my name is Oscar, I'm 14. I was born in America, but I came to live in England when my Dad got a job here when I was 12. Somehow, I still have an American accent! ^-^

    Rate yourself 1-10:
    Redstone: 1
    Building: 7
    Ability To Work As A Team: 8
    Creativity: 6
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    posted a message on Vintage Craft Vanilla Survival (Looking for Players)
    IGN: SniperSling
    Age: 14
    Timezone: GMT. I live in England. c:
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    posted a message on FrailCraft 1.6.2 Vanilla Whitelisted Server!
    IGN: SniperSling

    Age: 14 :)

    Why do you want to play on FrailCraft?: I have been looking for a small, private, vanilla minecraft server that I can just chill and get to know some people better and have fun on minecraft, because for me, that's what Minecraft is all about. :3 Having fun with your friends! c:

    How long have you played Minecraft?: I don't know exactly how long, but I've played it awhile. I'm pretty experienced.

    How would you rate your skill level?(1-10): 8 with Vanilla Minecraft.. FTB and Tekkit I'm very unexperienced. c:

    Do you have a Youtube or Twitch.tv Account?
    If So Please Provide Links: Yes, my youtube account is FatalMango, my Twitch account is MangoFanatic http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP-BucwyptABcH062p9vmRA

    What State/Time Zone?: Actually, I live in England. My Timezone is GMT. :3
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    posted a message on Havoc [Military] [Civilian] [PvP]
    In game name: SniperSling
    Time Zone: GMT
    Civilian or Military: Military
    Civilian or Military job: Gee, I don't know, You pick.
    Why us?: Dunno. Had a feeling.
    A little bit about yourself: Uh, no.
    Skype Username: snipersling?
    Microphone?: Yeah, I guess.
    Suggestions?: No.
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    posted a message on Small Mindcrack FTB Server [24/7][Whitelist]
    IGN: SniperSling
    Age: 14
    Location: England
    Why you want to join: I've never played FTB and I think this is a great oppurtunity for me to do so.
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